Summer Camp Music Festival Guide — Top 10 Things That Come in Handy with Kids @SummerCampFest #SCamp15

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Since I have been attending Summer Camp Music Festivals since 2004 with a little one in hand I have learned some great packing tricks that make life so much easier with kids.  I have been to Summer Camp with anywhere from 1 to 4 children of mine so there have been years that were definitely more difficult than others.

Top 10 Things That Come in Handy at Summer Camp

Here are my top ten things that I think every parent needs to pack along.

1.  Bogs Boots


If you have ever tried to climb through mud that was up way past your ankles you will understand just how important these are.  Now I know that many people shy away from spending this much money on a pair of boots or shoes for their kids but this is one thing that I will make sure that my children are never without again.  There are so many reasons that I love Bogs but one of these is that they are so comfortable.  Here are some more….your child will not have wet feet, your child will not have cold feet, your child will be able to walk through mud without problems, your child will be able to play in puddles without issues, and finally they come in all colors and sizes so your children are going to love them.

2.  Water Bottles/Water Guns

water bottle with fan

It is very likely that your child is going to get hot while they are at Summer Camp.  One thing that I would remember to take along is a squirt gum or a spray bottle.  If you are worried about your child bothering other people then a spray bottle might be a better option.  There are even some great spray bottles that you can find with small battery operated fans on them.  These work great for Summer Camp!

3.  Camelbaks


I love that Camelbak makes kids sized packs.  These are so convenient and they seriously are going to last you forever.  My oldest got his Camelbak Skeeter when he was just 3 years old.  He is going to be 12 this summer and it still works without leaking.  I don’t know many other things that are made for children that are going to last 9 years!  Another great thing about Camelbaks is that my children LOVE drinking out of them so they are always excited to drink water which means they end up drinking a lot more water than they would if they were just drinking out of water bottles.

4.  Keen Sandals

keen sandals

Another product that our entire family loves is Keen sandals.  There are a few different reasons for this.  One of these is that Keens are very comfortable.  They are also okay if they get wet.  (I used to love Birkenstocks but after ruining one too many pairs at festivals I started wearing Keens!)  They are closed toe so your child is less likely to injure themselves.  They also come in a wide range of colors and patterns so that your child can pick the one that they like best.

5.  Glow Sticks

glow sticks

Go to the Dollar Tree and spend a little bit of money stocking up on glow sticks and glow toys.  This is one item that I honestly feel you can never have enough of when you have children and are at Summer Camp.  Plus if you put enough glow sticks on your kiddo and they run off in the crowd, they are really easy to catch up with.  Your children might also enjoy coming up with their own unique things to do with the glow sticks and creations to build.

6.  Picnic Blankets

picnic blanket

If you have a picnic blanket that is great.  If you do not have one and cannot afford one pick up a Booginhead Splat Mat for each of your kiddos.  We have three picnic blankets that go with us to every show that we go to.  We throw them on the ground and it becomes a nice little spot for us to sit and dance with the kids where they can kick their shoes off without worry of stepping on something.  It also becomes a safe zone because people in the crowd rarely step on your blankets.

7.  Rain Jackets and Umbrellas

rain jacket

I will admit that it does not rain every single year at Summer Camp.  However it does rain almost every year.  If you are concerned about it raining then I would be inclined to pack a rain jacket.  Another great thing about rain jackets is that with a long sleeve shirt on under them they become very warm.

8.  Sunscreen


When choosing a sunscreen for Summer Camp make sure that you pick up one that has a high SPF.  Children who get sunburns are not happy campers.  In fact, they are often grumpy and intolerable.  So make sure that you pick out a sunscreen that has a very high SPF and if you are using sunscreen from last year make sure that it has not expired.  You want your children to be protected all day long.  (When speaking about sunscreen I would like to state that I am in love with SuperGoop!!  They have the best sunscreen on the market and their CC Cream is wonderful for moms who want some light coverage all summer long!!)

9.  Ear Protection

ear protection

Concerts are loud, especially if you want to get close enough to see the band with your child.  Make sure that your child’s ears are protected with some great ear protection.  This year I purchased all new ear protection for my children for Summer Camp and it was way more affordable than I thought that it was going to be.  In fact the ear protection that I purchased can be found on Amazon for less than $15 per pair.  (These are Snug Safe brand and they come in a wide range of colors…enough colors in fact that each kiddo go to pick out their favorite!)

10.  Wagon


If you are coming through the gates and do not have an RV pass and are traveling with children the wagon is going to be your saving grace.  Many people do not realize until they get to the gates at Summer Camp that you actually have to carry all of your gear and all of your stuff through the gates.  If you are camping alone with your kids this can be a struggle to get everything.  Just remembering to pack light and making sure that you have a wagon is a great idea.  As a bonus the wagon can be used throughout the weekend to let your kids hang out and take naps during shows and to ride around in between shows.  Our children LOVE being able to jump in the wagon for rides and we love that the wagon helps us to get everything that we need where we are going.  (We have used a few different wagons and I would highly recommend one that has very sturdy wheels that are bigger!)