Accessorize Your Fall with Simply Vera by Vera Wang

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One of my weaknesses is accessories.  This has actually been a life long weakness of mine.  I can remember getting so excited to save up my money for the latest handbag trend or necklace.  These two items in particular are items that I seriously go crazy over.  So imagine my shocked face as I opened up this amazing box of fall accessories from the Simply Vera by Vera Wang line that is featured at Kohls.  (That’s right you can buy each item that I am going to show you at your local Kohls store or online!!!)

Simply Vera

It’s All in the Bag!

I was surprised by three amazing handbags that are sure to take me everywhere that I am going this fall.  I have a bit of an obsession for bags and am going to share with you just how I would use each of these great bags this fall.  In all honesty my mom and grandma both recently called and asked me for advice on picking out a fall handbag so I am going to surprise each one of them with a bag and keep the one bag that is my new fall obsession!

Alicia Pleated Hobo $69

vera fall 1

The Alicia Pleated Hobo is an adorable everyday bag.  In fact it is one of those bags that you could easily carry out to dinner and to the grocery store.  It is a small but roomy size and perfect for those who do not have to carry too many things with them.  I really thought that this bag was cute and have found it to be one of the top trending shapes.  I love the pleats and think that it is perfect for so many styles and outfits because you can dress up or down with it!

vera fall 2

All of the extra details with this bag make it unique and something that you can really appreciate.

vera fall 3

Plus all of the Vera bags have great pockets and organizing features hidden inside making them great to use!

Morocco Domed Satchel $99

vera fall 4

The Morocco Domed Satchel is one of those bags that really looks elegant for moms to carry around.  It also has a feeling of profession when you see it so you can imagine a professional carrying this bag everywhere that they would go.  It is a cute bag that has plenty of room for the essentials and then some.  If you are a fan of large sized wallets or need a little extra room in your bag then this is one choice that you will certainly appreciate.

vera fall 5

Again with all of the great pockets that will help you make sure that things do not get lost!  Plus this one features a convenient three section design.

Monroe Shopper $99 — My Fall IT Bag

Vera fall 7

The Simply Vera by Vera Wang Monroe Shopper is my it bag!  I love this bag especially in this fun metallic color.  I think that it is fun creative and a great bag for everyone!!   I can fit everything that I need in it and it still has that fun slouchy appearance that makes me fall in love.  It is a nice classic choice with a bit of a less traditional style that really amps it up and makes it a nice solid choice.  I simply can not say enough great things about this amazing bag.

vera fall 6

Plus I LOVE that it features the organizing pockets that I NEED because I am often an unorganized mess!

Dress Up Your Neck in Style

My personal favorite accessories of all time are that can be worn on my neck.  I love necklaces and scarves and Simply Vera offers you some of the best that you can find.

Ombre Twisted Stripes Sheer Oblong Scarf $32

I really LOVE this scarf and can not say enough amazing things about it and how it is going to work for fall.  It is perfect to keep you warm while offering you an amazing amount of style that you might not see with every scarf that you try on.

Vera fall 8

Bead and Mesh Multi Strand Necklace $34

vera fall 10

I have to admit that this necklace is my personal favorite so I am very excited that I was sent two of these in different colors.  They are simply beautiful and look great with more casual outfits for a day to day look and those outfits that are bit more dressed up.

vera fall 9

Since my personal style includes a ton of neutral colors, I love the clear and gray beads on this necklace.

vera fall 11

I also received it in blue colors that are absolutely breathtaking.

Beaded Collar Necklace $34

The Beaded Collar Necklace is unique and stunning.  It is even more beautiful in person that what you can see in pictures.  I love this one and think that it is going to look amazing and necklines come up for the fall season.

vera fall 12

Marquise Swag Necklace $34

The Marquise Swag Necklace is one that I would probably not have picked out on my own, especially if I was shopping online.  That being said it is definitely one that I will be wearing a lot this fall.  It is a really gorgeous necklace that will give you something extra to really love.

vera fall 13

Find the Perfect Bracelet to Enhance Your Look

Bracelets are another huge obsession of mine.  I find myself always reaching for a bracelet.  Another recent wrist candy that I have is a popular exercise tracking band.  Since I don’t love how it looks I did show off in one picture how a bracelet can make it look better.

Beaded Stretch Bracelet Set $30 (That’s Right Just $10 EACH!!)

vera fall 15

There are many things that I love about these bracelets.  One is that they come to you in a set of 3.  Another is that they are great to pair together or even wear separately!  This means that you can easily wear just one of these at a time or wear them all.

vera fall 16

They even make my fitness brand look better!

