5 Tips for Buying Pearl Earrings

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Whether you’re searching for an eye-popping accessory or just upgrading your jewelry collection at home, you’ll want to make sure that your pearl earrings are of the highest quality. Here are just five tips for selecting a pair that’s gorgeous and durable.

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1: Examine Its Surface

The best pearls are unblemished and smooth to the touch. Note that different pearls come in different shapes, so you shouldn’t judge, say, a Tahitian pearl for baroque-style asymmetry. Look instead for cracks, chips or scratches that visibly mar the pearl’s surface. For premium pearls, you can also insist on magnification to make sure there are no imperfections invisible to the eye, either.

2: Look for Quality Certification

AAA quality is one of the highest certifications in fine jewelry, though you can also go a few rungs lower for more affordable prices without sacrificing too much quality. Just don’t waste your time with anything below AA+ certification. Let AA+ be your cutoff when dealing with pearls.

3: Consider Color

Despite the popularity of the small white Akoya pearl, they actually come in a variety of colors. For example, the most famous type of South Sea pearl is the golden pearl, and Tahitian pearls can be everything from blue to black. Don’t limit your options based on what you think a pearl should look like. Explore all shades and shines for a pair of earrings that will make a statement everywhere you go.

4: Think About The Back

How do the earrings fasten at the back? Is there a hooking or latching mechanism? What kind of material is it made from, and what certification is it? Earring backs can differ wildly depending on the weight and style of the pearl, but if you like one kind above all others, you might be able to custom-order your chosen earrings with your favorite back.

5: Pick Your Extras

Unless they’re simple studs, many pearl earrings come with additional features like diamonds or semi-precious stones inlaid around the pearl. They might also be made out of 14-24K gold depending on the brand. When buying earrings with these extras, think about the cut, quality and longevity of both the gems and the pearls themselves.

These are just five tips for buying a great pair of pearl earrings. Visit sites like National Pearl (NationalPearl.com/Pearl-Earrings) for more options, including other branches of pearl jewelry that include necklaces, bracelets and pendants.