Lorie Marrero, Goodwill Spokesperson Interview

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

1.         How did you become involved with Goodwill?

Our team approached Goodwill® back in late 2009 because we wanted to pitch a national TV show about losing your clutter pounds in January and do a story with them. I was looking for the right nonprofit partner to find a way to give back and add more meaning to what we do. From there our conversations led to the Donate Movement, an initiative to teach people about the impact that donating has on both people and the planet. I learned Goodwill would soon be launching the movement, and we all realized it was a perfect match for us to work together! I reach thousands of people who are making decisions about the stuff in their closets and garages, and I now have the honor and privilege of educating them about why Goodwill is a smart and responsible choice for donating those household goods. [Read more…]