Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Blinc Inc

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Blinc Inc is a cosmetics company that I had not heard about until recently and I have to admit that I am so glad that I did.  I am OBSESSED with having my eyes made up and with them looking great.  One of the things that I love about the Blinc Inc products that I received is that they really do make my eyes open up and pop in a way that other eye make up does not.

blinc logo

I received the Amazing Eyes Discovery Collection ($32) which I have to admit is a fun collection that really can help you learn how to create the perfect eye looks for your needs.

blinc 2

The collection contains four pieces which include the following:


Mascara Amplified…wow!!  This mascara rocks!!  I know that I am not a make up authority but I am a make up junkie and I LOVE mascara that is high in quality.  I have probably used over 50 different brands of mascara in my time and this one is one of my favorites.  I can not believe how well the coverage works and how buildable it is.  You can really build up your lashes so that they look amazing!!

I know that in the future this is definitely a mascara that I will be purchasing because I like it so much.

Eyebrow Mousse is a great product that is unlike any brow gel or brow color that I have ever used in the past.  It never feels stiff or uncomfortable and it really makes my eyes look amazing.

The Eyeshadow Primer is amazing and is going to really help your eyeshadow to stay all day long.  I loved that I was pretty active when I tested it out and that I NEVER had creases in my shadow.  I battle creases in my eye shadow each and every single day.

Finally the kit came with an Eyeliner Pencil.  I have to admit that this pencil glides on my eyes and it is a shock to me that it is in pencil form.  I could not believe that a pencil could really be that smooth because this was seriously one of the smoothest eyeliners that I had ever used.

Tips for Stunning Eyes Every Day

**Do Not Forget the Eyebrows

One of the things that you must remember if you want stunning eyes is to never forget the eyebrows.  This is one of the biggest mistakes that many people make when they are doing their eye make up and it really makes a HUGE difference in how someone looks whether or not their brows are done.  The Eyebrow Mousse from Blinc Inc is amazing and really frames my eyes well.

**Line Those Eyes

For a while I went without eyeliner thinking that it did not make that much difference. Well I got told that I looked tired a lot more often and many people commented that something was different and actually asked me what was wrong with me.  I ended up realizing that eyeliner makes my eyes pop and look more awake.  I love the Blinc Inc Eyeliner Pencil and how it makes my eyes look.

**Make Sure Your Eyeshadow Does Not Crease

If you have creases in your eyeshadow it just does not look pretty.  It actually can draw attention to your eyes in the wrong way as people wonder whether or not they should say something to you.  I personally never know what to do and for some reason I can’t keep my eyes off of someone who has the creases in their shadow.  Well not any longer is this a problem for me because the Eyeshadow Primer from Blinc Inc is amazing and really keeps shadow from creasing all day long.

**Amp Up Those Lashes

Mascara Amplified is a lot of fun because it is offers you a great buildable make-up that is really going to make your eyes pop and get noticed.  I do not have unusually long eyelashes but when I am wearing this mascara from Blinc Inc I am constantly getting complimented on my “amazing” eyelashes….even from strangers.

Camilla Olson Makes Pieces that Mix and Match for the Perfect Wardrobe

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

I have to admit that I feel a little bit of American pride when I find products and clothing that are made here in the US.  I am going to be featuring a number of amazing products that are designed and manufactured here in the USA.  I plan on trying to find all of the products that you could want or need, all made right here in America.  While all of the materials are not from the US, all of the Camilla Olson products are manufactured, produced, designed, and sewn/put together in the San Francisco Bay area.  Camilla is a lovely woman who I had the pleasure of chatting with and she created the line to help accommodate her need to have easy to put together outfits so that she could get ready for work with ease each day.

CO logo

I recently discovered the Camilla Olson line and have to admit that I am very impressed with the overall quality of the clothing.  I love that it is great for traveling and I especially love that the clothes are so interchangeable with the things that I already have in my wardrobe.  I  find myself reaching for both the Straight Pant ($110) and the Cage Top ($115) all of the time.  That is because the pieces are so interchangeable and fun to wear.  Plus they are super comfortable and made from high quality materials.

CO 1

Since I am a mom and I am always looking for great clothing that I can wear in multiple ways, I thought that I would share with you ten different outfits that I can easily make with the pieces that I received from Camilla Olson.

CO 2

Two Pieces, Ten Outfits

**Straight Pants and Cage Top

Collage outfit 10

The obvious pairing for an outfit is the two pieces of clothing that I received.  I say obvious because what could be more simple than wearing these together.

**Straight Pants Under My Favorite Dress

Collage outfit 1

Winter time in Illinois is cold but that does not mean that I love my favorite dress any less.  In fact I want to keep wearing it all winter long and with the great Straight Pants, I can.  They really help to keep me warm under my dress.

**Straight Pants, Cage Top, Cute Sweater

Collage outfit 2

I am always wearing layers and sweaters in the winter because I am cold and want to be warm and cozy.  The Straight Pants, Cage Top, and my favorite new sweater look super cute together too!

**Cage Top with Jeans

Collage outfit 3

I love the unique features and style of the Cage Top.  It is such a fun shirt that I know that it is going to be a favorite for a long time.  I even love how it looks with a simple pair of jeans.  While not as dressy as with the Straight Pants, it really is a great look for going out.

**Cage Top with a Fun Skirt

Collage outfit 4

Another look that I love is the Cage Top with a fun funky skirt.  I have a lot of skirts in my wardrobe because I have always been a skirt girl.  I Love how the Cage Top looks great with many of my skirts.

**Straight Pants and a Tunic

Collage outfit 5

Another one of my favorite combinations is the Straight Pants with a simple tunic.  They really look great with everything that I have paired them with and this combination is no different.

