Taking Your Favorite Spring/Summer Dress Into Fall with Vera Wang

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I love Simply Vera Wang for Kohls.  I will admit that this brand has quickly become one of my favorites as a blogger.  I am rarely as impressed with other brands as I am with this brand.  This brand is amazing!

One thing that I love with this brand is their dresses.  Their dresses move perfectly from season to season.  I love that the dresses that I got this summer will move perfectly into the fall.  So I decided that I would put together three unique outfits for you with the adorable Simply Vera Wang dresses that I received this summer.  Here are my top picks for how to bring those spring/summer dresses into the fall season.

I especially love how you can change your style to meet your needs with the Simply Vera Wang collection for Kohls.  There are options for bohemian looks that will compliment all body types, work ready styles, and even styles that can take you out to brunch.

Beautiful Bohemian Styles

I love how the High Low Maxi Dress looks when paired with the Cable Knit Scoopneck Tunic, Solid Leggings, and the Zipper Ankle Boots.  The outfit is slouchy, laid back, and really perfect for those of you who tend to go with a Bohemian style year round.

Vera Wang Maxi Dress Vera Wang sweater Vera Wang Solid Leggings Vera Wang Zipper Ankle Boots

Ready to Work

I also love how you can pair the Handkerchief Hem Dress in Crinkle Ditzy with the Flyaway Cardigan (notice the adorable ruffle details on this cardigan!), Opaque Control Top Tights, and Stretch High Heel Shoeies (these are to die for aren’t they!!).

Vera Wang dress 2 Vera Wang Flyaway Cardigan Vera Wang Opaque Control Top Tights Vera Wang Stretch High Heel Shoeies


Headed to Brunch

You can head to brunch with the sweet looking style of the Handkerchief Tank Dress in Moody Dyes with the Vera Wang Flyaway Cardigan, Sheer to Waist Tights, and Embellished Ballet Flats.  This outfit is sweet enough for church, yet stylish enough to head to brunch at the hottest spot!

Vera Wang dress 3 Vera Wang Flyaway Cardigan 2 Vera Wang Sheer to Waist Tights Vera Wang Embellished Ballet Flats

For me the Simply Vera Wang collection is lovely.  It offers you everything that you could ever think about and it allows you to pick and choose any style that you are looking for.  Plus it is all available at Kohls and all available for a great price.




Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Spanx Workout Clothes

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I have to admit that I have a love affair with Spanx.  I literally can not remember the last day that I went out of the house without wearing them.  That being said when it comes to the perfect clothes to working out in, I would have NEVER imagined how much I could love Spanx line of clothing.  I thought that their leggings, tops, and pants would all be the same but I was very wrong.  There is nothing more amazing to me than how I look when I  am headed to the gym or getting ready to work out at home in Spanx workout clothes.

Spanx logo

Earlier this year I wrote a review about the great Spanx workout clothes that I received.  I wanted to bring these clothes back up in a new feature because I really do want them for Christmas.  In fact I was telling my mom tonight just how much I wanted some Spanx winter apparel to be part of my Christmas gifts.

Tips to Find Workout Clothes to Feel Confident In

**Find Clothes that Look Good on You

spanx 4

The best things about Spanx workout clothes is that they really do look great on everyone.  I could not believe the amazing improvement that I saw in myself when I put on my Spanx brand workout gear.  I was super impressed with the Shaping Compression Crop ($88).  In fact these became my go to pants all summer long and I still try to wear them with boots but they are a bit short to honestly pull that off.  I just love how flattering these leggings are and how they make my curves look beautiful in all the right ways.

**Find Clothes You Can Feel Confident In


When it comes to working out as an overweight person going to the gym is embarrassing.  Let’s face it no one wants to struggle with worrying about whether or not their flab is going to be flopping all over the place while they are pounding it on a machine.  That being said, I had lacked confidence so much for years that I avoided working out and going to the gym which just led to either weight gain or no weight loss as I had desired.  The Spanx On The Go Pant ($98) really made me feel confident and better about myself.  I loved that I could work out hard and never worry about having too much of a belly jiggle because it was all nicely sucked into my pants.

**Pick a Piece that You Love

spanx 2

One additional piece that I tried out was the Ribbed Racerback with Shelf Bra ($62).  This top was amazing on and really helped me to feel more confident about how I looked when I was working out.  It was also the perfect tank to wear underneath things and became one of my favorite tanks to wear regardless all summer long and even into the fall and winter with sweaters or jackets because it is so flattering and so comfortable.

My Current Spanx Wish List

In case you were wondering.  Here are the Spanx items that have recently caught my eye.

spanx wish list 1

Signature Skinny Jeans in Wax Black

spanx wish list 2

Denim Legging in Indigo Wash

spanx wish list 3

Contour Jacket in Black

spanx wish list 4

Ready to Wow Woven Twill Legging in Black

spanx wish list 5

Ready to Wow Faux Leather Legging in Black

spanx wish list 6

Look at Me Leggings High Waisted Cotton Leggings

So as you can tell my own Christmas list has a ton of Spanx on it and it is something that I love so much that I thought that you would too!

