Summer Camp Music Festival Guide — Babywearing vs Strollers — The Good and the Bad that You Should Know @SummerCampFest #SCamp15

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We all know that I am a HUGE fan of babywearing but I am not a big fan of strollers.  I have been lucky enough in the past to have both of these handy items at Summer Camp  and I will explain the good and bad of both!!  To be honest I use both daily when I am at the festival and my husband does too.

Summer Camp logo

This year when it comes to strollers I will be taking the Britax BAgile with us.  This is a handy little stroller but I do feel something with wheels that were just a bit bigger would be easier on the festival grounds.

As for baby carriers there are three that will be making their rotations throughout the festival.  I have a Toddler Tula, a Toddler Lenny Lamb wrap conversion, and a MOM Tai.  I LOVE all of these for different reasons so depending on the time of day, you will see one or the other.

All About Babywearing at Summer Camp Music Festival

Babywearing Pros

*If you are traveling where you have to carry everything in to the festival grounds then it is really convenient to put your baby on and walk through the gates.

*Baby carriers take up very little room when you are packing.

*Babywearing is a great way for you to dance and let baby sleep during shows.

*Even older kids can appreciate “baby”wearing when you are walking around for long periods of time.

*Touching your baby and being close to your baby is good for you both.  Plus it will help ease your little one’s anxieties if they are not used to being in a crowd.

*Babies are happier when they are being carried and held.

*Your baby is going to develop faster.  It is proven that their central nervous system has benefits from being held.

*Your baby can feel your cues when you are nervous or happy so they know who to interact with safely.  This can be HUGE in a big crowd of people.

*You can comfort your baby when you are wearing them.

*Plus it is going to be way easier on you all the way around if the weather should turn a little gray and there is mud.  Strollers suck in the mud!!  Even the best ones that I have owned suck in the mud!!

So as you can tell I will be babywearing (well technically childwearing and toddlerwearing) all weekend long.  I have my three carriers ready to pack and I even have a special carrier for a new friend that my littles are all too big for.

All About Strollers at Summer Camp Music Festival

Stroller Pros

*Strollers can haul other stuff for you…toys, picnic blankets, small coolers with water and snacks for your kids, and a change of clothes for your kids.

*Strollers help you maneuver through crowds, generally no one wants to be the person that ran into the stroller!

*Strollers are a comfortable place for your little ones to sit.

*Strollers have protection from the sun and other weather elements like rain.

*Strollers can be a great place where your little one can take a nap while you are walking around.

*Strollers offer you a break if you have a kiddo that just wants to be held or worn all of the time.

While I will admit strollers are not my favorite, I will be bringing my go to stroller with me to Summer Camp.  I also will have the three baby carriers and a collapsible wagon (daddy’s favorite!).

I can’t wait to see you there and if you see me please come say hi to us!!

Summer Camp Music Festival Guide — Ten Things Huxley Says You Should Pack in Your Child’s Backpack @SummerCampFest #SCamp15

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So Huxley is my five year old and one spunky little guy.  Today I got to sit down and talk with him about the top ten things that he says that you need to have in your child’s backpack when going to Summer Camp.


A shout out to the lovely Sara Lynch from Sara Mathre Photography for this amazing shot of my little man!

First off Huxley has a few favorite backpacks that he really loves.  He wanted me to tell you all about them and what we love about them.

The Kelty Minnow Backpack

Kelty backpack

This one is not as much fun as some of the other choices for a kids backpack.  What I like about this backpack is the quality.  I love that after an entire year of use it is still like new.  The zippers work great, there are no thin spots in the canvas material.  All in all this backpack features all of the quality that you expect from the Kelty brand just in a size that is comfortable for little ones to wear.

The Trunki Paddlepak

Trunki backpack

The Trunki Paddlepak is one of those backpacks that has a cute and fun design.  These backpacks come in different colors and different sea life themes.  They are fun for little ones and they are “splashproof.”

Huxley’s Top 10 Items to Bring to Summer Camp Music Festival


huxley fruit roll ups

The first thing that came out of Huxley’s mouth when I asked him what he would put in his backpack was food.  I asked for specifics and it was determined that by food he meant snacks.  His personal top choices for snacks are fruit roll ups and donuts.  I guess I know what is on his wish list for food at summer camp.

