Holiday Gift Guide — Holiday Cards They’ll Treasure for Years from Minted

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Have you struggled with finding the perfect holiday cards each year?  Do you hate thinking about spending all of that money for someone just to toss them aside or even throw them away after the holidays.  Well, look no further you can have all of the amazing holiday cards of your dreams with Minted.

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These special personalized holiday cards are just what you need if you want share the joy of the season with you friends and family.  They are also perfect for you to be able to share how your family has grown, something that you are proud of or have accomplished, or just to share so that your family and friends will keep them for years to come.

Plus you will find that there are holiday cards that are perfect for every family.

Looking for Something Unique?


If you are looking for a unique holiday card then you have to check out the Destination Luggage Tag.  This card is a favorite of mine for the unique shape and creative design.  Plus the card is absolutely beautiful.

Celebrating Christmas?


I sometimes feel like everyone is sending out the same Christmas cards.  I love that the Holiday Map West Coast Holiday Photo Card is perfect for families who are not living by their friends and family.  I have a lot of friends who have moved away and I think sharing a little greeting from where they are living is a great way for them to say Merry Christmas.  Minted offers many different Christmas card designs so there is going to be something that is perfect for everyone there.

Want Something Striking?


The Merry & Bright Hand Lettered Holiday Photo Cards are unlike anything that I have ever seen before.  These cards are simply striking in their shape and are something that will be sure to impress everyone on your holiday card list this year.

Rather Celebrate the New Year?

new year

If you are not big into Christmas or if you’d rather send a card that would look great on someone’s fridge year round then you will find that Minted has a great selection of New Year cards for you to choose from.  I love the Date Stamp Holiday Postcards.  Not only are these great because they offer you a little something different and can be left up all year but they also are a postcard so you are going to save money when you are mailing them.

Can’t Choose Just One Picture?


Sometimes when you have had a particularly exciting year it can be too hard to pick out just one picture to put on your holiday cards.  You might think that your only option is a collage card like everyone else has sent in the past but you do not have to look any further.  Minted offers you some unique options like the adorable Retro Peace Tree Holiday Minibook that will show off a small collection of your favorite pictures.


If the minibooks still do not work for you there is also a great selection of booklette cards.  I love the Joyful Type Holiday Booklette Card and think that it would be so much fun to create one with my family’s favorite memories from the year.  I also think that it would be fun to let each kiddo pick out a picture to be included in the booklette.

Considered Giving a Keepsake?


One year I wanted to do something different for our Christmas cards.  I wanted to send out personalized ornaments with a picture of our children but was very frustrated when I could not find them for a price that I thought was reasonable.  I sure wish that I had found Minted that year because these Twisted Peppermint Holiday Ornament Cards are adorable and the perfect keepsake for your family and friends.

Want to Show Off Your Sense of Humor?


For me personally nothing is greater than getting a hilarious card.  I love it when people show of their sense of humor with their cards and I am always impressed when someone is willing to show off their sense of humor with their Christmas cards.  When I saw the Wreck the Halls Holiday Photo Cards I laughed out loud.  I instantly could picture my children on there and I loved that it would be something for family and friends to enjoy looking at together.

Best of all with Minted you can get one stop shopping.  Pick up your holiday cards and create some keepsake gifts at the same time, all from the convenience of your home.


Holiday Gift Guide Feature — VivoPrint

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VivoPrint offers you the chance to create anything that you could dream of for your family and friends.  I have been shopping around this holiday season for the best personalized gifts and I love the ones that we have received from VivoPrint.

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There are so many things that you can do with the personalized gifts that you can create.  You can also use small photo gifts as the perfect addition to gift baskets and other gifts.

Choose Gifts Perfect for the Person Receiving Them

Vivo Print 1

My brother is the proudest fur daddy that you could ever imagine.  I laugh every time that I see the giant dog bed filled with toys that he keeps at my parents’ house.  He is such a fan of his little (well technically not so little) Dexter that I could not help but create a fun personalized gift for him from Dexter’s picture.  I wanted something that he could keep with him all of the time and something that would really mean something to him.  I chose the Rectangle Keychain ($13.99, on sale for $7.99 right now).  I love how cute it looks and that I was able to personalize it with the date for him to always remember what year the picture was taken.

Choose the Perfect Addition to Gift Baskets

Vivo Print 2

I am making gift baskets for my mother-in-law, mother, grandmother and grandmother-in-law.  The Swirl Keychain (reg $13.99, sale $7.99) is perfect for them.  I was able to put a picture of our children in the keychain and add a little personalization that told their grandmas just how much they love them.  For my grandmas I had gotten them a grandma’s kitchen candle to go along with the gift.

Choose Something That They Can Use

Vivo Print 4

One of the things that I asked for this holiday season was a personalized notebook with the kids’ pictures on it.  When I had the opportunity to work with VivoPrint and saw the Customizable Notebook (reg $38.99, sale $21.99) I took advantage of this and bought the notebook that I had been wanting.  I did put it up for Christmas and told my husband he could gift it to me so that I was not getting a ton of extra things around the holiday time.  I love this notebook and it is killing me that I have to wait to use it.  I know that I will use this all of the time b/c I am always keeping lists and taking notes for the blog and this will be perfect for that!

Vivo Print 5

Choose for the Hard to Shop For

Vivo Print 3

I will admit that the people that I struggle with shopping for the most during the holiday time is my grandpas and my dad.  This is because men can be so hard to shop for when it comes to gifts.  I know that my dad and our grandpas all use keychains so I picked up one for them all when I was working with VivoPrint.  I got them special “I love grandpa” keychains (reg $13.99, sale $7.99) from my kids.