Tips to Find the Latest Fashion Trends for a Price You Can Afford

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Finding great fashion trends is hard if you do not live in the right area. I live in a small town in central IL so as you can imagine I do not have a lot of places to shop for great fashion forward clothing.

Paris Coming Logo

I am lucky enough to have internet access which has allowed me to be able to shop from companies that offer the top trends in fashion. One of the best websites that I recently stumbled across was Paris Coming. This great website offers so many great products that can instantly transform you into the fashion goddess that you have always dreamed of being. The best thing is that Paris Coming allows you to transform yourself in the privacy and comfort from your own home, no matter where you live.
So Many Options
One of the greatest things that I have found with this online shop is that it offers a wide array of items and there are options that are appropriate for everyone. Anyone that knows me, knows that I love a great dress. In fact I honestly wear dresses or skirts at least 50% of the time, all of the time. I fell in love with several dresses that I saw on Paris Coming.
In fact when I saw the Watercolor Print Floral Embossed Green Sleeveless Dress ($33.99) I fell in love. I love the simplicity of the style and how graceful I would feel in it.
I also loved the Cashew Nut Print Cropped Sleeves Asymmetric Dress ($27.99) and think that it would look great with a pair of leggings for every day.
Finally I have a blogger event that I am attending in the near future and there is a cocktail hour. I have been looking for the perfect dress to wear to this and trying to find one that I will feel confident and beautiful in. This has not been the easiest task but I think that I might have finally found what I will be wearing with the Dots Print Pleated Black Dress ($32.99).
Accessories for All Styles
There are accessories available with Paris Coming that will help you accent any outfit that you might be looking to complete. Some of the ones that I think are the best are the Yellow Butterfly Pendent Necklace ($11.99).
I also loved the Cut-Out Green Stone Retro Bracelet ($8.99). I love unique jewelry pieces that do not look like the same thing everyone else is wearing. Perhaps this is why I was so attracted to this gorgeous bracelet.
In addition to jewelry there is make up and other types of accessories available. I have a new obsession with scarves this year. I find myself reaching for a scarf every time that I am going to be headed somewhere and Paris Coming has some great scarfs. I really love the Pink Galaxy Print Scarf ($22.99).
For My Love of Shoes
Another thing that those who are close to me know is that I am OBSESSED with finding the best shoe styles. I love being able to find shoes that are great for all different types of activities and Paris Coming had so many different styles of shoes that I wanted them ALL. I really loved the Bowkont Shaped Buckle Green Sandals ($41.99). I love that these have a nice vintage feel to them and that they look like they would be comfortable all night long.
Finding An Affordable Bag
I also love being able to find a nice bag. The problem that I often find is that a bag that has the style and look that I want is generally not a bag that is affordable. Well, not any longer!! I am so excited that Paris Coming offers top quality bags like the Buckled Sheer Black Bag ($48.99). Plus since the bag is less than $50 I won’t feel guilty buying myself something because I am not spending nearly what I would have before.
Find What Your Favorite Stars Wear
When you are looking for something that you see on your favorite celebrity chances are that you probably think that you will not be able to afford it. Well, one great thing about Paris Coming is that they can offer you styles that are matched to your favorite celebrity’s and you can find them for reasonable and affordable prices.
I love that you can find your pieces that will mimic the celebrity’s with ease. Just like this awesome Lace Detail Halter Backless Jumpsuit ($39.99).
Everyone can afford high fashion finds when they shop for the discounted prices at Paris Coming.

Dress First Has Affordable Dresses For Any Event!

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Who’s ready to bring in the New Year?  I’m beside myself I cannot believe it’s already going to be 2014!  Where does the time go, it’s almost time to get dressed up and bring in the New Year!  Out with the old, and in with the new.  My husband and I don’t really go out partying for New Years, but we always go somewhere to celebrate.  We don’t drink, because we drive home, but we do get dressed up and celebrate with some of our friends.  I think getting dressed up is one of my favorite parts of bringing in the New Year!  Out with the old, and in with the new!  I always look for affordable dresses to wear while we bring in the New Year.  New Year, new dress!

Speaking of new dresses I was checking out Dress First, and they have some pretty great dresses.  Whether you’re planning on getting married in 2014, being a bridesmaid, or just want to new dress to bring in the New Year with they have what you need, and up to 80% off too!  They also have everything you need when it comes to prom dresses, homecoming dresses, sweet sixteen dresses, graduation, and any other special occasion. Pretty fabulous, right!

If you’re looking for a high-quality craftsmanship and totally affordable dresses then you cannot go wrong with Dress First Online.  They know that your event is important, you need to look fabulous, and don’t want to spend your savings doing it.  They have over 1,200 styles that can be customized and tailored to your exact specifications.  They use the highest quality materials, detailing, all to create fabulous styles.  With over 1,200 to choose from there’s something for everyone.

Have you ever wished you could order color swatches before you buy a dresses, to actually see the color, and feel the fabric before making such a big decision?  Dress First encourages their customers to order a fabric swatch to see the color in reality.  They have a 1-piece – 28 color, and a 28 piece with 6 piece fabric swatch to help you make sure your dress is exactly what you’re looking for.

While I was visiting Dress First I found some of the most elegant, beautiful affordable dresses I have seen in  while.  I ordered my wedding dress over 7 years ago, spend triple the amount.  If you’re shopping for the perfect dress for whatever reason be sure to check out Dress First I’m sure you will find the perfect dress at a price you are happy paying.

Another fabulous thing about Dress First is that they ship worldwide.  There might be certain location they need additional information, but they will do their best to see you look fabulous for your event.  If you want to learn more about Dress First or swing by and check out their affordable dresses you can visit them online at

Making Homecoming Affordable… Check out these great dresses for under $65

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Want to look fabulous for a fraction of the price?  Okay, maybe you want your kids to look amazing, but don’t want to break the bank…. If you are looking for a way to save money on homecoming dresses, accessories, shoes, and everything else that comes with this night of fun.  Be sure to check out and  To show you a small part of the huge selection of dresses at Shop Your Way I picked some of my personal favorites.  Be sure to join Shop Your Way and allow me to be your personal shopper… I will share deals, coupons, great finds, as well as anything else you need from. me.  Click here to join Shop Your Way..

Did I mention all these homecoming dresses and prom dresses are under $65?  Check them out

Prom Dresses and Homecoming Dresses Under $65

prom dresses

Ever-Pretty can be picked up on the Shop Your Way site $54.99

dresses for homecoming under 50

Every-Pretty comes in several different colors for the small price of $39.99

cheap prom dresses

Another fabulous dress found on Shop Your Way for only $29.99

cheap dresses for prom

Clarisse super cute baby doll dress for only $49

cheap dresses

Clarisse Drop can be picked up for about $59cheap dresses for girls

Bee Darlin Prom or Homecoming Dress can be picked up for only $19.99

homecoming dress


This is my favorite… Isn’t it so pretty, and if you are on the hunt for a pink homecoming dress that will blow everyone away this dress can be picked up for $64.99.

Be sure to join me on Shop Your Way!  I am a personal shopper with them, it’s a great place with amazing rewards program, awesome prices as you can see, huge sleection as you will see, and best of all it’s shopping like you have never experianced it…

If you are looking for a huge selection of homecoming dresses, amazing shoes for your daughters 1st homecoming, along with accessories and other stuff you will not believe the selection of everything you need, and the best part is the affordable price.  If you want your them looking like they stepped out of a storybook but cannot afford the price join me at Shop Your Way Here.