Glow Sticks


Huxley really loves playing with glow sticks.  I know that I already shared this picture but I have to share again that glow sticks really become a whole lot more when you are at Summer Camp.  In fact his glow sticks helped him transform his shoes into “rocket shoes” last year.



This is not the flashlight that we have but Huxley definitely was focused on having a flashlight in his backpack so that he could “see in the dark.”

Mini Fan

huxley fan

Huxley has been to his fare share of festivals in his young five years.  He understands the importance of being able to stay cool when he is at those festivals.  So one of the first things that he said he wanted in his backpack was a “little fan.”  We have used a wide range of these and we have some that are really small and some that are bigger.  He loves being able to have his fan blowing on him while we are sitting in the sun enjoying a show.

Card Game

huxley card game

There are so many great card games out there for kids.  Tonight when we were talking about packing for Summer Camp he picked up Herding Cats as his choice for a “card game” so I guess that this is one of their popular games right now.

Board Game

Huxley board game

We are a board game type of family…not to be confused with bored games.  (I am such a dork but sometimes I seriously can not help myself!!)  Anyways Huxley was showing me a few of his board games that he wanted to take to Summer Camp with us.  It was cute and made mommy think that we need a small tote full of toys and games so that we can shut them up and make sure that if it rains nothing gets damaged.

VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch

Huxley watch

This has been one of Huxley’s favorite toys since he got it from grandma and grandpa last year for his birthday.  It is 7 months later and he is still playing with it every time.  The watch does some cool things and he loves to take pictures and play around on it.  So he thought that this would be a great toy to take with him.  (This might be because he was told that some of his electronics were not an option!)

Water Bottle

Huxley water bottle

When we travel to festivals we typically take two water bottles.  One of these the kids get Gatorade or Poweraid in the other is strictly for water.  I am not sure what two water bottles we are taking this year or if we will need two because we are going to have Camelbaks for them!


Huxley books

There are many times when books are great at a festival.  You can read to your child before bed.  They can quietly look at books in the morning when everyone else is still sleeping.  Plus books are a great resource in between shows when kids get bored.  I would highly recommend having plenty of books to read with your child at Summer Camp.

Special Toy

Huxley special toy

Finally a few special toys are something that the kids really enjoy having.  Huxley says that this is the special toy that he wants to take with us.  I have no idea why this is suddenly the toy of choice since it certainly seems like something that is made for younger children.  However it is the toy that he has come to love so it is the toy that he will be bringing along.


Summer Camp Music Festival Guide — Top 10 Things That Come in Handy with Kids @SummerCampFest #SCamp15

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Since I have been attending Summer Camp Music Festivals since 2004 with a little one in hand I have learned some great packing tricks that make life so much easier with kids.  I have been to Summer Camp with anywhere from 1 to 4 children of mine so there have been years that were definitely more difficult than others.

Top 10 Things That Come in Handy at Summer Camp

Here are my top ten things that I think every parent needs to pack along.

1.  Bogs Boots


If you have ever tried to climb through mud that was up way past your ankles you will understand just how important these are.  Now I know that many people shy away from spending this much money on a pair of boots or shoes for their kids but this is one thing that I will make sure that my children are never without again.  There are so many reasons that I love Bogs but one of these is that they are so comfortable.  Here are some more….your child will not have wet feet, your child will not have cold feet, your child will be able to walk through mud without problems, your child will be able to play in puddles without issues, and finally they come in all colors and sizes so your children are going to love them.

2.  Water Bottles/Water Guns

water bottle with fan

It is very likely that your child is going to get hot while they are at Summer Camp.  One thing that I would remember to take along is a squirt gum or a spray bottle.  If you are worried about your child bothering other people then a spray bottle might be a better option.  There are even some great spray bottles that you can find with small battery operated fans on them.  These work great for Summer Camp!

3.  Camelbaks


I love that Camelbak makes kids sized packs.  These are so convenient and they seriously are going to last you forever.  My oldest got his Camelbak Skeeter when he was just 3 years old.  He is going to be 12 this summer and it still works without leaking.  I don’t know many other things that are made for children that are going to last 9 years!  Another great thing about Camelbaks is that my children LOVE drinking out of them so they are always excited to drink water which means they end up drinking a lot more water than they would if they were just drinking out of water bottles.

