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5 Tips for Designing Your Child’s Dream Room on a Budget

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Designing Kids Dream RoomDesigning a child’s bedroom without having a great deal of extra cash can seem challenging. Children have dreams about their personal space and can describe expensive items that are too much for the family to afford. Although it can seem difficult at first, creating a dream room for a child with a limited budget it possible.

Buy Used Items

Buying items from a thrift store, antique shop or yard sale can dramatically reduce the cost of furniture items and other design features. The key is looking for items that are made with quality materials and have a reasonable price. In some cases, it might be necessary to spend a little time refinishing or painting the furniture, but it is usually only a fraction of the cost when compared to buying new furniture.

Select a Design Theme

Designing a room based on a specific theme will make it easier to stay within a budget. A theme can range from the childhood fantasy to sports or even just a color scheme. By sticking to one idea and designing the room around that feature item, it is easier to create an amazing space with a limited amount of funds. Selecting colors is usually the easiest way to stay on a strict budget. [Read more…]

The Top 5 Road Trip Cars for Under $35,000

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The Top 5 Road Trip Cars for Under $35,000 (1)Many desires are multicultural, but the yearning to get out and hit the open road seems to be something that’s ingrained in the American psyche. The U.S. has the 2nd longest Interstate system in the entire world, and not many citizens go their entire lives without taking a few road trips. Most of us usually are content with taking whatever car we own, but many people actually decide to rent a car or purchase one based on how well it will do on a lengthy road trip.


The right vehicle for a road trip definitely isn’t going to be a one size fits all choice. A family of four is going to have much different needs in a vehicle than a college student looking to see the country with their best friend. This, however, doesn’t mean that everyone isn’t allowed to get a good deal on the road trip vehicle of their dreams. Luckily, there are actually five different vehicles that are great for road trips that all fall under $35,000.  [Read more…]

Keep Your Money Safe Without a Checking Account

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Kozzi-dollars-cash-in-a-black-wallet-2229 X 1704Many of you already know that I work for a bank.  I’m also a firm believe in never caring cash.  I feel that it increases your risk of not only being robbed, but if you’re handbag or wallet is stolen you’ll never see the cash again.

Sadly its the world we live in and it’s something to think about.  There’s also times when people come into the bank, and we’re not able to open them a checking account with a debit card for different reasons, but it happens all the time.  I spend a lot of time letting them know what their options are, how they can protect themselves, and not carry cash.  Money doesn’t grow on trees, and once it’s gone there’s no more going to just magically appear.

Are you looking for a way to protect yourself without a checking account, or debit card from a bank?  Here’s a few ways I help my customers protect themselves from loosing all their cash.

Reloadable Visa Cards are a great way to help protect your money, and use it just like you would a debit or credit card.  I’m a firm believer of Visa, I use them for just about everything, and out of all the companies I have had to deal with, I personally feel that Visa is the easiest.  Not to mention has the best customer service.

Only carry the cash you need.  This makes it hard when you travel, and really travelers checks are a thing of the past.  I mean you can get them, but only certain banks carry them.  However, it’s an option.

Visa Gift Cards are another way to be sure you’re money is safe.  One thing I don’t like about most gift cards is, they are not reloadable.  You got it, so another fee when you purchase.  They are really for gifts, you can register them and use them just like a debit card without your name, which can make it a little more difficult to use.

Credit Cards are good, but only if you can get approved.  The chances of you being denied a checking account and getting a credit card are probably slim, but hey it can happen I have seen it with my own eyes so you never know unless you try.

All in all, if you don’t have a checking account, or a debit card my favorite option is by far the Reloadable Visa Cards.  I like and trust Visa, and their Reloadable Cards are as close as it comes to having a debit card in my opinion.

What are you thoughts about protecting your money?  Do you have a preferred way to ensure you’re money is always safe?  I would love to hear them if you do, always open for ideas to share with my customers.

Savings Your Pup Will Go Crazy For

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Check it out, if you love your pups don’t miss out on this super savings!  Right now you can get up to a 75% savings on toys, treats, and chews from doggy Loot!  Pretty stinking cool right?  I know your pusp will really appreciate you shopping for them!  What dog doesn’t love getting a fancy new toy, great tasting treat, or yummy chew?  I know mine would roll over 98 times for something yummy from doggy Loot, lol.

