The Simple Way to Get 200+ Outfits Out of 25 Items for Your Newborn Baby Girl with Zutano

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Do you find yourself shopping on a budget?  Are you constantly trying to make the most of your purchases?  If so, then you have got to hurry over to Zutano to pick up amazing pieces that can be combined for countless outfits.  In the past I have posted a few reviews from the brand with these awesome combinations.

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Today I am going to share with you my personal picks for a quick and easy newborn and preemie girl wardrobe that is not going to break the bank, but will offer so many combinations that she will never need to wear the same thing more than once.

Newborn and Preemie Girl Wardrobe Made Easy

First off, it is tough to find cute and high quality newborn and preemie clothes.  Second, you do not want to have to buy a ton because your baby is going to grow out of them so quickly.  One thing that is great about Zutano is all of the pieces that you can combine together to make adorable outfits.  The combinations are really endless.

My top picks for fall include the following:


z nb 1

# 1 — Happy Thoughts Newborn Long Sleeve Screen Body Wrap $22

z nb 2

#2 — Friendly Bird Newborn Kimono Top $22

z nb 3

#3 — Friendly Bird Newborn Short Sleeve Body Wrap $20


z nb 4

#4 — Aqua Newborn Pants $16.50

z nb 5

$5 — Hot Pink Multi Stripe Newborn Pants $19.50

z nb 6

#6 — Hot Pink Candy Stripe Footed Pants $19.50

What Can You Do With 6 Pieces?

I am going to stop here and break down a few things that you can do with these 6 pieces.  You actually have quiet a few combinations that you can make thanks to layering with the kimono top.  So you can create 15 outfits out of these 6 pieces….pretty impressive huh?  The great thing about Zutano is that the fun does not stop here you can add more pieces to your newborn’s collection and get more outfits without having to take up a ton of space and without having to worry about having a ton of clothes that they do not wear.


z nb 7

#7 — Wide Awake Newborn Little Dress $29

z nb 8

#8 — Hot Pink Multi Stripe Newborn Short Sleeve Dress $20

z nb 9

#9 — Friendly Bird Newborn Short Sleeve Dress $20

How Much Value Do These 3 Pieces Add?

So you are probably thinking 3 dresses, I can’t really do that much with three dresses, can I?  And my answer is that you are going to be shocked…with these three dresses you can add 32 more outfits to your total count.  That means that with just 9 pieces you are able to create 47 different outfits.

One Pieces

z nb 10

#10 — Friendly Bird Newborn Cap Sleeve Bodysuit $26

z nb 11

#11 — Friendly Bird Newborn Receiving Gown $25

z nb 12

#12 — Wide Awake Newborn Receiving Gown $25

z nb 13

#13 — Hot Pink Multi Stripe Newborn Receiving Gown $25

z nb 15

#14 — Friendly Bird Newborn Footie $29

z nb 16

#15 — Hot Pink Multi Stripe Newborn Footie $29

An Easy 6 Extra Outfits

I will admit that one piece outfits do not add a lot of bang for your buck.  That being said, every newborn is going to need a few of these essentials.  These 6 extra outfits when paired with all of the outfits above still make your total 15 pieces and 53 outfits which is still really impressive!!


One of the things that I really love about Zutano is that they offer you a full collection of fun accessories to match.  Now when you consider that you can mix and match these accessories with the 53 outfits above you can see how there could easily be over 200 unique looks with just these total of 22 items from the baby girl collection.

z nb 17

#16 — Hot Pink Cozy Newborn Booties $21

z nb 18

#17 — Hot Pink Cozy Newborn Hat $14.50

z nb 19

#18 — Friendly Bird Baby Bib $11

z nb 20

#19 — Wide Awake Baby Bib $11

z nb 21

#20 — Hot Pink Multi Stripe Newborn Hat $10.50

z nb 22

#21 — Friendly Bird Newborn Hat $10.50

z nb 23

#22 — Wide Awake Newborn Hat $10.50

z nb 24

#23 — Wide Awake Newborn Booties $21

z nb 25

#24 — Hot Pink Multi Stripe Newborn Booties $21

z nb 26

#25 — Friendly Bird Newborn Booties $21

More to Match

Plus you can find blankets, toys, and more to match your new daughter’s wardrobe that will make it perfect for you to take her anywhere.  These are my five suggestions for you to check out!

z nb 27

Hot Pink Multi Stripe Swaddle Blanket $28

z nb 28

Wide Awake Baby Blanket $38

z nb 29

Zutano Just for Aden Owls Swaddle 4 Pack $39.95

z nb 30

Owl Plush $18

z nb 31

Owl Blankie $18

Zutano‘s bright colors and one stop shopping offers you a great way to invest in a few quality pieces that will build a great high quality wardrobe.  So many of us are frustrated when trying to find something for our babies to wear and it could all be avoided if we had just shopped Zutano.