4.  Keen Sandals

keen sandals

Another product that our entire family loves is Keen sandals.  There are a few different reasons for this.  One of these is that Keens are very comfortable.  They are also okay if they get wet.  (I used to love Birkenstocks but after ruining one too many pairs at festivals I started wearing Keens!)  They are closed toe so your child is less likely to injure themselves.  They also come in a wide range of colors and patterns so that your child can pick the one that they like best.

5.  Glow Sticks

glow sticks

Go to the Dollar Tree and spend a little bit of money stocking up on glow sticks and glow toys.  This is one item that I honestly feel you can never have enough of when you have children and are at Summer Camp.  Plus if you put enough glow sticks on your kiddo and they run off in the crowd, they are really easy to catch up with.  Your children might also enjoy coming up with their own unique things to do with the glow sticks and creations to build.

6.  Picnic Blankets

picnic blanket

If you have a picnic blanket that is great.  If you do not have one and cannot afford one pick up a Booginhead Splat Mat for each of your kiddos.  We have three picnic blankets that go with us to every show that we go to.  We throw them on the ground and it becomes a nice little spot for us to sit and dance with the kids where they can kick their shoes off without worry of stepping on something.  It also becomes a safe zone because people in the crowd rarely step on your blankets.

7.  Rain Jackets and Umbrellas

rain jacket

I will admit that it does not rain every single year at Summer Camp.  However it does rain almost every year.  If you are concerned about it raining then I would be inclined to pack a rain jacket.  Another great thing about rain jackets is that with a long sleeve shirt on under them they become very warm.

8.  Sunscreen


When choosing a sunscreen for Summer Camp make sure that you pick up one that has a high SPF.  Children who get sunburns are not happy campers.  In fact, they are often grumpy and intolerable.  So make sure that you pick out a sunscreen that has a very high SPF and if you are using sunscreen from last year make sure that it has not expired.  You want your children to be protected all day long.  (When speaking about sunscreen I would like to state that I am in love with SuperGoop!!  They have the best sunscreen on the market and their CC Cream is wonderful for moms who want some light coverage all summer long!!)

9.  Ear Protection

ear protection

Concerts are loud, especially if you want to get close enough to see the band with your child.  Make sure that your child’s ears are protected with some great ear protection.  This year I purchased all new ear protection for my children for Summer Camp and it was way more affordable than I thought that it was going to be.  In fact the ear protection that I purchased can be found on Amazon for less than $15 per pair.  (These are Snug Safe brand and they come in a wide range of colors…enough colors in fact that each kiddo go to pick out their favorite!)

10.  Wagon


If you are coming through the gates and do not have an RV pass and are traveling with children the wagon is going to be your saving grace.  Many people do not realize until they get to the gates at Summer Camp that you actually have to carry all of your gear and all of your stuff through the gates.  If you are camping alone with your kids this can be a struggle to get everything.  Just remembering to pack light and making sure that you have a wagon is a great idea.  As a bonus the wagon can be used throughout the weekend to let your kids hang out and take naps during shows and to ride around in between shows.  Our children LOVE being able to jump in the wagon for rides and we love that the wagon helps us to get everything that we need where we are going.  (We have used a few different wagons and I would highly recommend one that has very sturdy wheels that are bigger!)

Tuesdays Top Ten Tunes

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So I wanted to start doing something different with my writing about music on the blog.  You can look forward to Tuesdays Top Ten each week.  That’s right.  You will get to check out ten of the songs that I am listening to each Tuesday.  I hope that you can sit back, check out these You Tube videos and enjoy some Tuesday tunes with me.

“Torn and Frayed” — The Rolling Stones

What can I say about this song.  I LOVE it!!  It is such a fun song, beautiful lyrics and something that just pulls at my soul as I listen.




“Yarmouth Road” Mike Gordon

Okay I will be honest about this one.  It is more than just the song for me.  Mike Gordon just so happens to be my biggest celebrity crush.  So I just love watching him and I personally find this video to be delightful!




“Country Roads” John Denver

This song always reminds me of family.  My grandpa lives on a farm in Southern MO and it reminds me of traveling back to spend time with him and all of the years I spent growing up in a small town.