Doggy Loot will also give you $10 for each friend that makes a purchase, and your friends will get $5 as a gift from you for signing up.  So be sure and share this with all your puppy loving friends so both of you can earn some freebies!

seriously, I shop there and love the place!  So if you’re looking for a way to spoil your pups and save check out Doggy Loot HERE.

Ten Ways Every Household Can Cut Down on Bills

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piggiySaving money in today’s economy is challenging but not impossible, and by implementing a few of these tips into your everyday life can help you cut down on bills and your household expenses.

Unplug, Unplug, Unplug

Appliances left plugged in are known as phantom energy users and can cost big you when you pay the bill at the end of the month. If you don’t believe little things like this make a difference, spend a month unplugging the washer and dryer after each use, unplug the TV, the toaster and so on, and compare to your bill last month.

See Things in a Different Light

According to an analysis by the Natural Resources Defense Council, switching to energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs saves the average family over one hundred dollars annually on lighting costs.

Doing the Wash

If you have never made your own laundry detergent, it’s definitely worth a try! A Google or Pinterest search will reveal recipes for liquid and powdered versions that cost pennies, plus you’ll know EXACTLY what’s in it, and you can create your own scents. Calculate your cost per load compared to store bought and add up your annual savings.

Talk About It

Getting the whole family on one cell phone plan if they aren’t already is one of the best ways to cut down on that cell phone bill, so look into family plans or shop around for providers. Looking into getting a home phone service, for instance, Bell home phone services, is another way to reduce your cell phone bill drastically, what with plans nowadays being affordable and reliable.

Be Smart about Your Driving

Changing your driving habits can save money, so those extra trips to the store or driving around looking for parking definitely increase your gasoline costs. Planning errands efficiently and driving less in general add up to significant savings, because it’s those quick little drives here and there that guzzle gas.

Buying Groceries

Throwing away food is like throwing money in the trash, so careful shopping can help make the most of your food budget by allowing you to take advantage of coupons and store sales. Planning menus helps prevent food waste and needless buying, so always go with a list and stick to it!

Look at Your Current Insurance Plans

Compare prices on insurance policies for your home and vehicles, and while you are comparing rates, ask about discounts your family may be eligible for.

Heating and Cooling

Insulating your home, lowering the thermostat at night and when away and using draft stoppers and weather stripping are ways to save on heating costs. Contact your utility company for more information, as they are often happy to provide a list of energy saving tips.

Current Debt

Contact creditors and ask about lowering monthly payments or your interest rate, the worst they can say is no, and sometimes they are willing to work with you in applying new terms to your loan payments.

The Little Things

Question every purchase your family is considering, if it isn’t really a need, think about delaying the purchase or finding an alternative that is less expensive. Small things like renting movies or going out for dinner twice in one week add up fast, so plan a big family night once a month where everyone can weigh in on what they would like to do cut down on the spontaneous spending.

Remember that small actions add up to big savings, so be smart, be frugal, be wise and try some of these tips to see how much you can lower your household bills.

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Melisa Cammack has been freelance writing for a number of years, and loves to write parenting, home, self-help, and health articles. She is a Seattle native, a busy mommy to three young boys with a baby girl on the way, and is currently living in Western Australia with her loving husband.

How to Save On Insurance

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living roomIf you’re living on a budget, you know every dollar you can save counts. That’s why it’s important to take a look at your current insurance premium and ask yourself if you’re paying too much. Shop around to compare your options when it comes to price and coverage, consider bundling policies with the same carrier, take some easy safety precautions in your home and make sure you’re not missing out on discounts.

Compare rates

If you’re shopping for a new policy or just looking for better rates than what came with your current policy, it’s important to compare multiple quotes from multiple providers. Make sure you’re comparing similar policies by using the same coverage types, limits and deductibles across the board. [Read more…]

Economizing on Hair Care Products

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Kozzi-dollars-cash-in-a-black-wallet-2229 X 1704In this uncertain economy, many people are looking for ways to cut back and leave a little extra cash in their pockets.  One easy way of economizing is to change the way you use and buy hair care products.  Just because you budget is limited, you should not have to buy cheaper quality products.  The following are some tips that will show you how you can economize without compromise.

