Having the Perfect Halloween with Costume Express

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So we all know how difficult that it can be to find the perfect Halloween costumes for your kids.  If you are like me finding family costumes is even harder.  One of the things that I love so much about Costume Express is that they offer the best high quality costumes that you have been looking for.  They are known for having all of the most popular costumes that your little ones might be seeking out.

5 Tips to Find the Perfect Popular Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family

Tip 1 — Think About Themes

evil queen

One of the best things that you can do with Halloween is consider shopping in themes.  This year my daughter and I are dressing in theme together.  I have always wanted a Snow White and she would only oblige if I was willing to dress up too.  So I am going to be the Evil Queen.  I can’t figure out if my children love me in costume or love being able to call me “evil queen” without getting into trouble more!!

Tip 2 — Think About What is Popular

halloween 1

While none of my family is dressing up as any of the characters from the Descendants, this is one of the most popular costume choices this year.  Thankfully Costume Express has you covered with tons of options from this popular and fun television show.

Tip 3 — Let Your Kids Pick What They Want to Be

halloween 2

One of the things that I do is that I always try to let my kids pick out what they want to be for Halloween.  This year Huxley had his heart set on being the black version of Spiderman.  This was all that he asked for and guess what?!? That’s right, Costume Express had this one too.

Tip 4 — Think of Your Kids’ Personalities

halloween 3

Adeline had her little heart set on being a My Little Pony.  She is a very glittery girly girl though so it was a challenge to find the right costume.  While we did not get Adeline’s costume from Costume Express, they did have one that she would have fallen in love with just as much.

Tip 5 — Don’t Forget Your Favorite Pet

halloween 4

Finally when you have a favorite family pet, you have to make sure that you do not forget to pick up a costume for him.  For our favorite dog, Dexter we had to pick up the Star Wars Bantha Costume.  This one is just hilarious and makes me smile so much.  I can’t wait to see him running around with it on!

So when you want to find the perfect Halloween costumes for your whole family, you’ve got to shop at Costume Express.

OMG, Can You Say Halloween Costumes Less Than $20!

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It’s time to start looking for a great Halloween Costume for your little ones… I just wanted to share a few of the MANY Halloween Costumes that are less than $20 when you are signed up with Shop Your Way!


I cannot help but LOVE this super cute little Totally Ghoul Lil’ Mouse Toddler Halloween Costume that is only $13.00!  It’s awesome, and a totally affordable Halloween Costume!


Next on the list is the Totally Ghoul Lil Red Riding Hood Toddler Halloween Costume only $13.99 too!


My son wanted to be a cop for Halloween so I thought I would share this great costume too! Totally Ghoul Muscle Police Halloween Costume Toddler $17.49!


I love this little Totally Ghoul Infant Plush Monkey Jumper Halloween Costume only $17.49


Totally Ghoul Spider Witch Toddler Halloween Costume $13.99

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