“Cavern” Phish

I love this song.  I find the lyrics to be beautifully written and hope to one day feel confident enough to sport a tattoo with the line “Steal away before the dawn and bring us back good news” on my side.  Yes, this is the song that has inspired the next tattoo that I will get.




“Ribs and Whiskey” Widespread Panic

I will admit that I am only a small Panic fan but I can’t help but get up and dance with my kiddos when this one is on.  So this morning we are dancing to some Panic.




“Highball with the Devil” Les Claypool

So I am going to check out Primus and the Chocolate Factory tonight.  I thought that I would share one of my all time favorite songs of Mr Claypool’s.  I have to admit that I am pretty excited and I have decided that I must just be a bass girl because I certainly can’t imagine seeing many bands live as much as I like to see Primus.




“Sultans of Swing” Dire Straits

Another oldie but goodie.  This is one of those songs that just takes me to a special place every single time that I heard it.  It makes me feel relaxed and helps when I am having a tough time.  Today has not be tough by any means but it is still one of my favorite songs to chill out to.




“Forever Young” The Band (with Bob Dylan)

Who doesn’t love this song?  It reminds me of everything that I want for our amazing children.  I want them to have the innocence of being forever young.  In a tough world out there it seems that kids are growing up just too fast and I don’t want that life for my beautiful little ones.  On a side note, while thinking about my children and listening to this one this morning I was actually moved to tears.




“Anything Possible” Jaik Willis

This song is the perfect mantra for any of you who have ever wanted to do something greater with your life.  I like to play this one for my kids to remind them that they can do anything and be anything that they want in life.




“Nashville Cats” Del McCoury Band

This is one band that I feel like everyone should love!!  I have seen them twice recently and had such an amazing time at the show that I really could not ask for more out of them!!



Music Review: Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band’s So Delicious

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Do you love a good time?  Do you listen music all of the time?  Well if you are a music fan or have just listened to music lately at all you have got to check out Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band’s newest album So Delicious.  This album is really fun and perfect for parents like  me.  My kids absolutely love the songs on this album.

Reverend Peyton 1

The album is the band’s fifth album and one that I can not seem to put down.  To be honest, since I saw their show a few weeks ago and picked it up I have not listened to anything else in the car.  I even drove most of our six hour trip home with this playing.  It is just that good.

It was produced by Yazoo Records which is a division of Sanachie.  Yazoo is a well known blues label which fits nicely with the bands grassroot blues style.  For younger musicians (hey, they’re my age!), the trio who come from a small county in Southern Indiana really know how to play some amazing music.  You’d think that they were from the deep south with their backwoods style.

One thing that is refreshing about the album is that the songs are songs that you can relate to.  I love when I feel a band play music that I feel like I could have written about my own life.  So much of today’s music seems to be superficial and about material wants but with this easy going album I feel like I can relate as I sing along.

Reverend Peyton 3

“Let’s Jump a Train” starts off with more of a powerful classic blues sound.  It is the type of song that the band plays that really gets the crowd going.  You also get the beautiful slowed down intimate and melodic “Scream at the Night”.  This one has become a personal favorite of mine and is one that I seriously  cannot get enough of.  I love how soothing it is and the meaning behind the words.  I agree that the world really doesn’t “need another love song.”

“Raise a Little Hell” is a fun song that is along the lines of the previously recorded “Clap Your Hands.”  It is a song that just begs the audience to join in.  It was a ton of fun when I saw them play it live at Knuckleheads in KC and is one song that I can assure you, you don’t want to miss.  Even my children love getting to yell “we just came to raise a little hell,” which seems oddly appropriate most days.  It might even feel like a mantra to them since they so often enjoy raising a little hell here at home.


If you know a little bit about Reverend J Peyton plays the guitar and does lead vocals.  He grew up in southern Indiana and learned to play at a young age.  He really spent a lot of his free time learning how he was going to play the guitar just a little bit better.  One of the most amazing things about the band is seeing Josh play the guitar.  He is able to play the bass line with his thumb while he is playing the melody with his fingers.  Sometimes the interweaving of these two sounds so good that it is hard to believe that just one person is playing the guitar.  “Front Porch Trained” is a song that really shows off these impressive playing skills.

