Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Blinc Inc

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Blinc Inc is a cosmetics company that I had not heard about until recently and I have to admit that I am so glad that I did.  I am OBSESSED with having my eyes made up and with them looking great.  One of the things that I love about the Blinc Inc products that I received is that they really do make my eyes open up and pop in a way that other eye make up does not.

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I received the Amazing Eyes Discovery Collection ($32) which I have to admit is a fun collection that really can help you learn how to create the perfect eye looks for your needs.

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The collection contains four pieces which include the following:


Mascara Amplified…wow!!  This mascara rocks!!  I know that I am not a make up authority but I am a make up junkie and I LOVE mascara that is high in quality.  I have probably used over 50 different brands of mascara in my time and this one is one of my favorites.  I can not believe how well the coverage works and how buildable it is.  You can really build up your lashes so that they look amazing!!

I know that in the future this is definitely a mascara that I will be purchasing because I like it so much.

Eyebrow Mousse is a great product that is unlike any brow gel or brow color that I have ever used in the past.  It never feels stiff or uncomfortable and it really makes my eyes look amazing.

The Eyeshadow Primer is amazing and is going to really help your eyeshadow to stay all day long.  I loved that I was pretty active when I tested it out and that I NEVER had creases in my shadow.  I battle creases in my eye shadow each and every single day.

Finally the kit came with an Eyeliner Pencil.  I have to admit that this pencil glides on my eyes and it is a shock to me that it is in pencil form.  I could not believe that a pencil could really be that smooth because this was seriously one of the smoothest eyeliners that I had ever used.

Tips for Stunning Eyes Every Day

**Do Not Forget the Eyebrows

One of the things that you must remember if you want stunning eyes is to never forget the eyebrows.  This is one of the biggest mistakes that many people make when they are doing their eye make up and it really makes a HUGE difference in how someone looks whether or not their brows are done.  The Eyebrow Mousse from Blinc Inc is amazing and really frames my eyes well.

**Line Those Eyes

For a while I went without eyeliner thinking that it did not make that much difference. Well I got told that I looked tired a lot more often and many people commented that something was different and actually asked me what was wrong with me.  I ended up realizing that eyeliner makes my eyes pop and look more awake.  I love the Blinc Inc Eyeliner Pencil and how it makes my eyes look.

**Make Sure Your Eyeshadow Does Not Crease

If you have creases in your eyeshadow it just does not look pretty.  It actually can draw attention to your eyes in the wrong way as people wonder whether or not they should say something to you.  I personally never know what to do and for some reason I can’t keep my eyes off of someone who has the creases in their shadow.  Well not any longer is this a problem for me because the Eyeshadow Primer from Blinc Inc is amazing and really keeps shadow from creasing all day long.

**Amp Up Those Lashes

Mascara Amplified is a lot of fun because it is offers you a great buildable make-up that is really going to make your eyes pop and get noticed.  I do not have unusually long eyelashes but when I am wearing this mascara from Blinc Inc I am constantly getting complimented on my “amazing” eyelashes….even from strangers.

Don’t Skip Your Make Up…It Only Takes 90 Seconds with Juice Beauty

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juice beauty

I hate going out of the house without make up but I honestly struggle some days with taking the time to put it on.  One of the challenges that I had was that I was just trying to do too much each day.  Fast forward to today and I know just how to have a natural looking face that I can feel confident with.  I played around with Juice Beauty products and realized that I could have a beautiful looking face that lasted all day long with just 90 seconds of work….LIFE CHANGING!

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Here is a short video that shows you how you can get the perfectly made up face in 90 seconds.


Here are  the instructions as I could not talk and get this right when trying to do it so quickly.

Step 1 —

juice beauty 6

Apply Juicy Beauty’s Correcting Concealer ($18.00) to problem areas that you might have.  For me this includes under the eyes, on my cheeks and on any blemishes that I have at the time.

juice beauty 5

Step 2 —

juice beauty 1

Use a great tinted moisturizer to get two steps done at once.  You get the benefits of a moisturizer and the bonus of your complexion getting just a hint of correction.  I love Juice Beauty’s CC Cream ($39.00).  This tinted moisturizer is great!  It looks beautiful on my skin and helps me feel more confident than I did before.

Step 3 —

juice beauty 3

Set the make up.  One of the biggest mistakes that I feel a lot of women make is that they do not take a few seconds to set their make up.  This means that they do not have the make up that they want because their make up gets smudged or smeared.  It does not take that long to set your make up with a great loose powder like Juice Beauty’s Refining Finishing Powder ($22.00).

Step 4 —

juice beauty 4

Make sure that your eyes get noticed.  Give them a quick coat of mascara to guarantee that you get the pop that you want when you are out and about.  Juice Beauty’s Lash Defining Mascara ($19.00) is perfect for helping you to have eyes that pop.

Step 5 —

juice beauty 2

Finally add a little bit of color to your lips.  I love Juice Beauty’s Conditioning Lip Color because it feels like a great lip balm but adds the right amount of color like a great lipstick.  It is the best of both worlds, looks great on and will make you feel fabulous and ready to face your day!

Having a naturally beautiful face does not have to require a ton of time.  You can actually give yourself the boost of confidence that you need in just a short amount of time.

Getting the Perfect Dramatic Smokey Eye

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

When I spent years working in the cosmetics industry it seemed that the thing that people wanted to know the most was how they too could get the perfect smokey eye.  This concept might have been popularized in Hollywood but it is something that is achievable by women everywhere.  There is no one who can not find the right version of this fun and sexy look for themselves.

mally beauty logo

Mally Beauty offers you everything that you need to be able to achieve the perfect smokey eye look.  Few beauty companies are known for helping you to find the right look but that is one of the special things about Mally Beauty.

Step 1 —

Find the Right Color of Eye Make Up for You

Now just because everyone is doing the black or charcoal colored smokey eye does not mean that this is going to be the right choice for your needs.  It is very likely that you are not going to look right with this color and that you must step outside the box a bit.  I find that I personally do well with more of a plum shade personally.  I love this choice from Mally Beauty and the brush that comes with it.  The brush is perfect for giving me just the smokey eye that I have dreamed of.

mally beauty

Step 2 —

Amp Those Lashes

I realize that not everyone is a fan of false lashes.  To be honest I had not really tried false lashes before but I have falling in love with these.  Even though I had done false lashes on other people hundreds of times I was intimidated about doing them on my own eyes.  I thought that I would never be able to pull them off perfectly and that overwhelmed me a lot.  I did learn that it is just as easy as it is to do on anyone else.  Apply a thin layer of the glue and lay into place.  Then once the glue has dried, add some mascara to help your own natural lashes blend better.

That’s right, having the perfect smokey eye is really only two simple steps and something that is completely achievable by every woman.

Check out this video that should help you to amp your eyes and get that perfect smokey eye!