Add Google +1 To Blogger

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Google +1 Button to your Blogger Blog just got simple!  

When I started my first Blogger blog you had about 10 steps you had to follow before you could add a Google +1 Button to your blog.  Now it is simple.

  • Go to the layout selection
  • Choose where you want your plus one button to be places on your blog.
  • Choose the add a gadget – +1 Button

It really is that easy!  There is also options to change the way your Google +1 Button appears on your blog.  Choose the way you want it to appear on your blog, now you have your Google +1 Button added to your Blogger blog!

Add Google Badge To Blogger Blog

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Blogger just did an awesome update, now it is simple to add your Google Badge and Google +1 Button to your blog if you are using Blogger.  All you need to do to add your Google Badge to your blog now is

  • Go to the layout section
  • Choose where you want your Google Badge to be displayed on your blog
  • Add a gadget – Google +1 Badge
  • Add your Google Profile or Page ID (looks something like this 110495341948631770900/)
  • Pick the light or dark option depending on the theme of your blog

Now you should have your Google Badge displayed on your blog!