Get The Very Best Personalized Gifts from Zazzle

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Do you struggle with knowing what to get some of your friends and family for the holidays?  Do you find it hard to find the perfect gift for some of the people on your shopping list?  If so, you might want to check out Zazzle and all of the fun unique products that they have that you can personalize and make your own.

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The Perfect Unique Kids Gift

My youngest, Adeline, is three and ever since last Christmas when I was gifted a photo blanket she has been obsessed.  So when I was given the opportunity to review something from Zazzle again this year, I knew that I wanted one of the items to be a photo blanket.  After looking through the vast selection of photo blankets, I finally decided upon the Your Custom Fleece Blanket in purple.  Purple is her favorite color.


Now, I want to share the things that matter most.  The blanket is super plush and soft.  She loves cuddling with it and takes it everywhere with her.  In fact, she even used it recently for show and tell and shared it with her friends!  (Sadly I was unable to find a link to the exact blanket that I had made and even the link from my shipment notification does not work.  This leads me to believe that this exact blanket might not be available anymore!)

photo blanket 1

She was so proud of the blanket and loved telling them all about it!  I love that it has other key features like the letter “A” on it for her name.  This has been great for her letter recognition and now she is writing her “A”s all of the time!

photo blanket 2

A Great Simple Gift for Grandmas

Grandmas are a group of people that I find pretty hard to shop for.  I love giving my mom and my mother in law personalized jewelry with the kids’ pictures on it.  This year I opted for the Mother’s Children Photo Collage Necklace ($27.90).  I found this to be not only cute but something that my mom is certain to love since it displays all of her grandbabies on it.

photo necklace 1

I was pretty impressed with this one when it arrived in the mail.  It is super high in quality which is nice!  It is so cute and the chain and everything look nice and definitely do not look cheap, which at the low price I was a bit worried about!

photo necklace 2

A Gift for Mom

Finally I want to show you a little something that I picked up for myself, I know being Christmas that it is not really something that I should have done but I could not help myself because this was just too cute!

photo box 1

The Photo Collage Custom Digital Picture Memory Box ($61.90) is just beautiful.  The wood is high in quality and I love that it has pictures of all of my favorites on it.  I use it to store all of the little things that I need and I have it proudly displayed on my living room shelf instead of tucked away in the bedroom.  I want everyone to see it!

photo box 3

I have to admit that Zazzle offers all of my favorite custom gifts for the holiday season.  I just love everything that they offer and love that they have so many things to choose from.

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SkyZone Kansas City Offers You More for Your Holiday Party

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Sky Zone is the world’s first indoor trampoline park. We’re the inventors of “fun fitness” and the makers of trampolines as far as the eye can see. We give you one of the greatest workouts ever combined with awesome, healthy fun. We’ve been voted the number one “out of the box” workout and the “best party ever.” Experience WOW – the weightlessness of bouncing, flipping and landing in a pit filled with 10,000 foam cubes.

sky zone 2

We are dedicated to providing you with the pure joy that comes with flying. We are sky lovers, thrill seekers and people who believe that jumping is freedom. We believe fitness can be fun and play can be smart. We are healthy and bursting with energy. We fly high and keep it safe. We are Sky Zone. My Readers Save $3 Off Open Jump at Sky Zone and 10% Off a Supreme Birthday Party. Click on the Sky Zone coupon below for more information and to redeem.

sky zone 3

But What if None of My Kids Have a Winter Birthday?

Why not get your child and their favorite friends together for a fun and exciting holiday party?  Choosing SkyZone for unlimited fun is going to be a great way for you to be able to enjoy the time together.

Easy Fresh Make Up Finds for Fall with Pixi by Petra #PixiBeauty

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Are you looking for the perfect make up finds to update your look for fall.  If you are then you have got to check out Pixi by Petra.  This exciting make up line is available at reasonable prices and offers you all of the high fashion and glam that you are looking for this holiday season.

pixi logo

The key to perfect fall make up is to start with a nice fresh palette with perfectly enhanced skin.  Of course my top pick for having a perfect palette is to start out with highlighting and contouring your face before you put on your foundation.  Pixi offers you a great choice with the Holiday Natural Contour Kit ($24.00).  I personally love that this palette is complete and that it is going to keep me glowing and fresh faced all season long.

pixi 1

Once you have the perfect canvas to start with you will want to make sure that you work to enhance your eyes.  Pixi has taken all of the guesswork out of your purchase with the Mini Endless Silky Eye Pen Kit ($18) which features four different shades.