Kate Quinn Organics Offers You Amazing Cyber Monday Deals

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

I know that you probably get sick of hearing me talk about Kate Quinn Organics but I really can not help it!! I have never loved a brand of children’s clothing as much as I love this one.  The clothes are so high in quality, look adorable, and perpetuate a lifestyle that I try to maintain and live.

cyber monday kate quinn

Kate Quinn Organics is currently featuring their amazing products in a Cyber Monday sale.  I know that I am hoping to do some shopping tonight because everything that I have purchased has been amazing.  I have even purchased curtains from Kate Quinn Organics and I love the quality of them as well!  To be able to save you can order at their website and just enter “friends50” at the checkout!

Check Out My Cyber Monday Recommendations

Check Out the Stellar Curtain Steals

KQ 1

After the amazing window panels that I purchased in the past I have been looking for some additional curtains for the kids’ bathroom.  I love the Seahorse Classic Window Panels and with a sale price of just $15.00 they are going to be a bargain for the $7.50 that I pay for them.  I am even thinking about picking them for our downstairs bathroom too since they are so reasonable and we have two windows to curtain in there!

Adorable Baby Clothes

KQ 2

I can’t help but write about the adorable Piped Yoke Ruffle Jumpsuit ($56) because it is so cute.  Plus at just $28 on sale this is reasonably priced and would make an awesome gift for the little ones in your life.  I think that I can already see my youngest niece crawling around in this one!

Perfect Pieces for Boys and Girls

KQ 3

Finally there are always tons of clothing items that I want to pick up for my little ones from Kate Quinn.  The Long Sleeve Cowboy Shirt in Saffron is one that I would LOVE to pick up for Huxley…so cute and on sale it is just $19!

KQ 4

The Cargo Bubble Dress in Golden has been on my radar since we were sent a red one this summer.  I can’t tell you how much I fell in love with it but it was definitely a favorite and one that my daughter still wears with layering now!  Plus it is on sale for just $15 which is a steal!!

KQ 5

I also have had the Ruffle Jacket on my radar for several months!  I love it and now it can be yours for just $29.

KQ 6

The lounge dresses have been a favorite of mine for a long time.  I really love the Short Sleeve Lounge Dress in Carnation.

Everything that I have owned from Kate Quinn Organics has been high in quality and impressive.  I have never been disappointed with anything and think that you will be just as pleased when you make your own purchase.



Crazy Black Friday Deals from Rosewe

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

As you all know I LOVE shopping!!  One of my favorite ways to shop is online.  I think that the reason that I love online shopping so much is because I live in a small town where there are not a lot of different options and I HATE wearing the same thing as everyone else.  So I tend to shop online at stores that we do not have in our area so that I can make sure that I am not going to show up somewhere in the same thing that someone else is wearing.

rosewe logo

Crazy Black Friday Deals Are Here

I love that Rosewe offers amazing and crazy “Black Friday” deals this year.  In fact you can save up to 80% off of their clothes.

Plus you get amazing additional discounts.  You can save an additional $5 off of $39 (sale5), $10 off of $69 (sale10) and $15 off of $99 (sale15).

Beautiful Dresses

vneck dress

I love so many of the dresses that Rosewe has to offer. The Charming V Neck Split Design Black Chiffon Dress ($14.09) is one of my favorites and a dress that I am sure that I would LOVE to own.  In fact it is just one of the many items on my personal Rosewe shopping list!

Something a Little Fancy

lace dress

If you want something that is a little fancier than Rosewe has that too.  My personal favorite is the Fine Quality A Line Design Navy Blue Dress ($21.28).  This dress is perfect for nicer events and at this price you won’t feel bad if you only wear it once.  However the great thing that I like about this dress is that you can do so much with it and you can definitely dress it down to be able to wear it more often.

Coats That Allow You to Have More Than One

black coat

When it comes to coats I generally only purchase one because they are so expensive.  I love that with the coats from Rosewe that I could afford to buy more than  one.  I am in LOVE with the Trendy Long Sleeve Turndown Collar Solid Black Coat ($28.74).  I think that this is an adorable coat and one that you could wear dressed up or down.

elegant coat

I also love the Elegant Black Long Sleeve Woolen Coats with Turndown Collar ($30.50)…

trench coat

…and the Charming Single Breasted Long Sleeve Trench Coat Black ($22.78).

Shirts to Love

fake two piece

Finding shirts at a cheap price generally means that you are not going to be able to have great detailing.  The Trendy Fake Two Piece Design Long Sleeve T-Shirt ($21.77).  The Chic Long Sleeve Round Neck Solid Black Sweaters ($41.50) is another one that is going to be added to my list.

long sleeve sweater

Fun Pants Too!

spring essential

Don’t worry Rosewe can get you into some great trendy pants too.  The Spring Essentials High Waist Black Leggings for Girls ($14.39) are on trend and look great on too!  I also love the Charming PU Patchwork Solid Black Middle Waist Leggings ($14.35).

charming pu

Check out Rosewe now to take advantage of their awesome sales!!  You will be just as impressed as we are!!