Bead Stretch Bracelet $34

vera fall 14

This bracelet is so fun!!  I have gotten tons of compliments and tons of offers for friends and family to take this one off of my hands for me.  This is a great choice and is super cute so I plan on keeping it around for a very long time.

Get Some Dazzle in Your Ears

Earrings are not something that I often wear.  That being said, my friends and family wear earrings all of the time so I am always giving them away as gifts or just because.  I can tell you that these adorable eight pairs of earrings are going to get a lot of wear from my friends and family!

Bead Kite Earrings $22

vera fall 17

I LOVE these earrings.  They fit perfectly with my boho chic style and are beautiful when worn.  I only wish that I wore earrings more since I love these so much!

Simulated Crystal Dome Button Stud Earrings $12

vera fall 18

These are very elegant and beautiful.  I was shocked to discover that they only cost $12 as they were so shockingly pretty!!  I know that these are going to be a great way to feel extra pretty and dressed up on an otherwise dreary day!

Bead Cluster Drop Earrings $18

vera fall 19

I think that these are absolutely gorgeous and I am sure that they would look great with a variety of the fall fashions that you see!

Square Drop Earrings $14

vera fall 24

These are gorgeous earrings that have a sparkle and a shine that you will not see elsewhere. They are sure to be a pair of earrings that you are going to be able to love for years to come.

Bead Drop Earrings $14

vera fall 20

These earrings are another pair that I can really see looking great with a number of fall outfits.  I think that they would be a great way to feel special with jeans and a t-shirt or that they’d look great with work clothes.

Hoop Drop Earrings $14

vera fall 23

These Hoop Drop Earrings are so cute.  They are another pair that I was shocked to discover the price of.  They are cute and really unique.  I have not really seen anything else like them!

Marquise Drop Earrings $18

vera fall 22

These earrings are so elegant that they are perfect for dressing up.  They are another pair that look classy and elegant that you would never guess their real price.  This makes them a wonderful choice because everyone is going to think that you spent a lot more than you did.

Bead Hoop Earrings $18

vera fall 21

These earrings are another pair of my favorite!  They are fun and cute.  They also are multi-functional and would fit with most of fall’s great looks!

vera fall 25

Thanks to the Simply Vera by Vera Wang collection for fall it is going to be a stylish season.  It is going to be one of those years where others stop me and ask me where I got something at.  I have already had this happen four times in the last two days of wearing a few of these accessories.


My 25 Fall Fashion Finds for Girls

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

If you follow the blog then you know by now that I LOVE to shop. Let’s face it I find shopping to be one of my favorite things in the entire world.

girls fall 1 girls fall 2

I have a slight weakness for Matilda Jane. While I am not obsessed as some are I like to have a few pieces in my daughter’s closet. Currently I am in love with the Sunburst Ruffle Leggings ($34) and the Rain or Shine Maggie Dress ($58). I am definitely hoping to put both of these pieces into my daughter’s wardrobe.

girls fall 3 girls fall 4 girls fall 5 girls fall 6 girls fall 7 girls fall 8

I love PS from Aeropostale for the kids’ basics. The Kids’ Long Sleeve Hooded Tee ($22.50), Kids’ ¾ Sleeve Lace Tee ($26.50), Kids’ Embellished Crew Sweatshirt ($39.50), Kids’ Sheer Belted Hooded Cardigan ($54.50), Kids Sequin Bomber Jacket ($69.50), and Kids Polka Dot Ballet Dress ($39.50) are all on my fall shopping list for my daughter.

girls fall 9

Nordstrom has an amazing in house brand called Tucker + Tate. I love this line for their classic and cute style. I am currently in love with the Minetta Tunic ($28.00).

girls fall 10 girls fall 11 girls fall 12 girls fall 13

The Gap has the new Super Skinny Cords ($29.95), the 1969 Tuxedo Stripe Super Skinny Jeans ($36.95), the Slub Hi Lo Tee ($16.95), and the Embellished Panda Sweater Tunic ($34.95).

girls fall 14 girls fall 15 girls fall 16

The Mini Boden Fun Applique Dress ($44), Pretty Knitted Dress ($64), and the 2 Pack Cable Footless Tights ($28) are all items that are a must for her as well. I can’t imagine how cute she would look in these.

girls fall 17 girls fall 18

H & M has been a favorite of mine since my daughter was born. I love the Slim Fit Pants ($14.95) and the Jersey Top with Lace are my favorite fall picks from their new line of girls clothing.

