Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Neater Feeder Review and Giveaway!

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Do you have a dog?  Does your dog constantly make a mess of his food and water area?  Well my nephew dog (yes the only nephew that I will likely have from my brother) is a messy eater and he is always making a mess.  I know that this can be frustrating for my brother and that it requires him to do a lot of additional work that he might not otherwise have to do.


So when I found the Neater Feeder I was excited because it looked like the perfect solution to Dexter’s messy eating.  I also liked that it is made to fit his height so that it is easier for him to eat and better on his bones and joints.

I thought in celebration of Dexter and the Neater Feeder that I would share some tips to help keep your house clean with a dog.

Avoid Flying Fur

The best thing that you can do to avoid an excess of fur is make sure that you are brushing your dog each day.  It really does not take that long and it will not just trim the amount of fur that your dog is shedding but it will also keep their coat healthy and shiny.

Keep Food & Water Cleaned Up

neater feeder

The Neater Feeder is the best solution that I have found for pet owners to keep their food and water cleaned up.  This is one of the best solutions that I have found because the tray that is underneath the food and water bowls will collect all of the mess for you to easily throw out and keep clean.  Just think no more spills on the floor!!

We received the Large Neater Feeder Deluxe ($65.98) for Dexter since he’s a lab this is the right size for him.  I will admit that I have been nothing but impressed with the overall quality of the product and since I am terrible at waiting it is going to kill me to wait until Christmas.  I want to see his little cute face eating out of this right now!

Make Your House Smell Nice

There are so many different types of products on the market that can help rid your house of pet odors.  You only really need baking soda.  You can sprinkle baking soda into your carpet or make your own spray with 1/4 cup baking soda, water, and essential oils.  You can pick any scent that you prefer so that you are doing okay.

Stay on Top of Messes

Finally the best thing that you can do with pet messes is to stay on top of them.  If you keep the house picked up after your pet you will be less likely to have a huge mess than you will if you do not stay on top of the little ones (they can add up quick!).

The Neater Feeder is definitely a must for your favorite pet or pet owner this holiday season.  It is the one thing that you need to help keep your house clean from many of the pet messes that pet owners struggle with daily.  There are Neater Feeders for all sizes of dogs and cats too!

Giveaway Time!!!  Want your own Neater Feeder??  You can WIN one here!!

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*Winner must be from the US, all entries will be verified, and winner will get to have their choice of Neater Feeders.

Remodeling Your Bathroom? These Tips Can Help

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Around the New Year is when everyone starts to think about what remodeling and home improvement projects they are going to take advantage of in the next year.  With 2015 just around the corner if you are looking at remodeling your bathroom there is a good chance that you might feel overwhelmed at the process.

danze logo

Tip 1 — Pull Inspiration from Around the Globe

Danze Cirtangular Vanity

One great tip for making choices in remodeling your bathroom is to choose inspiration from around the globe.  You can find furniture pieces, cabinets, and even bathtubs and showers that have a dramatic appeal with a global influence.  I love the Asian influence that you find with sinks like the Danze Citangular Freestanding Vanity and Ziga Zaga Deck Vessel.

Danze ziga zaga deck vessel

Tip 2 — Create a Relaxing Environment

Keep clutter away in your bathroom.  If you walk in and see clutter you are going to feel overwhelmed and not be as happy or as relaxed as if you have cabinets and shelving to neatly put away everything in your bathroom.  Choose shelving units with doors if you have children so that the constant mess and array that they keep things in will not be a problem.

Tip 3 — Little Things Can Have a Big Impact

danze sirius

Choosing small things like bathroom faucets and shower heads can have a big impact on the appeal of your bathroom when you are remodeling.  I am a huge fan of the Danze Sirius faucet as it has clean lines that I appreciate and enjoy.  I also love the Sirius Showerhead which features the same clean lines as the faucet.

Danze sirius shower head

Tip 4 — A New Toilet Can Make a Big Impact

Danze ziga zaga high efficiency toilet

Using a standard toilet is what everyone is drawn to with their bathrooms.  However if you choose a toilet like the Ziga Zaga you will find that people are instantly impressed when they see your bathroom because this toilet is so unique.

Creating the perfect bathroom is an easy remodel project that you can enjoy for years to come. Danze offers you everything that you need to create your dream bathroom oasis at home.

This post was sponsored by Danze and I will be receiving a promotional item for my participation.

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Zazzle

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I LOVE giving personalized gifts at the holiday time.  I love giving them so much that our family has come to expect something with the kids’ or someone special to them’s pictures on them.

I discovered Zazzle in the spring and instantly fell in love with their website.  I was very lucky to get to work with them again for this feature.

I thought that I would share some tips for choosing the best personalized gifts.

Choose Gifts that are Fun

zazzle magnets rectangle

I was able to check out some personalized magnets from Zazzle this time.  They are so much fun!!  I love being able to look at the cute pictures of our family and children on the fridge.   These Premium Flexi Magnets ($4.95 each) are an amazing gift to have for anyone.  They are perfect for being able to show off those special loved ones in your life.  I love that I can look at my adorable children or hot husband each day when I am opening my fridge.

