Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Dust Off

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I know what you are probably thinking from the title of this post….”who wants computer duster for Christmas?”  Well I will tell you that Dust Off actually has a lot more to offer you than just computer duster spray!  In fact they have a whole line of products that are perfect for the holidays that I never knew anything about at all.

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Fashion Collection —

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Now I was aware of the Fashion Collection ($4.99 each).  In the past I reviewed a couple of these amazing little clothes.  I will tell you that they are something that I use each and every day.  They are very convenient and a great way to keep the screens on your electronics clean.  I keep one in my computer bag and one in my purse all of the time.  Now that I have a couple more they will be in our iPad/tablet bag and everywhere else so that I always have a clean screen to look at.

Tips to Keep Electronic Screens Clean

Clean Them With a Safe Cleaner

One great way to help your computer screens stay clean is to use a safe or approved cleaner.  Dust Off makes some great products to help you with this too.  Monitor Wipes are a favorite at our house since we both spend the majority of our work time on a computer.  They also offer a great Screen Spray and the convenient Ultimate Screen Care Kit ($24.99).

Use a Screen Cloth Often

One great way to stay on top of keeping your electronic screens clean is to use a screen cloth on a regular basis.  These special cloths are made from microfiber so that they will not leave threads or pieces behind on the screen.  You can find ones like the fashionable versions above or larger sized ones from Dust Off as well.

Put Your Electronics Away

How you store your electronics is also going to determine how you are going to keep them clean.  Make sure that you put electronics away in their cases and that screens are covered to ensure that they stay as clean as possible.

Keep Keyboards and Other Areas Clean

In addition to cleaning the screen you will want to make sure that your entire electronic item is cleaned well.  This will help keep dust and debri from these other areas from getting on the screen and causing it to look dirty.