girls fall 19 girls fall 20

The Xhilaration Girls Legging Ebony ($14.99) has the look of leather for a budget price. I love leather for this fall and this is one of the cutest finds that I have seen for those of us who have to live on a budget. The Miss Chevious Line features this adorable Hearts Hi/Lo Tunic ($17.99). It would be the perfect addition to the leggings.

girls fall 21 girls fall 22

I also fell in love with a few adorable pieces from Gymboree including the Stitch Striped Blouse ($26.95) and the Super Skinny Ankle Zip Jeans ($34.95).

girls fall 23 girls fall 24 girls fall 25

Finally I ended up loving a few things that I saw at Lucky Jeans. I love the Zoe Peace Jeans ($39), the Mixed Print Dress ($49), and the Miller Ruffle Top ($32).
I seriously can not get over how much I love the girls’ fall lines everywhere that I look. These are the top 25 pieces that are on top of my daughter’s fall shopping list.

Picking Out Boots for Any Seasons and Any Style

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I love to be able to dress based on my moods. I will admit that this can sometimes cause me to have a hard time shopping for shoes. Since I love shoes I have been known a time or two to use the excuse to purchase more. However my husband is always annoyed when I am constantly purchasing something that I could have just purchased once.

sandgrens logo

Thanks to Sandgrens he no longer has to be annoyed with what I am purchasing to wear on my feet. I challenged myself to find a great pair of boots that would work with the different styles that I love and be perfect for all seasons. I chose the New York Boots in Fudge ($279). I love these boots and I think that they look great with many different styles of clothing and that they too are perfect for every season.

Sandgrens 1

Vintage Summer Love
I love vintage pieces. One of my favorite things to purchase are short vintage dresses. I love how they look in the summer and how fun they are to wear. One great thing about the New York is that they look great with the cute short vintage summer looks that are my favorite. It reminds me of the summer of love when I see cute pairings like this one. I love how versatile these boots are.

sandgrens 3

Warm Fall Fashion Finds
Fall clothes are fun and blend warm and cold pieces together. This fall outfit is a great way to wear the Sandgrens New York Boots. They look perfect with the pants and pair nicely with the rich fall colors. Most of the time I would not wear the same shoes in the summer and fall but with these I plan on honestly wearing them year round.

sandgrens 6

Cozy Winter Wear
I am a dress girl. I love eclectic pieces like this dress. I also love that I can pair it with leggings and have it be the perfect find for winter. It is a great choice for anyone who wants to be able to look great while being practical in the winter months. I love that I can wear my favorite winter finds with these boots as well.

sandgrens 4

Fun Preppy Spring Choices
Another thing that I love is cute spring outfits. I love being able to wear a great pair of jeans and a cute lightweight sweater when it is rainy out and things are still a little on the cool side. I love how this preppy look pairs with the boots just as much as the other styles.

sandgrens 5

The Sandgrens New York Boots are really the perfect for anyone who has been looking for the perfect boots to wear with their many styles throughout the year.

Sandgrens 2

Your $50 Budget Fall Must Have Shopping List

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Let’s face it, we do not all have the money that we want when it comes to finding the greatest fall pieces to update our wardrobe. So I thought that I would help you out and offer you some great pieces to update your wardrobe on any budget. Today I am tackling the challenge of the $50 budget. That means that every single piece that you see in this wardrobe collection will be available to you for $50 (that is the total of all of the pieces, not $50 per item!).

Fall Fashion 50 Finds

I have found that boutiques are a great way to find fun functional pieces for every season on a budget. I love Apricot Lanes Peoria. I really love the Lightweight Transitional Cardi. Plus at $28 I find this fun, functional and very stylish piece to be a steal.

Fall Fashion 50 Finds 2

The Favorite V-Neck Tee from Forever 21 comes in a variety of fall ready colors like this great rich shade of yellow. It is just $3.80 so you can easily fit it into your fall fashion budget!

Fall Fashion 50 Finds 3

A great pair of Jersey Leggings can work with this combination to complete your look. They can also be paired with your favorite summer dresses to be able to make them appropriate for the cooler fall weather. The best part is that this pair from H & M is just $9.95.

Fall Fashion 50 Finds 4

The website is a great place to find reasonable pieces and extras to go with your fashion forward looks. I love scarves for the winter time and the Shades of Yellow Striped Knit Scarf for $5 is a great find.

Fall Fashion 50 Finds 5

Finally the Down to Earth Dove Bracelet from Forever 21 is just what you need to give your look that little something special. Plus it is just $2.80.