What’s more impressive is learning that he played a party just after graduating from high school only to wake up and find that he might never be able to play again.  He was suffering from severe pain in his hands.  This pain was so bad that he really believed that he was not going to play.  For someone who has only wanted to play music since he got that first guitar in his hands at 12 years old, this was devastating.  Thankfully for all of his fans, a special surgery helped him to be able to play again and led him to Breezy which helped the band to instantly come together.

When you hear “Music and Friends” you get a glimpse into his childhood dream.  Best of all this song really portrays the mentality that the Reverend has when with his fans.  He says that he just wants “to make music and friends” and that is so true.  You really feel like you are listening to a friend after you have been to so many shows.  He will walk up and greet you, say hello, and talk to you a bit like you are just an old friend stopping by for a drink.  This makes seeing a show so rewarding for the fans who feel like they get to really interact with the band.

One thing is for certain So Delicious is a fun and lively album that really shows off the band’s style, skills, and passions.  It is a perfect choice for fans who really get to relate to things and be a part of the music that is being played.

If you are interested in checking out this album for yourself you can purchase the CD here for just $14 (trust me it might end up being the best $14 you ever spend!).  You can also purchase the vinyl here for $18.

Knuckleheads and the Rev Proved to be One Night I am Glad I Didn’t Miss

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Last night proved to be another amazing night with the Rev, The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band that is.  As always Breezy was blazing on her washboard and the Rev showed his own amazing ability to play guitar.  I have been a HUGE fan of the band for a number of years now.  I think that the reason that I keep coming back for more is that they are just damn good.

Rev Peyton 2

Since I have been a fan for years there are some songs that I crave seeing at each show.  While I will admit a little big of disappointment that I did not get to hear Mama’s Fried Potatoes, I was delighted that I got to hear Two Bottles of Wine.  I also was very excited to hear some of their new tracks from the newest album So Delicious.  Raise a Little Hell and Front Porch Train are quickly turning into new favorites.  I have seen them both played live the last few shows that I went to.

As a fan I love the amazing interactions that you get to have The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band.  I was delighted to run into the Rev as I was walking into Knuckleheads.  I got to have a short conversation with him about how I wished that I got to see them more these days.  I feel blessed that I have been able to see them so many times but I would love to see them more.  The Kansas City show did mark my fifth state to see them in.  Yes I have seen them in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, and now Missouri.

Rev Peyton 1

I do have a slight request for the band if they are reading this….kids size shirts please please please.  Yes, you have onesies but my little ones are far past the onesie stage and they are big damn fans.

In fact, just yesterday, I had the four of them in an antique store and my 5 year old, Huxley, looked up at a washboard on a wall and said “hey, it’s that instrument that Breezy plays.”  Yes, he has no clue that a washboard was once used to wash clothes but instead he knows that it is the instrument of choice for Breezy.  As a mom, even though the antique shop owner was looking at me oddly, this was a very proud moment and one that continues to make me believe that taking the kids to see live music in the summers has been one of the best decisions that I have made.

Rev Peyton 4

As for Knuckleheads,  I must say that when I was inside this garage turned bar that I fell in love.  The place is really cool.  They have this amazing waist high bench where you can set your purse and beer while you dance.  Seriously this is something that every single bar needs because I have never seen something so great.  I am a girl and I always have my bag with me.  Usually this makes for a painful night trying to dance and not knock someone out.  However here I could just throw it down in front of me.  Perfect!!!  Also the beer selection was decent, yes I could drink some Boulevard Single Wide….and the food looked good (but I had just eaten some BBQ so I was not hungry!).

Rev Peyton 3


Phases of the Moon Artist Preview — Tedeschi Trucks Band

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Tedeschi Trucks Band is one of my personal favorites to see because of the amazing guitar playing skills that Derek Trucks has. I will admit that I am normally a bass girl but it is completely beyond me how someone does not become mesmerized as they are watching him play. It truly is an experience happening in live music that might not happen again. It is something that you have to see if you are a fan of live music!!

phases 5

The band has an impressive line up of musicians touring with them. The band includes Derek Trucks (guitar), Susan Tedeschi (guitar & vocals), Kofi Burbridge (keyboards & flute), Tyler Greenwell (drums & percussion), JJ Johnson (drums & percussion), Mike Mattison (harmony vocals), Mark Rivers (harmony vocals), Kebbi Williams (saxophone), Maurice Brown (trumpet), Saunders Sermons (trombone), and Tim Lefebvre (bass guitar).