  • Buy in bulk.  Though buying in bulk is initially expensive, in the long run you will save money.  You have more buying power when you buy in bulk.  Just make sure the product you are buying is one you will enjoy for a long time; don’t buy tons of shampoo if you aren’t certain it is the right type for your hair. [Read more…]

A Few Tips Towards Saving Money on your Electricity Bill

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bulb_popupUtility bills tend to fluctuate throughout the year based on consumption. Whether the lights are on too much or the water is being misused when washing dishes, people are always looking for ways to cut back and save in every way they can. When it comes to the electric bill, there is a variety of things that can be done to cut down on usage and put money back into your pockets. Below are a few tips that can be followed to ease the strain from your monthly electrical bill. [Read more…]

Don’t Let Thieves Steal Your Holiday Joy: Tips to Avoid ATM Skimming

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Right in time for the holidays, deputies in Volusia County, Florida discovered five skimming devices installed on ATM machines in five different Publix grocery stores spanning from Polk county to Volusia. Without cameras on the ATMs, police didn’t have a suspect, but managers from one of the stores said they saw a white male come in and use the ATM and then come back in different clothes a couple of hours later. Reports of this crime came about a week after another skimmer was sentenced in Atlanta, Georgia to 38 months in federal prison for “skimming.” [Read more…]

5 Things to Look for on Cyber Monday

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Cyber Monday is the online shopping equivalent of Black Friday. Cyber Monday sales continue to set records year over year. Cyber Monday is the first Monday after Thanksgiving, and it has become the biggest online shopping day of the year. Several retailers are online only stores, and they rely on Cyber Monday the same way brick and mortar stores rely on Black Friday. Traditional stores that also have a website seek to take advantage of the revenues generated on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday by offering discounts in their stores and “internet only” discounts on their websites.

The reality is that there are certain items that will always be easier to buy in a traditional store, and there are other items like technology and electronic gadgets that are completely suited to online purchase. Retailers understand this, and technology and electronic gadgets are some of the most deeply discounted and widely available products for sale on Cyber Monday. It is a certainty that someone (if not several people) on your holiday shopping list is looking for the latest tablet, laptop, ultrabook, TV, phone, or other electronic gadget. Below is a list of five things to look for when shopping online on Cyber Monday.

You can find great TV deals and discounts on Cyber Monday. Televisions come in all shapes and sizes these days. TVs can be either small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, or as large as 75” or more. The picture quality of most modern televisions is oftentimes better than people can see, and they are usually no more than two inches thick. The latest trend in television viewing is 3D TVs, which allow the viewer to get a 3D viewing experience in their own home. Look for great TV deals, while shopping online in Cyber Monday.

Smart Phones
Look for deals on the newest smart phones on Cyber Monday. Smart phones are usually the starting point product for most technology geeks and gadget “freaks”. Smart phones are becoming more and more like mini computers with sophisticated mobile operating systems. Smart phones not only allow a user to communicate via phone, email, text, or video chat, but they also let you watch movies and television, play games by yourself or with others online, read your favorite books, listen to your favorite songs, and much, much more.

Ultrabooks seek to be the middle ground between laptops and tablets. Ultrabooks feature slim designs, quick resume from sleep, built-in security, USB 3.0 ports, a minimum of 5 hours of battery life, super fast processors, and solid state drives. Ultrabooks pick up the computing tasks where a tablet leaves off, and the ease of accessibility and portability of a tablet.

Laptops are the new desktop computers and have been for some time. With advances in processor and drive technology, more computing power can be housed in a smaller shell than ever before. Some laptops are so powerful, it is possible to run an entire business on them. Laptops remain a great way to take your computer and your work with you, wherever you go. Cyber Monday was made for laptop discounts. Laptops are definitely a thing to look for a Cyber Monday.

A tablet is a mobile computing device that is larger than a smart phone and smaller than a laptop with a touchscreen interface. Tablets are the hottest gadget going, and they are definitely a thing to look for on Cyber Monday. More and more competitors are entering the tablet market, and so the price continues to come down. With falling prices and great Cyber Monday deals, you are sure to find the tablet you want at a phenomenal price.

Cyber Monday is the perfect day to find amazing online deals and discounts on technology and gadgets like televisions, smart phones, ultrabooks, laptops, tablets, and more. To get some ideas of what you may want to keep an eye out for, click here.

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Brian Jensen works with Dell. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time with his family. He has a passion for learning and writing about all things technology.