So you can have all of these pieces for $50!!  The trick to fall fashion on a budget is to remember that pieces need to be able to work with a number of looks and pieces that you already own.

Fall Fashion Finds for Your Toddler Girl — The Top 25 Pieces that Must be in Every Toddler Girl’s Wardrobe

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

I love fashion for children. I love having my children dressed in the latest and greatest brands. So when I am out running errands or just hanging with friends I often get asked about the clothes that my children are wearing. I love to shop with certain brands but find great pieces all over the place. I thought that I would share for you my must haves for fall fashion for little ones.

Fall Fashion Girl 1Fall Fashion Girl 2

I love KickeePants and their Solid Long Sleeve Banner Ruffle Dress in Stone is just one of my favorites. I love how it would pair with the Print Girl Tights in Farm Stripe. I am a huge fan of mixing basic solid pieces with more creative pieces.

Fall Fashion Girl 3

I will admit that I have a weakness for Target. I just love shopping there!! So all of these great finds are from Target. I am obsessed with these Infant Toddler Girls 2 Piece Tunic and Polka Dot Legging sets. I think that my daughter has owned like 10 of them over the past few years. Each season they come out with new styles and colors but the basic overall impression is the same and they look adorable on.

Fall Fashion Girl 4Fall Fashion Girl 5

I also love all of their adorable separates. I actually purchased the Infant Toddler Girls Short Sleeve Lace Overlay Tee in each color that it came in when I was recently shopping for Adeline. I also love the second design of the Infant Toddler Lace Overlay Tee which has the adorable ruffle details. It is these types of added details that keep me coming back to Target every season to purchase a lot of the fall finds for my children.

Fall Fashion Girl 6Fall Fashion Girl 7

I love the warm mustard color that is popular this fall season and I am obsessed with the Infant Toddler Girls Corduroy Skirt. It is adorable and I could definitely see myself dressing my little one in this. I also loved the Infant Toddler Girls Tule Print Skirt.

Fall Fashion Girl 8

I am also obsessed with the new jeggings that are happening everywhere and love the ones that Target is carrying right now. I had to have these Infant Toddler Girls Polka Dot Jeggings for my daughter.

And you have to admit that they look pretty cute on too, huh?

Fall Fashion Girl 9 Fall Fashion Girl 10

The Gap is always a great place to find adorable toddler clothes. I have been obsessed with them since my oldest was born. Honestly though when he was born they were one of the few companies that actually made super cute boys clothes. Right now the Print Pleated Top and the Mini Floral Henley Top have my vote as the cutest styles available.

Fall Fashion Girl 11

They also lead the market in the cutest bottoms for toddlers. I love the Skinny Jeans. I could just see how cute Adeline would look in these!!

Fall Fashion Girl 12

Old Navy also has some cute stuff this season. I love the Tulle-Top Dresses for Baby because they are so cute!

Fall Fashion Girl 13 Fall Fashion Girl 14

The Skinny Ponte Knit Pants for Baby and the Hi Lo Graphic Tee for Baby would look perfect when paired together.

Fall Fashion Girl 15 Fall Fashion Girl 16

Another brand that I have always been impressed with is Zutano. I love the Super Stripe Toddler Long Sleeve Shirt and the Orange Matchstick Jeans.

Fall Fashion Girl 17 Fall Fashion Girl 18

I also love the Owls Toddler Tie Waist Dress and the Orange Terry Toddler Bodice Jacket.

Fall Fashion Girl 19

Of course if you are shopping for a toddler you need to shop with Gymboree. I love the Geo Print Dress! It is adorable and falls right in line with the style that I hope to give my daughter.

Fall Fashion Girl 20 Fall Fashion Girl 21 Fall Fashion Girl 22

The Geo Cardigan Sweater, Twill Pants, and Ruffle Tee from Crazy 8 are a great combination that is perfect for fall and can be carried over to winter.

Fall Fashion Girl 23

Janie and Jack have a great classic style and the Leopard Collar Dress is a great piece that every toddler needs to have in her wardrobe.

Fall Fashion Girl 24 Fall Fashion Girl 25

Finally Lucky Jeans brings the same classic style that you love for yourself to the clothing that your children wear. I love the Tinsley Tunic and the Zoe Rip and Repair Jeans. I could honestly see myself wearing this one so of course I would love to see my mini me dressed in it as well.

All in all there are so many amazing kids brands that you can shop with that would offer you some great fall fashion. These are just the top 25 pieces that I feel would make the perfect fall wardrobe for any toddler girl.