Know Who You Are Buying For

zazzle magnets round

I love so many of the great gifts on Zazzle because you can really personalize the gifts to be for anyone that you want.  I loved getting the kids each their own Standard 2 1/4 inch Round Magnet ($3.45 each).  This is going to be a great way to help us get more organized in 2015.  We will be able to use their magnets for the things that they need signed or done and I will be able to find them on the fridge easily!  They can also be used for art or special things that the littler ones make.

Think Outside the Box


I knew that my mom has wanted a Photo Blanket for some time.  What I did not expect was that my brother would add a new member of the family to our lives before then.  So this year instead of just making the blanket with my kids’ pictures on it as I would have normally done I thought outside of the box.  I chose to make the blanket with pictures of my children and to include a picture of my brothers dog, Dexter, as well.  I think that this is a fun way for my mom to be able to celebrate her whole family!

Zazzle really offers you a unique customer driven experience.  You can search through a wide variety of products so that you can find exactly what you want to personalize for your loved ones.


Holiday Gift Guide Feature — D-Link

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Do you struggle with just what to get that techie friend or family member?  Do you want to get them something cool that they will love but have no clue as to what you are going to actually buy??  Each year I struggle when it comes to finding things for the techie people in our life.  My husband is a techie and I have a hard time finding great gifts for him.  So this year I went on a hung to find the most innovative products that I could find.

d link logo

D-Link is an awesome company that offers you a wide variety of amazing techie goodness.  There are so many fun products in their store that you will not know where to begin.

d link 3

Wi-Fi Motion Sensor

d link 2

We are working on securing our home and in not having to worry when my husband is away at work.  One of the things that I struggle with is sleeping at night when he is gone because I worry that something is going to happen.  I find that the My D-Link Wi-Fi Motion Sensor is one great item that is going to help me feel more at ease when I am home with the kids.  It is also going to help me to feel more comfortable while we are away traveling.

The way that this innovative product works is that it actually will send a notice to your phone when the motion sensor goes off.  This makes it easy to know if something is going on in another room or not.  It is a great device that you can use with a variety of additional products from D-Link so that you can even shave a video when motion is detected.

Wi-Fi Smart Plug

d link 3

The My D-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug is another great device that you will love having in your home.  This one allows you to turn things on and off with your iPhone and can keep you connected when you are not home.  I think that this will be another one that is perfect for traveling.  I will be able to turn the TV on and off at random times and make sure that people think that we are home when we are not.  As someone who has a lot of new jobs right now and a lot of travel plans throughout the 2015 year this is one exciting purchase that has me pumped to see what else D-Link can come up with in the future.

Safety Tips to Secure Your Home When Traveling

Have Someone Check on Things

One sure sign that you are traveling and not home is that you might have an accumulation of mail or packages piling up at your house.  Have someone check and make sure that this is not happening to you!

Turn on Lights or The TV

There are many great tools that you can use for this but having lights or televisions going off and on at different times will make your holiday season safe while you are traveling.

Use Motion Sensors

Even if you are not home, neighbors and others can see when lights are going on.  Motion sensors are a great way to do this.

Tips for Keeping Your Home Germ Free

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If you want to have a healthy household then you will need to reduce the amount of germs that you have. There are some things that you can do if you want to work on keeping your home germ free.

mother's therapy organics

One of the problems that I often face is that most disinfectants contain chemicals in them that are harmful. It can be hazardous to your your health if you are using these harmful chemicals which is why Mother’s Therapy Organics is a great brand to check out.

mother's therapy 5

There are a lot of tips that can help you to keep your home germ free.
Let the Sun Shine In
What many people do not realize is that the sun actually has the power to kill certain germs and to disinfect. Let the sun shine in your home and you are getting some of those germ killing benefits.
Open Your Windows
Opening your windows can help you to be able to get fresh air moving through your home. This is one way to keep germs moving. If your home is closed up there is no air flow and your germs are constantly cycling through the home.
Clean Often
One of the best ways to be able to keep germs away is to have a regular cleaning schedule. I have struggled with this in the past but with a great easy schedule you have a list of chores that you do every day. Then there is another list of chores that you do each week or throughout the month. This way everything in your home is getting cleaned on a regular basis.
Keep Hands Washed
Another great way to keep germs from spreading is to wash your hands all of the time. Washing your hands is easy and something that you can do no matter where you are at.
Sanitize Your Hands
Another great thing that you can do is use hand sanitizer to sanitize your hands and keep the germs away. One of the best choices for hand sanitizers is Mother’s Therapy Organics. They offer a complete line that is less harsh than most and they offer some unique products that are perfect for keeping germs away.

Mother's therapy 2

I was able to try out some of the Mother’s Therapy Organics products. I received a 4 oz bottle of the Hand Sanitizer. I love how this sanitizer feels and that my hands are not dried out with it.

mother's therapy 4 mother's therapy 3

I also received a 1 oz size and a 1.7 oz clip on size. I use these all of the time and find the little ones are perfect for backpacks, diaper bags, and handbags. I always have sanitizer on me so that I can keep germs away.

mother's therapy 1

Finally I got the amazing Germ Fighting Lotion in the 8 oz size. I love how this keeps my hands super soft and how it also fights germs at the same time. This is not like any other hand sanitizer that I have ever used before.

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