pixi 3

The great thing about these eye pens is that they can be blended into a shadow which is going to look great, while lasting all day long!  Of course I would add some great mascara to complete the eye look!

pixi 4

Finally it is time to move on to those lips.  I hate whenever I see someone with full make up on and absolutely nothing on their lips.  Even chapstick will add a bit of shine and finish out your look.  I understand not liking lipstick but I will promise you that the Pixi Mini Mattelustre Lipstick Kit ($14.00) gives you more.

pixi 6

These lipsticks feel silky smooth and comfortable.  They are so comfortable in fact that you might even find yourself reaching for them instead of your usual lipstick or lip balm.  I have actually owned this lipstick before and it is a favorite of mine.

pixi 5

Of course, you can probably imagine that since I am a mom of four that I really like finding products that are a great value.  I also like products that are easy to shop for and as a huge fan of Target, I love being able to pick up high quality beauty products like those from Pixi by Petra.

A Few Highlights from These Three Exciting Holiday Kits

**The Natural Contour Kit is perfect for beginners.  It is so easy to use!

**You can create many different holiday looks from the perfect look to take the kids to see Santa to the perfect look for all of the holiday parties that you are excited to attend.  The kit is so versatile that everyone is going to want to have one in their beauty case.

**Endless Silky Eye Pen is an award winner!  Not only is it award winning but it is also waterproof.

**You will love how the Mattelustre lipsticks offer that matte color that is so popular right now without being dry.  Plus the lipstick is long lasting which means that you do not have to reapply all of the time.

Easy Fall and Halloween Decoration Crafts with Oriental Trading

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So we have been getting crafty here at the Walton house.  In fact we have been whipping up some adorable fall/Halloween themed crafts as teacher’s gifts and to sit out around our house (grandma and grandpa might have gotten a few too!).

Two Quick Crafts for Family and Friends

oriental trading 1

Craft 1 — Candy Corn Jars

oriental trading 4

These little candy corn jars are quite simple.  There is not much that you are going to need and you can get it all at Oriental Trading.

What You’ll Need

*DIY Ceramic Mini Flower Pots $14.50/12

*Paintbrushes (I like the Plaid White Nylon Paintbrushes $7.20/10 brushes of different shapes and sizes)

*Yellow Acrylic Paint $4.15

*White Acrylic Paint $4.15

*Black Acrylic Paint $4.15

*Orange Acrylic Paint $4.15

*Masking Tape

Steps to Create Candy Corn Jars

Step 1 — Tape he Middle Stripe

Take one jar and the masking tape and go around making a stripe in the middle of the jar.  I used two pieces of masking tape so that this middle stripe area was completely covered.

Step 2 — Paint the Bottom Stripe White

Have your child (or paint this yourself if you are doing them) paint the bottom stripe white.  Then set these aside until that stripe is dry.

Step 3 — Paint the Top Stripe Yellow

Next paint the top stripe yellow.  Then set this aside until the yellow tape is dry.

Step 4 — Untape and Tape Again

Next you will want to take the masking tape off and then retape along the edges so that your child can easily paint the middle section without messing up the stripes.

Step 5 — Paint the Middle Section Orange

Have your child paint the middle stripe orange now.  Then set this aside to dry.

Step 6 — Untape

Take the tape off of the jar.

Step 7 — Decorate

Now you can skip this step if you do not want to decorate.  We chose to paint the teacher’s initial on the jar.

Step 8 — Fill the Jar

You can fill these cute jars with anything that you want.  We are going to be filling them with mini erasers, pencils, and other things that teachers might need.  We also made one for a Secret Sister exchange for Girl Scouts and we are filling this one with candy corn.

Craft 2 — Easy 2 Step Ghosts

oriental trading 3

These cute ghosts were so simple that you will love creating them with your children.

What You’ll Need

*DIY Ceramic Flower Pots $14.50/12

*Paintbrushes (The Plaid Paintbrush Super Value Pack is a great deal since you get 25 brushes for $7.20!)

*White Acrylic Paint $4.15

*Black Acrylic Paint $4.15

2 Steps to Create Your Ghosts

Step 1 — Paint the Jars White

Turn your jars upside down and paint them white.  Let this dry.

Step 2 — Create Fun Ghost Faces

Next paint on fun ghost faces with black paint.

oriental trading 2

Both of these crafts are cute and fun.  Plus they both make great gifts.  They are so simple that you will enjoy creating them with your children.  Plus they do not create too much of a mess or a headache.

