Stain Fighting Tips and Men’s Fall Fashion That You Won’t Mind Cleaning #ExpectationsExceeded

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Do you dread cleaning your husband’s laundry?  Do you see stains and automatically start thinking that cleaning your husband’s clothes is going to be as bad as the kids’?  Well not any longer thanks to Nanotex. The world of Nanotex is expanding beyond kids clothes now and they are offering great comfortable and casual styles that are perfect for men.

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Recently we received an awesome shirt that has this amazing technology.  We received the RedHead Nano-Tex Twill Shirts for Men Short Sleeve which is available at Bass Pro Shops and   The shirt retails for $24.99 which is a great price when you consider that it is going to last a very long time.  You are not going to have to worry about stains like you would with other shirts because it has this special stain fighting fabric.  One of the things that I really appreciate about this shirt is that it comes in white as well.  There are many different jobs that require you to wear a white shirt but are not necessarily the best place for you to be wearing white.  If you work in one of these industries you will not have to worry about your white staying white.

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Top Stain Fighting Tips

So I thought that I would share my top stain fighting tips with you in celebration of this amazing new technology.

1.  Buy Nanotex Clothing

For my first stain fighting tip I am going to recommend that you take the easy way out.  That’s right, if you buy Nanotex clothing you are not going to have to work that hard (or really at all) to fight those otherwise hard to remove stains.

2.  Start Soaking Immediately

So I know that soaking immediately is not always possible especially if you are out.  For these cases carry stain fighting wipes or pens with you.  This is going to pre-treat your stain so that it hopefully does not set into the fibers.

3.  Pre-Treat

The next thing that you should do is pre-treat  your stain.  You can do this simply by spraying on some stain spray or using a stain stick.  It is a really great thing that you can do to help make sure that you can save the item of clothing.

4.  Wash

Next you will want to wash the item as quickly as possible.  I choose to wash without scrubbing unless I know that it is a tough stain because I am lazy and always doing laundry for six so I already feel like the job never ends.

5.  Check

When the clothes come out of the wash, check them  before drying.  If the stain is still there I try putting a little bit of detergent or a stain booster on it and then I scrub with a hard bristled toothbrush.  This almost always gets those pesky stains out!

Like I said before though,  to really avoid stains in the first place clothing made from Nanotex is great.  You can learn more about this innovative product that is taking the clothing industry by storm by visiting them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.