Tedeschi Trucks Band 1

Derek Trucks has been touring since he was just a kid, a kid with an unusually amazing talent. His slide guitar skills have impressed big names in the music world and some of the world’s most famous guitar players have talked about his amazing slide guitar skills. He has played with an impressive line up of artists including fellow guitar legends, Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana.

Tedeschi Trucks Band 2

As a teenager he formed The Derek Trucks band and toured throughout the US. He averaged over 200 shows each year during his teens. This was an amazing time of development for him as an artist and guitar player. By 1999 he was touring with The Allman Brothers Band. He also played as part of the Allman Brothers Band. He has earned two Grammys for his musical pursuits including one for Revelator and a Lifetime Achievment Award for the time that he spent with The Allman Brothers Band. At his age (he’s just 33!!) he is one of the youngest living musicians to ever earn this impressive achievement.

Tedeschi Trucks Band 3

Susan Tedeschi has noted for her earthy bluesy sound which has earned her an award. After joining a gospel choir while she was in college she decided to persue her love of music. She has opened for a list of music legends including Bob Dylan (one of my personal favorites!), the Rolling Stones, and John Mellencamp.

Together the pair front the Tedeschi Trucks Band and you can be sure that their music is going to continue to progress and impress the masses. If you have not had the pleasure of seeing them live then I would highly recommend checking them out any time that you can. For me, I will be in the crowds at the Phases of the Moon Festival.


(All photos were taken from the band’s website.)

Phases of the Moon Preview — The Steepwater Band

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Have you ever heard a song that reminded of you of something but you could not quite place your finger on it? Did you try to place that song and end up rationalizing that maybe you heard it in a dream? This is exactly how I felt when I first heard The Steepwater Band’s soulful “Lord Knows.” It was like even though I was hearing it for the first time, I was hearing something that I had already heard.

phases 5

The Steepwater Band first got their start back in 1998. They are well known on the Chicago music scene and are a favorite of many. I would highly recommend that you catch them if they are in your area. Their current schedule is pretty busy and they are playing throughout the Midwest. They are even playing our “hometown” on Halloween night so I am going to see if we can get a sitter and head out after we are done trick-or-treating with the kiddos.

steepwater band

Current Schedule
9/12 – Phases of the Moon Festival Danville IL (I will be live here and am sure going to catch The Steepwater Band.)
9/13 – Backyard BBQ Festival Glen Ellyn IL
9/20 – Maplestock Maple Park IL
9/23 – Uncle Buck’s Salisbury NC
9/24 – One Stop Asheville NC
9/25 – Whitewater Center Charlotte NC
9/26 – Lucky’s Valdosta GA
9/27 – Maple Leaf New Orleans LA
10/4 – Martyrs’ with London Souls Chicago IL
10/15 – Beale on Broadway St Louis MO
10/16 – Yonder Mountain String Band’s Harvest Music Festival Ozark AR
10/17 – Dave’s Dark Horse Tavern with Cedric Burnside Starkville MS
10/18 – Rum Boogie Memphis TN
10/21 – Harlem Avenue Lounge Jeff Massey Solo Acoustic Berwyn IL
10/24 – Shank Hall Milwaukee WI
10/25 – Malarkey’s Wausau WI
10/29 – High Noon Saloon Madison WI
10/31 – Limelight Eventplex with Matthew Curry Peoria IL
11/1 – Gas Lamp Des Moines IA
11/22 – The Rathskeller Indianapolis IN
1/3 – Leroy’s Hot Stuff Porter IN

steepwater band 2

The band plays a lot of live shows together and averages 140 shows each year. They have averaged this number of shows for the past sixteen years that they have been playing together. The band is original and plays their own unique music. They play something that is completely different than what other bands are playing. They play music that you can not help but enjoy when you are listening to them and seeing them live is a real treat. I am excited to be seeing the band in the next few days and hope that you will take the time to check them out if you are at the Phases of the Moon Festival with me.