Having the Perfect Halloween with Costume Express

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So we all know how difficult that it can be to find the perfect Halloween costumes for your kids.  If you are like me finding family costumes is even harder.  One of the things that I love so much about Costume Express is that they offer the best high quality costumes that you have been looking for.  They are known for having all of the most popular costumes that your little ones might be seeking out.

5 Tips to Find the Perfect Popular Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family

Tip 1 — Think About Themes

evil queen

One of the best things that you can do with Halloween is consider shopping in themes.  This year my daughter and I are dressing in theme together.  I have always wanted a Snow White and she would only oblige if I was willing to dress up too.  So I am going to be the Evil Queen.  I can’t figure out if my children love me in costume or love being able to call me “evil queen” without getting into trouble more!!

Tip 2 — Think About What is Popular

halloween 1

While none of my family is dressing up as any of the characters from the Descendants, this is one of the most popular costume choices this year.  Thankfully Costume Express has you covered with tons of options from this popular and fun television show.

Tip 3 — Let Your Kids Pick What They Want to Be

halloween 2

One of the things that I do is that I always try to let my kids pick out what they want to be for Halloween.  This year Huxley had his heart set on being the black version of Spiderman.  This was all that he asked for and guess what?!? That’s right, Costume Express had this one too.

Tip 4 — Think of Your Kids’ Personalities

halloween 3

Adeline had her little heart set on being a My Little Pony.  She is a very glittery girly girl though so it was a challenge to find the right costume.  While we did not get Adeline’s costume from Costume Express, they did have one that she would have fallen in love with just as much.

Tip 5 — Don’t Forget Your Favorite Pet

halloween 4

Finally when you have a favorite family pet, you have to make sure that you do not forget to pick up a costume for him.  For our favorite dog, Dexter we had to pick up the Star Wars Bantha Costume.  This one is just hilarious and makes me smile so much.  I can’t wait to see him running around with it on!

So when you want to find the perfect Halloween costumes for your whole family, you’ve got to shop at Costume Express.

Stay Protected from the Sun All Year Long with Sun Protection Zone

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Did you know that you can still get a sunburn and experience damages from the sun in the fall and winter?  Many people do not realize that you need to take sun protection seriously year round.

5 Tips to Stay Safe From the Sun All Year Long (Even in the Cold Months)

Winter Sun 6

Tip 1 — Use Sunscreen

Anytime that you are going to be outside, even in the winter, you should be applying a sunscreen that contains SPF 30 or higher.  Doing this will keep you from burning and will protect you against all of the damages the sun can cause to your skin.  You should make sure to apply all sunscreen liberally.  You also want to make sure that your skin is completely covered with sunscreen.  One great way to get this done in the wintertime is to use a moisturizer that contains SPF.  This is also great for keeping dry winter skin well hydrated.  In addition you can use a stronger sunscreen on areas of your body that are going to be exposed to the sun.  Just remember to get pesky easy to forget spots like the top of your ears.

Tip 2 — Keep Your Eyes Protected

Winter Sun 1

Wearing sunglasses is also really important.  You want to make sure that your eyes are protected from the sun.  So many people lather on the sunscreen but skip the sunglasses.  Doing this does not mean that you are fully protected and you can end up with sun damage to your eyes.

Winter Sun 2

Sun Protection Zone offers you many great choices of sunglasses for kids that are going to protect your child’s eyes.  Both of the pairs that are pictured are available for $15 each.

Tip 3 — Choose Protective Clothing

Winter Sun 3

If you are going to be outdoors doing work one thing that you can do to stay protected is to choose protective clothing.  I really like the Women’s Long Sleeve UltraLite Shirt ($60).  I like that it is perfect for layering during the fall and winter months while still keeping me protected from the damaging rays of the sun.

Tip 4 — Don’t Forget to Cover Your Head

Winter Sun 4

I will admit that while I am really good about using sunscreen, wearing protective clothing, and wearing sunglasses, I often forget the importance of wearing a hat on my head.  Wearing a good protective hat is important because it offers you the chance to protect your scalp from the sun’s harmful rays.  The hats from Sun Protection Zone offer great protection from the sun that you can wear year round.

