Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Miggo

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Miggo is a great brand to check out for your holiday shopping needs if you have a special photographer in your life.  It is also perfect for anyone who takes a lot of pictures.  There are two amazing styles that I was able to check out and that we will be using as gifts in our house this holiday season.

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I will admit that there are times when I struggle with trying to find the perfect gift for someone.  My daughter’s teacher is also a photographer.  Taking pictures is just one of her passions and in my opinion she excels at both roles.  When it came time to shop for her this holiday season I was looking for some unique and fun items to add to her gift basket.  (I almost always do baskets for teachers as I have a lot of fun shopping for them!)

Miggo Grip & Wrap

miggo 1

I got to check out the Miggo Grip & Wrap Mirrorless in Space Zoo ($39.99).  This unique camera strap can convert into a protective camera case.  I love this for so many reasons but the biggest one for me is that I am working in the music industry some and taking photographs of artists.  I love how convenient this would be when I am in the pits instead of struggling with a bulky camera bag and trying to get my camera all protected with so many people around.

I also think that it would work perfectly for sports enthusiasts and backpackers, pretty much anyone that does not want to have to lug around a bulky camera bag while they are trying to still get some amazing shots with their camera.

Miggo Strap & Wrap DSLR

miggo 2

I also got to check out the Miggo Grip & Wrap DSLR in Royal Wings ($49.99) which I fell in love with!  As I shop for a new camera I am tempted to look into a DSLR for sure now because I love this handy product so much!  However I did need an amazing gift for the aforementioned teacher and this one seems to win the prize.

This handy strap converts from a strap to a camera case.  It is a great thing to have when you are doing something where you will not be needing your entire camera bag.  It is another product that can make your life just a little bit more convenient.

Miggo makes great products that any photographer is going to love.  Even someone who is not a professional photographer is going to enjoy the quality of pictures that they can get with this one.