Kate Quinn Organics Offers You Amazing Cyber Monday Deals

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I know that you probably get sick of hearing me talk about Kate Quinn Organics but I really can not help it!! I have never loved a brand of children’s clothing as much as I love this one.  The clothes are so high in quality, look adorable, and perpetuate a lifestyle that I try to maintain and live.

cyber monday kate quinn

Kate Quinn Organics is currently featuring their amazing products in a Cyber Monday sale.  I know that I am hoping to do some shopping tonight because everything that I have purchased has been amazing.  I have even purchased curtains from Kate Quinn Organics and I love the quality of them as well!  To be able to save you can order at their website and just enter “friends50” at the checkout!

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Check Out the Stellar Curtain Steals

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After the amazing window panels that I purchased in the past I have been looking for some additional curtains for the kids’ bathroom.  I love the Seahorse Classic Window Panels and with a sale price of just $15.00 they are going to be a bargain for the $7.50 that I pay for them.  I am even thinking about picking them for our downstairs bathroom too since they are so reasonable and we have two windows to curtain in there!

Adorable Baby Clothes

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I can’t help but write about the adorable Piped Yoke Ruffle Jumpsuit ($56) because it is so cute.  Plus at just $28 on sale this is reasonably priced and would make an awesome gift for the little ones in your life.  I think that I can already see my youngest niece crawling around in this one!

Perfect Pieces for Boys and Girls

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Finally there are always tons of clothing items that I want to pick up for my little ones from Kate Quinn.  The Long Sleeve Cowboy Shirt in Saffron is one that I would LOVE to pick up for Huxley…so cute and on sale it is just $19!

KQ 4

The Cargo Bubble Dress in Golden has been on my radar since we were sent a red one this summer.  I can’t tell you how much I fell in love with it but it was definitely a favorite and one that my daughter still wears with layering now!  Plus it is on sale for just $15 which is a steal!!

KQ 5

I also have had the Ruffle Jacket on my radar for several months!  I love it and now it can be yours for just $29.

KQ 6

The lounge dresses have been a favorite of mine for a long time.  I really love the Short Sleeve Lounge Dress in Carnation.

Everything that I have owned from Kate Quinn Organics has been high in quality and impressive.  I have never been disappointed with anything and think that you will be just as pleased when you make your own purchase.



5 Things to Look for on Cyber Monday

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Cyber Monday is the online shopping equivalent of Black Friday. Cyber Monday sales continue to set records year over year. Cyber Monday is the first Monday after Thanksgiving, and it has become the biggest online shopping day of the year. Several retailers are online only stores, and they rely on Cyber Monday the same way brick and mortar stores rely on Black Friday. Traditional stores that also have a website seek to take advantage of the revenues generated on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday by offering discounts in their stores and “internet only” discounts on their websites.

The reality is that there are certain items that will always be easier to buy in a traditional store, and there are other items like technology and electronic gadgets that are completely suited to online purchase. Retailers understand this, and technology and electronic gadgets are some of the most deeply discounted and widely available products for sale on Cyber Monday. It is a certainty that someone (if not several people) on your holiday shopping list is looking for the latest tablet, laptop, ultrabook, TV, phone, or other electronic gadget. Below is a list of five things to look for when shopping online on Cyber Monday.

You can find great TV deals and discounts on Cyber Monday. Televisions come in all shapes and sizes these days. TVs can be either small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, or as large as 75” or more. The picture quality of most modern televisions is oftentimes better than people can see, and they are usually no more than two inches thick. The latest trend in television viewing is 3D TVs, which allow the viewer to get a 3D viewing experience in their own home. Look for great TV deals, while shopping online in Cyber Monday.

Smart Phones
Look for deals on the newest smart phones on Cyber Monday. Smart phones are usually the starting point product for most technology geeks and gadget “freaks”. Smart phones are becoming more and more like mini computers with sophisticated mobile operating systems. Smart phones not only allow a user to communicate via phone, email, text, or video chat, but they also let you watch movies and television, play games by yourself or with others online, read your favorite books, listen to your favorite songs, and much, much more.

Ultrabooks seek to be the middle ground between laptops and tablets. Ultrabooks feature slim designs, quick resume from sleep, built-in security, USB 3.0 ports, a minimum of 5 hours of battery life, super fast processors, and solid state drives. Ultrabooks pick up the computing tasks where a tablet leaves off, and the ease of accessibility and portability of a tablet.

Laptops are the new desktop computers and have been for some time. With advances in processor and drive technology, more computing power can be housed in a smaller shell than ever before. Some laptops are so powerful, it is possible to run an entire business on them. Laptops remain a great way to take your computer and your work with you, wherever you go. Cyber Monday was made for laptop discounts. Laptops are definitely a thing to look for a Cyber Monday.

A tablet is a mobile computing device that is larger than a smart phone and smaller than a laptop with a touchscreen interface. Tablets are the hottest gadget going, and they are definitely a thing to look for on Cyber Monday. More and more competitors are entering the tablet market, and so the price continues to come down. With falling prices and great Cyber Monday deals, you are sure to find the tablet you want at a phenomenal price.

Cyber Monday is the perfect day to find amazing online deals and discounts on technology and gadgets like televisions, smart phones, ultrabooks, laptops, tablets, and more. To get some ideas of what you may want to keep an eye out for, click here.

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Brian Jensen works with Dell. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time with his family. He has a passion for learning and writing about all things technology.

Beware of Holiday Hacks and Scams

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The largest shopping holiday of the year is right around the corner, everyone is gearing up to hit the streets or visit their favorite website online. Sadly, Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring out the hackers and scamers.   Check this great tip sheet out, we want everyone to be safe while enjoying the holiday season and taking part in Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals!          


I know it stinks we have to worry about things of this nature, but lets face it we live in the day of people always looking for a way to get something the easy way.  By taking advantage of the hardworking people of the world.  Simply makes me sad, okay not sad.  It’s upsets me and I wish I could smack whoever does this crap, sadly they probably live in another country because they are to chicken shit.  In my opinion if you think your big enough to steal from someone you shouldn’t do it where they cannot come get you.  That is okay, you cannot hide from karma.  Yes, I am a huge believer in karma.  Often I like to help karma out a little and speed things up, lol…. not really.

Working in the world of banking, I see this crap happen all the time.  I would say 90% of the time it happens to the elderly.  It breaks my heart, imagine you’re mom or dad, grandma or grandpa; they think they hit it big someone.  They take this check they received in the mail, into the bank and do what the instructions say.

Deposit this check into your banking account.

Received $500 and up (depending on the amount) and wire transfer or send via money gram to this person.

Sadly people do this, and when you’re living on a social security budget paying the bank back even $100 means going without food, medicine, or paying a bill.  It’s bullshit!  Really, last year around this time, I actually paid off one of my customers debit.  It was due to fraud, I just couldn’t see him go without getting his pills.

There’s no reason not to enjoy Black Friday and Cyber Monday, just becareful and watch out for yourself and you’re family.  We don’t want those darn scams to put a damper on anyone’s holiday season.




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