Phases of the Moon — The Things You Must See and Music You Must Hear

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

The Phases of the Moon Music and Arts Festival is going to be an amazing time of fun for all of those who are in attendance. I am going to be traveling to the festival with some of my favorite people in the world, my husband and our three children. There are so many things to check out at the festival grounds that I thought that I would share some of the must see places and highlights from each of the day’s schedules at the festival.

phases 5

Must Check Out Places
The Sanctuary –
The Sanctuary is a must for festival goers as it is going to feature the world of natural healing along with massage and relaxation. I know that this is going to be a must see attraction to unwind and try and find your own spiritual oasis while attending the festival.
Participation Row –
Want to get involved in a great new campaign? Looking for an organization to volunteer your time with? If you answered yes to either of these, Participation Row is the place to be. They will have a number of organizations represented where you can reach out and get involved.
Crescent Moon Kids Camp –
This is the place to be if you are parents. I am sure that we will spend a fair amount of time here in between the music and other live performances that we want to see. So check it out and let me know what you did with your kids there. Maybe we will run into each other and if you have little ones maybe they can spend some time making new friends with my little ones.
Live Painter’s Row –
This is where you can go watch amazing artwork in action. I love to paint but do not consider myself to be an artist although I attempt to be. I am sure that I will be able to find true inspiration in the Live Painter’s Row.
The Further Bus –
If you follow the blog then you probably saw the piece that I wrote about the 50th Anniversary of the Further Bus. This is something that I have to check out and I am sincerely hoping that I run into Zane Kesey while I am there as his father has been instrumental in my discovering myself and who I want to be.
Gong Sanctuary –
Lay down and allow yourself to be immersed in the vibrations from the gongs. This is one unique experience that you might not find anywhere else.
Branches Mobile Gallery –
A mobile art gallery that you can go to and enjoy. The Branches Mobile Gallery is a one of a kind artistic experience unlike any other that you might see.
My Schedule for Music at Phases of the Moon –
Thursday –
2 pm – David Gans & the Rumpke Mountain Boys at the Harvest Stage
3:30 pm – The California Honeydrops at the Full Moon Stage
5 pm – The Revivalists at the New Moon Stage
5:30 pm – Big Fun Circus at Harvest Moon (this is a must for the kiddos!!)
6:30 pm – Chris Robinson Brotherhood at the Full Moon Stage
8:15 pm – Galactic at the New Moon Stage
10:15 pm – String Cheese Incident at the Full Moon Stage
My hubby and I have to switch up the late night shows that we go to so on Thursday after I have the hubby help me back to the campsite with the kiddos I am sending him to check out the following for me.
12:30 am – Soulive at the Harvest Moon Stage
2:30 am – Rumpke Mountain Boys at the Town Square Stage

Friday –
Since my husband is going to the late night shows on Thursday I plan on packing up early and heading out with the kiddos on Friday morning so that he can sleep in a bit. In all honesty my hope is that he will repay the favor to me after I have had a late night on Friday.
Friday morning the kids and I will be checking out the Sound Immersion Experience and the kids camp area. I am not sure that we are going to check it out on Thursday because we are so busy with shows but Friday morning as soon as that kids camp opens I can almost guarantee that we are going to be there.
9 am – Family Yoga at the Yoga Area
10:30 am – David Gans Solo at the Townsquare Stage
12 pm – Dumpstaphunk at the New Moon Stage
1:45 pm – Jackie Green (this lasts until 3:15 pm and I am not sure how much I will catch because of a conflict) at the Full Moon Stage
2 pm – Aerial Gypsies Stilt Parade (I think that the kids will love this one!!) at the Harvest Moon Stage
3:30 pm – Anders Osborne at the New Moon Stage
4:30 pm – Brothers Comatose at the Town Square Stage
5:30 pm – JJ Grey and MOFRO at the Full Moon Stage
6 pm – Matt Schofield at the Town Square Stage
7:15 pm – Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at the New Moon Stage
7:30 pm – Sam Bush Band at the Town Square Stage
9 pm – The String Cheese Incident at the Full Moon Stage
11 pm – Lunar Conspiracy Landing at the Full Moon Stage (this is going to be amazing since SCI is curating it!)
12:45 am – The Steepwater Band at the Town Square Stage

