Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Chicken Soup for the Soul

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I will never forget the many moments that I have spent over the years reading Chicken Soup for the Soul books.  These books have been popular since I was a teenager and are something that I have spent countless hours reading and enjoying them.  There are so many different topics that the books have covered that I have always been able to find the right topics for our life.

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I was excited to work with Chicken Soup for the Soul and I have loved the two books, Chicken Soup for the Soul Touched by an Angel and Chicken Soup for the Soul Reboot Your Life, that I received.  Both of these were interesting and shared amazing stories that made me thankful for each of the life changing experiences that I have had.

I love the stories that are shared in these books and I think that they are both encouraging and perfect for the holiday season.  I thought that I would share some tips for choosing happiness in the new year as part of the review of these two books!

Tips to Choose Happiness for 2015

**Believe that This is Your Year

When you are trying to find happiness you must believe that happiness is there for the taking.  Look at 2015 as the year that you were focused on being happy.

**Remember the Simple Things You Love

For me reading is one of my favorite activities.  It brings me joy and peace to sit down and take in a good book.  I have been able to read through Chicken Soup for the Soul Touched by and Angel and really feel like this is the type of book that could put me in a great mood no matter what I am doing.  During times where I feel like I am struggling this is the type of book that can make my spirit fly.

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**Choose Happiness

You have to make a choice each day as to how you are going to look at things.  When it comes to happiness you must choose to be happy.

**Remember the Things that Make You Happy

Make a list of the things that make you happy and put it on display in your house.  I am actually planning on doing a project with my kids where we each share a picture or a list of the things in life that make us happy.  I am going to put these on display and encourage the kids to choose something from their happy list when they are down.

**Be Open to New Ways to Be Happy

Choosing happiness is something that requires you to be willing to check out new ways of being happy.  The book Chicken Soup for the Soul Reboot Your Life is all about trying to be happy and learning new ways of becoming happy.

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Happiness is at your grasp and your reach.  You can easily find your own happiness and choosing books like these two from Chicken Soup for the Soul can help you.