Get Paid for Blogging with Shvoong

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Shvoong allows you to write any summary or review on a book, article, newspaper, website, moving, or academic paper.  You can make money blogging, by writing summaries or reviews in your own words.  The more you prmote your Shvoong review or summery the more you money you will earn. 
You can promote your content using social networks, social bookmarking sites, and even Yahoo answers.    When you upload your summary or review to Shvoong you receive the royalties off your original contact for a lifetime.  Shvoong pays 10% of advertising revenues to the writes.  Shvoong pays you once a month of the 5th of the month via PayPal; however you must have accumulated more than $10.
If you would like to learn more or join Shoovg Click HERE

Monetize Your Blog With LinkWorth

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I signed up with LinkWorth a few months ago and have not had
any problems or issues, they have been great to work with.  I have had to contact them several times for different
reasons and always receive a fast friendly response.  LinkWorth will help you earn money blogging.
LinkWorth helps bloggers earn money blogging and helps businesses find blogger to help promote their product, service or website.  Bloggers can help increase traffic, promote products and increase earnings.
How does LinkWorth work?
Earn money blogging with LinkWorth by text link ads, paid
blog reviews, in-text links, in-content pay per click ads, rotating text ads,
hosted content pages, article submission, directory submission and more.  Businesses can also sign up with LinkWorth and begin finding bloggers to help increase earnings, traffic and more  If you are interested in earning money
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GiftHulk | Earn Online Rewards

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Have you heard of GiftHulk yet?  I heard about them today and thought I would sign up and check it out, similar to Swagbucks and SuperPoints it is fun if you enjoy earning for doing everyday online tasks such as.

  • Treasure Box – Open it 5 times a day for chances to win
  • Offer Walls – Check out the offer walls and earn points for accepting offers
  • EZ Coins – Earn easy coins for completing tasks
  • Giveaways – Enter their giveaways and earn coins
  • Search and Win

This is similar to SwagBucks and some of the other awesome websites out there. So far I have enjoyed using GiftHulk. To learn more about GiftHulk you can CLICK HERE


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Set Your Price. Choose your Advertisers. Sign up for SocialSpark!

SocialSpark is a great way to earn money.  Many of us are already using SocialSpark for those of you who are not give it a shot!  So here is how Social Spark works, SocialSpark helps you find offers and leads from advertisers, and every opportunity includes what the advertiser would like to to complete for them.  For every opportunity you take advantage of you earn SocialSpark Points that you can trade in for cash! 

Once you have found an awesome opportunity that you want to take advantage of, you write your post and submitted it to the advertiser for their approval.  After the post is approved it is published to your blog, 30 days later your points are paid and you can convert your points into cash and get your payment via PayPal.  Sounds Awesome right?  I really enjoy using SocialSpark they it is a blogger friendly website, that I use on all of my blog, love it and it Pays, if you are not already using SocialSpark give it a shot……

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