Five Myths About Online Retail Debunked

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Five Myths About Online Retail DebunkedThe world of online retail has transformed the shopping universe. It is amazing how fast that online retailing has grown. It moves so fast that it is hard for people to keep track of what is going on. Because of this, myths grow quickly about online retail. Keep reading to discover the top five myths that exist about online retail.

Online Retail Is All About Price

Many people think that people who shop online are always looking for low prices. This is not true at all. In fact, studies have repeatedly shown that online shoppers are willing to pay extra when they can find quality merchandise on the Internet. Price is important, but quality is the main factor that drives online sales.

Domestic Online Retailers Will Always Beat out Foreign Competitors

Most online retailers have laughed off any foreign companies that try to get purchasers in the American Market. They think that shoppers are unwilling to buy products that come from foreign retailers. That may have been the case in the past and still is to some extent, but more and more shoppers are taking the plunge to buy products from overseas.

Customer Service Isn’t as Important for Online Retailers

Many online retailers seem to think that customer service isn’t as important for them as it is for brick and mortar retailers. This leads to them failing quickly. Customer service is even more important online than it is for physical retailers. Physical shoppers don’t always have lots of other options if they receive poor service. If Internet shoppers receive poor customer service, they can find hundreds of other sites to shop at. Online retailers need to get the services of a customer service advisement company like Mindshare Technologies at

Tablet Shopping Is Taking Over

Many online retailers seem to think that shoppers are now doing the majority of their shopping on their smartphones and tablets. In fact, this is a very small percentage of people. Most shoppers do the bulk of their online shopping on their laptop or desktop computer.

Brand Isn’t as Important as Retailers

Online shoppers are starting to turn to the stores of the brands they wish to purchase instead of shopping at a retailer. This is a real problem for online retailers if they do not realize it. This means that online retailers need to offer excellent customer service and things like free shipping to entice customers to buy brand-name purchases at their sites.