It’s Time for Another Giveaway!!!!

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We all know that I LOVE Kate Quinn Organics!  It is no surprise if you have been around here for a while!  I have reviewed a ton of great items and have shopped there from time to time.  In fact it was one of my most shopped at websites for a long time.

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It’s The Dress Event!!!

Well it is one of those exciting times right now!  It is the dress event!!  That’s right, the DRESS EVENT of the season!!  So here are some of my favorite dresses that I would like to share with you!  Now you can run to Kate Quinn’s Dress Event and buy your own or enter below for the chance to win $30 to spend on your favorite!

Kate Quinn 2

3/4 Sleeve Cupcake Dress Chevron $20 (regular $46)

Kate Quinn 3

Folded Collar Dress $25 (regular $58)

Kate Quinn 4

Gathered Chest Dress Mombosa $20 (regular $46)

Kate Quinn 5

Long Sleeve Kimono Dress New Leaf $25 (regular $32)

Kate Quinn 6

Short Sleeve Ruffle Dress Kenya $20 (regular $46)

Kate Quinn 7

Square Yoke Tank Ruffle Dress Feather $25 (regular $48)

Kate Quinn 8

Printed Pocket Dress + Legging Set Owl $20 (regular $42)

Kate Quinn 9

Spaghetti Strap Maxi Dress Nairobi $20 (regular $58)

Kate Quinn 10

Sleeveless Piped Cargo Bubble Dress Koi $20 (regular $46)

Kate Quinn 11

Flutter Sleeve Ballet Dress Peony $20 (regular $44)

Kate Quinn 12

Short Sleeve Lounge Dress Sugar Plum $25 (regular $32)

Some of these dresses are personal favorites for both me and my daughters!  We own several of them and have been nothing but pleased with each one of them!

And We Are Giving Away $30 in Credit to Kate Quinn Organics!!!

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Getting Organized in 2015 — Keeping It All Together with Kinsights & a $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Kinsights is an amazing organizational tool for parents who need a little bit of help to keep it all together.  As one of these moms who always needs just a little something to help me along the way I have found that Kinsights is definitely an app that I will be using as I try to get organized in 2015.  (Yes, getting organized is my one goal for the next year!!)

So I thought that it was only appropriate that I share some information with you all about Kinsights and everything that it can help you with.  Kinsights is an amazing little tool that takes the guesswork out of keeping track of your children’s medical records.  As a mom of four I never feel like I can keep track of everything or stay on top of everything so this is a great way for me to be able to make sure that I get it all done.

Kinsights is an online Pediatric Personal Health Record Keeper for parents. Gone are the days where you’re being held responsible for keeping track of slips of paper or lugging files and folders containing your children’s health information.  And in the event of an emergency, you can even have the health records sent to the ER or out-of-town doctor in a snap. Organize your child’s growth and developmental milestones, immunizations, medications, allergies, and more.  This tool is amazing and a godsend to parents. Kinsights is also a community where parents can safely seek and share answers to parenting questions.  You can ask anything and Kinsights will find the right community members who can provide guidance.  Kinsights even offers groups with similar interests their own pages, including single parents, grandparents, those interested in car seat safety, baby & kids fashion, potty training groups, and many more  What’s really cool about this community is that it makes finding the best answers easy-community members vote up answers so the best content rises to the top.  Connect with Kinsights at their website to learn more and sign-up! You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.
So there are some amazing things with Kinsights and you are going to be so glad that you checked it out!!  The best thing is that Kinsights has offered an amazing $50 Amazon gift card giveaway which is sure to be the perfect little helper for your holiday shopping.
Click this link for a quick Rafflecopter form to enter to win!

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#Win a Bath and Body Holiday Gift Set

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YEA BUDDY!  Tis the season for FREEBIES, lol!  Don’t miss out on this awesome holiday giveaway at Woman[Read more…]

Little Sloane Leaning Desk Giveaway

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Little Sloane Leaning Desk

Simply Shawn & Jenn would like to welcome you to another your chance to win this awesome Little Sloane Learning Desk.  This fabulous learning desk is perfect for  a childs room.  Sloane has taken an awesome desk and turned it into a unique learning design of Crate and Barrel’s Sloane furniture collection.  You’ll save space, take up less room, and the learning desk is secured to the wall to help ensure safety.  You can buy one stand alone piece, or several to have your desk look have that special look you want.
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