Saturday –
10 am – Steady Flow at the Harvest Moon Stage
2:30 pm – Jeff Austin Band at the New Moon Stage
3:40 pm – Leftover Salmon at the Full Moon Stage
5:05 pm – Jackie Green at the New Moon Stage
6:25 pm – Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe at the Full Moon Stage
7:30 pm – Nomadic Circus at the Harvest Moon Stage (I am pretty sure that I will be attending this one alone and leaving the kids and husband to watch the show at the New Moon Stage!)
7:45 pm – Tedeschi Trucks Band at the New Moon Stage
9:45 pm – Widespread Panic at the Full Moon Stage (I am pretty sure that the hubs is going to be back at the campsite for this one to give our kiddos a much needed earlier night!)
12:30 am – Moon Hooch at the Harvest Moon Stage
2:15 am – Poor Man’s Whiskey (Dark Side of the Moonshine)
2:45 am – Cornmeal Ramble at the Town Square (I am pretty pumped about this late night and super pumped that this is going to be my late night to hang out!!)

Sunday –
10 am – Poor Man’s Whiskey at the Harvest Moon Stage
11:30 am – Leon Russel at the Full Moon Stage
2:30 pm – Vintage Trouble at the Full Moon Stage
3 pm – Futurebirds at the Town Square Stage
4:15 pm – Robert Randolph and the Family Band at the Full Moon Stage
6 pm – Cornmeal at the Town Square Stage
6 pm – Gov’t Mule at the Full Moon Stage
7:30 pm – Jeff Austin Band
7:45 pm – Railroad Earth

We have to head back home on Sunday night to get back into the bump and grind of things so I see us taking off after the Railroad Earth performance.

Phases of the Moon Artist Preview — Gov’t Mule

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Gov’t Mule is a soulful act that features the beautiful velvety smooth vocals from Warren Haynes with some amazing guitar playing skills. I have seen Gov’t Mule quite a few times over the years and have never been disappointed when I have attended a show or festival and seen them live. The band has been one that I have been seeing live and like many of the bands at the Phases of the Moon Festival it is one that I am excited to check out again.

phases 5

I will be honest that I am not usually the type of person that likes the rock/blues genre that I feel like Gov’t Mule fits into. That being said there are songs that Gov’t Mule plays that simply melt my heart and take me away to a special time in my life. I am a huge fan of the song “Soulshine.” There is just something about hearing this song that takes me back to the happiest moments in my life. It makes me feel carefree and helps me forget about any of the struggles or worries that I might be facing in a day. If I am having a bad dad I can turn on “Soulshine” for an instant pick me up.
This is one of the songs that has inspired me to travel out into the world interviewing fans, and hopefully soon interviewing artists about the overall impact that their music has. Music has such a connection with me that it is something that I can not live without. I am always listening to music and constantly singing to my children. I love being able to share my favorites with them and to be able to share with them what these songs mean to me.

(from the dAiLaN89 channel on YouTube)
As for the song and my personal stance.  “Soulshine” has been a guiding light on dark paths in my life.  It has been the wind beneath my wings when I have needed to fly.  It has been the spirit that has kept me moving when I did not think that I could go on.  It has been a memory that is distant and then a new memory again.  It has been a song that has meant a lot to my life and one that has helped to carry me through some of my most troubled times.  All in all I so grateful for the band for sharing this song with me.  I am thankful that they put this out there in hopes that the fans would like it because it really has been one of the songs that has been the most life changing for me.

 Gov't Mule

I love that I have allowed the music of Gov’t Mule to take me to new places in my life. I have enjoyed learning about the band and their musical influences as well. I have read a lot of interviews with Mr Haynes that have talked about the amazing musical influence that he found with the Grateful Dead and other bands. The fact that he has been able to move up in the musical world and play with these bands that were such an influence on him have had to be such surreal experiences and times of joy as a fan. They have had to be times when he has felt pride and significant happiness about where his career has landed him.
I am hopeful that I will get to hear my favorite while we are at the Phases of the Moon Festival. I hope to check out what I am sure is going to be a great performance by the band. I am also very excited to be able to have my children experience Gov’t Mule for the first time. I think that they are going to enjoy dancing and I know for certain that they will enjoy recognizing a few of mommy’s favorite songs.