Tip 5 — Remember to Think About How Long You Are in the Sun

Regardless of what time of year it is, you should remember that you have to be careful with how long you are exposed to direct sunlight.  Being outside between the time of 10am and 4 pm is the most dangerous time for the sun.  This is when the rays are the harshest and when it can have the most damaging effects on your skin.  Make sure that you drink plenty of water when you are in the sun as well.  Even if it is the winter time and you do not feel thirsty, you can still get dehydrated by being in the sun too long.


5 Tips to Teach Children How to Think Smart and Have Fun with ThinkFun

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I have to admit that I am a bit obsessed with finding great high quality games and toys for my children that encourage them to learn.  I love that ThinkFun offers those types of toys that you play with your family and they can enjoy growing and learning.  There are many different toys from ThinkFun that you might want to check out.  I am going to share with you some tips for thinking smart when you are playing with your children for fun.  I would highly encourage you to check out the full line of think fun toys because we have a lot of them and we enjoy playing with them all of the time.

think fun

Tips to Think Smart When Playing with Your Children

Tip 1 — Find Something They Are Interested In

I have four children and each one of them seems to be interested in something different.  One of the things that I have noticed is that when I choose a toy that matches their interests I am going to see them playing with it more often.  My oldest is twelve and in that hard to shop for age.  He is too young for many of the things that he “wants” and yet too big for many of the things that are available.

Think fun 1

I love the Compose Yourself Cards ($15) and I think that these are going to be a great gift for him to have fun with.  Not only can he match the cards to create his own compositions but he can also play them on his clarinet.  If he doesn’t want to play them he can use the app and listen to them being played.  It is a unique way for him to learn something new and have a great time while expanding his music skills.

Tip 2 — Find Something to Help Promote Learning

I know that there are so many toys on the market that finding one can be a challenge.  When you want something that is going to help your child learn it can be even more challenging.  The fact is that if you buy something great for learning that they do not want to play with then it is going to get tossed aside and quickly forgotten.  The trick is to find something that promotes learning when they do not realize it.

Think Fun 2

I was really excited to check out Laser Maze Jr ($30).  I think that this game looks like a ton of fun and is going to be something that I enjoy as much as the kids.  This is one of those games that I am certain is going to be a ton of fun.

Tip 3 — Look for Something Fun to Teach Hard to Master Concepts

When children are in school, they all have hard to learn concepts that they should know.  If your child struggles with something a great way that you can help them to learn is by offering them a fun game to play that teaches that skill.  I actually first found ThinkFun last year when my husband expressed his desire to teach our 7 and soon t0 be 6 year olds (then 6 and 5) to code.  He is an engineer and be believes very strongly that coding is a skill that the kids all need to have.

Think Fun 4

ThinkFun actually has a game to help you teach your child how to code.  My husband loves this one and loves that he gets to share coding with our kids.  Our kids love that Robot Turtles ($25) is daddy’s special game to play with them.  This not only gives them some special one on one time with their dad but also gives them a great game to play and a way that they can learn valuable skills that they are going to use later in life.

Tip 4 — Find a Fun Way to Teach Your Kids About Strategy

Strategy is something that your kids are going to use in a wide variety of subjects.  In fact I can not really think of a subject where your child will not use strategy as they get older and go through school.  One of the things that is so challenging about teaching your child strategy is that it is not something that usually comes easy to kids.  In fact it is usually something that kids struggle to learn.  My suggestion is that you teach your kids strategy through a game.

Think Fun 3

One of the great new games that ThinkFun has right now is the strategy teaching Rush Hour Shift ($25).  This game is part of the exciting Rush Hour series in which there are games for different ages and different levels of strategy knowledge.  I personally have owned Rush Hour Jr as well and think that this game is a lot of fun with kids.

Tip 5 — Work With Your Child on Their Level

Let’s be honest, we all want to have that genius child who is the best at everything and the smartest.  We want to be the one to have the kid who knows how to use all of their skill sets at the youngest age.  Sadly this is just not possible.  You have to remember where your child is at and work with them there.  Mastering the basics is necessary for them to successfully move on to the more complex theories and practices.

Think Fun 5

One of the things that I love most about ThinkFun is that they have fun learning games and activities for children of all ages.  Even young toddlers can enjoy their first game which can help them learn to follow directions and match colors with Roll & Play ($20).

While Compose Yourself Cards, Laser Maze Jr, and Rush Hour Shift are some of the newest toys from ThinkFun, I would encourage you to check out their full line of products to find what is really going to work best for your children to have their own fun learning play.  Plus you will get to enjoy some fun family game time with their children while you “trick” them into learning at the same time.