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Our World Boutique

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Our World Boutique is a great destination for anyone who is searching for a gift for their fashion forward friend or family members.  One amazing thing about the boutique is their high quality items for low prices.  They are so reasonable that you will be shocked at the values that you can find.  I know that I was shocked by what I got and the price that it was.

our world logo

I chose a number of adorable items that are all high in quality and feature the best of this season’s trends.

our world 3

Updating Your Wardrobe for Cooler Weather

our world 1

One of the things that I do every fall and winter is search out the best products to be able to update my wardrobe from boring to beautiful.  I also look for pieces that will allow me to wear my favorite items from summer all winter long.  The Waterfall Cardigan Sweater in Black is one of the best sweaters that I have ever owned.  I love the unique open front style and how cute it looks on.  I also love that it is not too heavy or bulky and that it is very slimming.  The best thing though is that this awesome sweater is just $22 so it is a really affordable option to update your wardrobe.

Choose Pieces that You Love Regardless of Season Rules

our world 2

One thing that I have learned with my personal fashion style is not to follow the rules.  I have never been a rule follower and breaking the rules for fashion is all fun.  I love the Cross Over Tunic with Hood Navy ($15.00) and find that it looks great when paired with the sweater above.  Plus it too is very affordable for what you are getting and I loved how confident I felt when I was wearing it.

Let Fun Accessories Add to Your Look

our world 4

There are so many fun accessories out there that can really add to your look regardless of what time of year it is.  I found the 7 Flower Statement Necklace and knew that it would be the perfect piece for making a statement.  I love wearing it when we are out doing something fun!  I love how I am able to get noticed with this one and how it draws attention to me in places that I feel more confident with.  I can guarantee you that when I am wearing this that people are not focused on my imperfections and I really appreciate that.  Plus you will love the price of their necklaces as this one is just $13.

Choose Something that is Classic

our world 6

Finally I chose the Love Locket Watch that was just $4.99.  This necklace is so cute, fun, and function.  It is a must for everyone and makes a great gift or even a great stocking stuffer.  Best thing is that from the quality no one is going to guess what you paid for this one and they are going to expect that it be far more expensive than that.

our world 5

Finding great stylish pieces is easy when you know the right place to shop.  When you are shopping with Our World Boutique you will find that there are many great options available to you.


Boots That Will Rock Your Festival Wardrobe

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Which festival are you going to this year? V Festival, Reading, Download or Creamfields? Maybe you’re even lucky enough to be going to a rocking festival abroad somewhere. Regardless of where you’re going, you’ll want to look edgy and awesome, but you won’t want to bring your entire wardrobe with you; there just isn’t enough room in a tent for that! It’s all about picking a few key pieces that are versatile but also bang on trend. And there’s no better place to start than with your shoes – so here are my tips for finding boots that will rock your festival wardrobe…

Biker boots

If you’re a proper rock chick look no further than some biker boots; you can find these in many more places than a motorcycle shop though! Ladies biker boots will come in a range of heights from ankle up to knee high, so you’ll be able to choose the boot that you find the most comfortable. You’ll find that most biker boots are black, but there are an assortment of decorative additions that set each boot apart. This includes studs and chains in black, gold and silver. Check the tread on the bottom of the boot to see how it will fare in muddier conditions.

Biker BootsWellington boots

If you are concerned about mud – and let’s face it, with the weather in the UK this isn’t exactly unusual – you might want to look at wellies instead. The main benefit of wellies is that they’ll keep your feet dry, but you don’t have to sacrifice style for necessity. You’ll see a lot of men wearing green wellies, but as women there is so much selection! Pick your favourite colour and you’ll be able to find a pair of wellies in that colour, and you’ll even find ones in leopard print or ones with studs. If you don’t want your legs to overheat, choose a pair of ankle wellies instead.

Cowboy boots

If you want to bring a bit of American flair to the festival site, cowboy boots could be the ones for you. If the sun is shining, pair up your cowboy boots with a checked shirt and denim shorts. Alternatively you could go for the edgier look and wear your boots with a floaty dress – it’s very Glastonbury. The great thing about cowboy boots is that they come in a range of colours: brown, black, red, grey and more. A brown pair of boots is a more classic look, but there is nothing stopping you from showing off your individuality on the campsite.

Chelsea boots

Finally, if you want to represent the VIPs of the boot world, Chelsea boots might be more up your street. Patent Chelsea boots are brilliant because they can keep your feet dry, but also are fairly lightweight options. Picture a sleek ponytail, black blazer and these gorgeous boots; you’ll be turning heads in no time at your next festival.

About the author : Estelle Redfern has been searching for her perfect festival wardrobe for 2013. She’s found a pair of ladies brown cowboy boots and will be basing all of her festival outfits around them this year.