Kaberra Gel Makes the Smellies Go Away

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Kanberra Gel is a unique all natural deodorizer that works in a number of different formats.  I can tell you that there were products that I fell in love with and those that I did not fall in love with but would use again.  I was very interested to try out Kanberra Gel after I had heard that it was a deodorizer that was all natural.  This is something that instantly intrigued me since I have a son who has bad allergies that are often heightened by room deodorizers or candles.

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Until my son was born I was a candle freak and someone who always had a yummy smelling house.  Since he has had so many problems with most air fresheners and candles I have noticed that my house just does not smell super yummy like it used to.  In fact it often times will smell funky (think burnt food in the microwave while dad was in charge and my 5 year old tried to microwave a breadstick for 40 minutes) and I have struggled to find a way to make those smells go away.

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Kanberra Gel sent me 5 of their products to test out and I tested them in different areas of my house.  I wanted to really see where the products would work the best and if they would be able to tackle difficult odors that you face with four children.

Kanberra Gel

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I received the Kanberra Gel in three different sizes.  I put one in our kitchen, one in the bathroom, and one under our shoe box (as you know shoes can get a little funky odor to them when you have active children).

I loved how the Kanberra Gel worked in our kitchen.  It was wonderful and I really did seem to notice that there were not as many funky odors after cooking.  I cook a lot of curry, Mexican food, and use garlic frequently.  All of these can leave odors in the air that might not be as pleasant when you are not eating the foods.  I noticed instantly that these odors seemed to leave and that I was not smelling things for as long after they had been cooked.

In the bathroom I thought that Kanberra Gel did an okay job.  It seemed to work a little bit but I still sensed some unpleasant odors from time to time that I feel like maybe a stronger deodorizer would have worked a bit better for.

For the shoe box I did not notice a difference after the Kanberra Gel was placed there.  I am wondering if maybe I placed it in the wrong place or if there were just too many shoes for it to handle, but to be honest with you it did not work as well as I hoped.

Kanberra Spray

The Kanberra Spray is a great deodorizing spray.  It works great to spray in shoes, on coats, hats, and scarves.  All of these are things that I sometimes think smells funky but might not have the time that is needed to get them washed.  I did find that it worked well on shoe odor so it solved one of the problems that I did not feel like the gel could solve completely.

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Kanberra Wipes

The company also makes wipes and the Kanberra Wipes are my favorite wipes that I have ever used!!  If you know me then you realize that this is a HUGE statement.  If you do not own me then you should probably know that I use a lot of wipes in my house for everything because I love the convenience of wipes.  I loved that the wipes tackled odors when I would clean with them and that they seemed to wipe up messes with ease.  These are definitely a product that I do not want to live without and one that I will continue to purchase in the future.

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Kanberra Gel, Kanberra Spray, and Kanberra Wipes are all products that are natural and do not contain harmful chemicals, did not bother my son or husband who have severe allergies, and really helped to make our home smell fresher.  You can learn more about them on their website as well as find out where you can purchase them close to home.