It’s Time for Another Giveaway!!!!

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We all know that I LOVE Kate Quinn Organics!  It is no surprise if you have been around here for a while!  I have reviewed a ton of great items and have shopped there from time to time.  In fact it was one of my most shopped at websites for a long time.

kate quinn 1

It’s The Dress Event!!!

Well it is one of those exciting times right now!  It is the dress event!!  That’s right, the DRESS EVENT of the season!!  So here are some of my favorite dresses that I would like to share with you!  Now you can run to Kate Quinn’s Dress Event and buy your own or enter below for the chance to win $30 to spend on your favorite!

Kate Quinn 2

3/4 Sleeve Cupcake Dress Chevron $20 (regular $46)

Kate Quinn 3

Folded Collar Dress $25 (regular $58)

Kate Quinn 4

Gathered Chest Dress Mombosa $20 (regular $46)

Kate Quinn 5

Long Sleeve Kimono Dress New Leaf $25 (regular $32)

Kate Quinn 6

Short Sleeve Ruffle Dress Kenya $20 (regular $46)

Kate Quinn 7

Square Yoke Tank Ruffle Dress Feather $25 (regular $48)

Kate Quinn 8

Printed Pocket Dress + Legging Set Owl $20 (regular $42)

Kate Quinn 9

Spaghetti Strap Maxi Dress Nairobi $20 (regular $58)

Kate Quinn 10

Sleeveless Piped Cargo Bubble Dress Koi $20 (regular $46)

Kate Quinn 11

Flutter Sleeve Ballet Dress Peony $20 (regular $44)

Kate Quinn 12

Short Sleeve Lounge Dress Sugar Plum $25 (regular $32)

Some of these dresses are personal favorites for both me and my daughters!  We own several of them and have been nothing but pleased with each one of them!

And We Are Giving Away $30 in Credit to Kate Quinn Organics!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

5 Facts Every Mom Needs to Know About Sprint #SprintMom #sponsored

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I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Sprint.  I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

sprint logo

First off I have to admit that I have been a customer of another cell phone company for over ten years.  I  am honestly going to be switching to Sprint in the next month.  I just have to line up details on our new phones, etc before doing so.  I was so impressed with Sprint that I came home with a strong desire to learn more about the new technology in my area and in Chicago.  There is a ton of interesting and fun stuff happening in Illinois with Sprint.  If Sprint can change my mind and make a new customer than I am sure that they can change yours too!

There was so much that I wanted to share with you that I am sure that you are going to see more posts in the future.  However for today I wanted to share 5 facts that every mom needs to know with you.

On Tuesday I traveled through traffic early in the morning to reach the Sprint office in downtown Chicago.


I managed to park better in reverse than I do going forward…not quite sure how this one happened.


Enjoyed a nice espresso and chia shot when I was waiting for it to be the right time.

And then headed up the elevator to attend this special blogger event.

Fact #1 — Sprint is Making Leaps and Bounds with Service

Sprint is becoming a leader in service in the Chicago area.  They offer a new technology called carrier aggregation that is available in Chicago.  This means insanely quick speeds!

In the central Illinois area, where I am from, there used to not be service available.  Well since I have received my phone I have found that it works just fine.  In fact in some places I have been the Sprint service works better!  I have been completely happy with the service  the entire time.  While I was attending this exciting event I did learn that 51 new sites were bought from US Cellular in my area.  Only 9 of these needed to be built.

Fact #2 — Sprint Has Options For Every Family

While Sprint service might not be the right choice for everyone, there are a number of pre-paid services that are owned by Sprint.  Did you know that Sprint owns 4 different lines of pre-paid products?  I did not know this before I traveled to the Sprint Chicago mom blogger event.


Sprint prepaid plans are perfect for those who want Sprint service but have credit issues.


After 9 months of continued service, you can graduate to the right service.  This will help you to get where you want to go.


Boost Mobile really got going in 2008 as one of the first companies to offer full service to families who needed to cut costs with a prepaid plan.


Plans are priced at just $35, $45, and $55 per month.


They also offer the only prepaid WiFi Hotspot.


This means that you can use it for traveling and then not use it again when you are at home.  All of this is able to be used without penalty or additional fees.


The Virgin Mobile Data Done Right line is a new special line that is only available at Wal Mart.


This is the perfect prepaid plan for families.  You can actually assign different levels of data and other things per line.  This allows you to be able to decide who deserves data and how much everyone can have.  The pricing for this is also great in that 2 lines with unlimited talk and text and 6 GB of data is just $55 per month.


The Virgin Mobile Plans are like the ones from Boost Mobile and Sprint which are available at the three tier pricing of $35, $45, and $55.


Fact #3 — You Can Get EVERY SINGLE NEW iPhone!!!

Another thing that you should know is that Sprint offers you a new plan that allows you to lease your iPhone instead of buying it.  This might sound like something that would be expensive but instead it is something that just costs a reasonable $15 per month.  So if you are getting a new iPhone every year it is cheaper than buying one!  Plus it means that you never have to skip a generation of iPhone like I currently do now with my current plan.

Fact #4 — You Can Get the Latest Technology

You are going to be able to take advantage of the latest technology with the newest phones!  The LG G4 is one of those phones.  I have been checking this phone out for the past few days and I am enjoying it.  I am especially enjoying the beauty of the design on this phone.


The handcrafted leather is really exquisite.


The camera is pretty amazing and the colors are great.  The camera even allows you to have a flash with your selfies.  This has been a ton of fun to play around with and check out.


Everything is crystal clear and the phone is easy to use!  Even as a die hard iPhone fan I am having a great time checking out the LG G4 phone with my the amazing Sprint service.

Fact #5 — Sprint Will Come Direct To You

One of the coolest new services that Sprint offers is Direct to You.  This service includes delivery of your new device to you at a preset time.


Then you get the advantage of a technician that sets everything up for you.  Best of all, this service is completely FREE!!!  So you are getting an amazing customer service experience at no cost to you at all.

As you can tell I really loved being a part of the Sprint Moms blogger event.  I learned so many great things and got to connect with amazing bloggers from the Chicago area.

Augmented Reality for Kids — Watch Cards Come Alive

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Children are sure to love the new and exciting Augmented Reality (AR) flashcards!  These exciting cards allow your child to use your smartphone or tablet to bring the cards to life.  For parents to really understand just how cool these cards are, they need to first understand a few things.

A Quick Look at Augmented Reality

AR is a unique way to take part in the world around you.  It is something that children are going to love being a part of and something that they might not have heard of before.  It is a live view of your world with special computer generated images.  This means that it is like fantasy within reality.

This means that your child gets to explore the real world around them with some fun additions that are computer generated.

How Can Your Child Use AR Cards?

The way that AR cards works is that your child puts the cards behind the camera on your phone or tablet.  Then the picture is going to come to life.  Your child will be able to touch it, move it around, and use the character in games and more.  There is so much fun to be had for your little one with their new AR cards.

What Will AR Cards Do For Your Child?

The following are all of the things that your child will be able to do with AR cards:


You are going to be able to see these with any smartphone or tablet easily.


Your child is going to have so much fun when they take pictures with 3D cartoon characters.  They are actually able to share them on a special “acebook” account.


Children are able to learn easier with AR flashcards and the interactive characters then they would be able to learn with traditional flash cards.


There are multiple fun and interesting AR games that are offered.  You can use double card playing and word hunting.  This is a great way to enjoy a lot of fun with your family.


There is no toy that is quite like AR cards.  With these you can add special 3D characters into the reality around you.  Can imagine a toy that is cooler than this?


The cards are beautiful and come in a nice box so they are a great gift for any child in your life.

Quick Facts You Should Know

How Can I Get My Cards?

Right now there is a IndieGoGo campaign.  Here are the different contribution levels and what you can get from it.

**$29 — 1 x Wonder the Dino Doll

**$39 — 1 x AR Magic Cards II (SPECIAL EARLY BIRD PRICE)

**$49 — 1 x AR Magic Cards II

**$69 — 1 x AR Magic Cards I & II  (SPECIAL EARLY BIRD PRICE)

**$89 — 1 x AR Magic Cards I & II

**$195 — 5 x AR Magic Cards II & 1 x Doll

**$3800 — 100 x AR Magic Cards II & 20 x Doll

**$345 — 5 x AR Magic Cards I & II & 2 x Doll

**$6700 — 100 x AR Magic I & II & 40 x Doll

Safest Materials for Safe Cards

AR Magic Cards are cards that you do not have to worry about your child playing with.  They are made from environmentally materials with environmentally safe ink.  These cards have passed all quality testing and certifications.

You can read more about AR cards here.

**This is a sponsored post and offers you information about the cards.  I have not yet received my copy for review but will offer my own personal review once I receive them.