**Straight Pants with a Long Sweater

Collage outfit 7

One of this season’s hottest trends is a long sweater.  Long sweaters look great with the Straight Pants.

**Straight Pants with a High Low Sweater

Collage outfit 6

Another HUGE trend is the high low sweater.  I love how the Straight Pants look with my favorite high low sweater.

**Straight Pants, Cage Top, and a Jean Jacket

Collage outfit 8

I also love how the outfit can be brought down a level to look more simple with the addition of a jean jacket.

**Straight Pants with a Long Black Tank

Collage outfit 9

One of the favorite pieces from my wardrobe is a very long black tank that I like to wear with everything.  I especially love this tank with the Straight Pants and a fun scarf to dress it up a bit.  It is the perfect outfit for kicking it back on a Saturday.

Choosing fun and functional pieces is a great way to be able to make sure that you have a great wardrobe to pick from.  The Camilla Olson line offers you great pieces that are perfect for mixing and matching with pieces that you already own.

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Spanx Workout Clothes

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

I have to admit that I have a love affair with Spanx.  I literally can not remember the last day that I went out of the house without wearing them.  That being said when it comes to the perfect clothes to working out in, I would have NEVER imagined how much I could love Spanx line of clothing.  I thought that their leggings, tops, and pants would all be the same but I was very wrong.  There is nothing more amazing to me than how I look when I  am headed to the gym or getting ready to work out at home in Spanx workout clothes.

Spanx logo

Earlier this year I wrote a review about the great Spanx workout clothes that I received.  I wanted to bring these clothes back up in a new feature because I really do want them for Christmas.  In fact I was telling my mom tonight just how much I wanted some Spanx winter apparel to be part of my Christmas gifts.

Tips to Find Workout Clothes to Feel Confident In

**Find Clothes that Look Good on You

spanx 4

The best things about Spanx workout clothes is that they really do look great on everyone.  I could not believe the amazing improvement that I saw in myself when I put on my Spanx brand workout gear.  I was super impressed with the Shaping Compression Crop ($88).  In fact these became my go to pants all summer long and I still try to wear them with boots but they are a bit short to honestly pull that off.  I just love how flattering these leggings are and how they make my curves look beautiful in all the right ways.

**Find Clothes You Can Feel Confident In


When it comes to working out as an overweight person going to the gym is embarrassing.  Let’s face it no one wants to struggle with worrying about whether or not their flab is going to be flopping all over the place while they are pounding it on a machine.  That being said, I had lacked confidence so much for years that I avoided working out and going to the gym which just led to either weight gain or no weight loss as I had desired.  The Spanx On The Go Pant ($98) really made me feel confident and better about myself.  I loved that I could work out hard and never worry about having too much of a belly jiggle because it was all nicely sucked into my pants.

**Pick a Piece that You Love

spanx 2

One additional piece that I tried out was the Ribbed Racerback with Shelf Bra ($62).  This top was amazing on and really helped me to feel more confident about how I looked when I was working out.  It was also the perfect tank to wear underneath things and became one of my favorite tanks to wear regardless all summer long and even into the fall and winter with sweaters or jackets because it is so flattering and so comfortable.

My Current Spanx Wish List

In case you were wondering.  Here are the Spanx items that have recently caught my eye.

spanx wish list 1

Signature Skinny Jeans in Wax Black

spanx wish list 2

Denim Legging in Indigo Wash

spanx wish list 3

Contour Jacket in Black

spanx wish list 4

Ready to Wow Woven Twill Legging in Black

spanx wish list 5

Ready to Wow Faux Leather Legging in Black

spanx wish list 6

Look at Me Leggings High Waisted Cotton Leggings

So as you can tell my own Christmas list has a ton of Spanx on it and it is something that I love so much that I thought that you would too!

Learn Tricks for the Perfect Mineral Make Up Application

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Everyday Minerals Logo

Mineral make up can be quite tricky.  In fact if you apply it wrong you risk looking like you have a layer of make up on your face.  That being said, when done right mineral make up can be some of the most natural and beautiful make up available to you today.

everyday minerals 2

I have made a video for you so that you can watch and perfect your own technique to get the perfect mineral make up application.


Have the Right Tools

everyday minerals 3

One huge trick to getting the perfect mineral make up is making sure that you have the right tools for the job.  I love Everyday Minerals and am OBSESSED with their brushes.  Since I have worked in the world of cosmetics before I have used a huge variety of brushes but I have never used brushes that I love as much as these.  They are must have for any woman who wants the perfectly flawless application from her mineral make up.

everyday minerals 4

Know the Right Steps

Step 1 — Conceal — Look at your skin and use the concealer brush to target any areas that might be less than flattering.  One great thing about mineral make up is that you can use the same make up to conceal as you can as foundation.  This is just done by using different brushes and different techniques.

Step 2 — Apply Foundation — When applying mineral foundation you need to adopt the dip, tap, swirl routine.  Use this every time that you need more make up on your brush.  The big thing to remember is that you can have different results depending on how you do this.  Start with a light thin layer and add to it until your face looks just like you want it to.

everyday minerals 5

Step 3 — Highlight — Use a highlighter to apply to the areas of your face that you want to highlight.  I usually do the bridge of my nose and just under my cheekbones.


Step 4 — Bronze — Next use a bronzer to hit your face just where the sun would hit.  I get the tip of my nose, my forehead, and my chin.


Step 5 — Blush — I apply the blush to the apples of my cheeks and swipe upwards toward the hairline.  I follow the top of my cheekbones because I like my cheekbones.  If you do not like yours you can play with an angle that makes you feel most confident.

everyday minerals 8 everyday minerals 6

Step 6 — Do The Eyes — Next apply your eye make up in the desired color and technique that you like to use.

everyday minerals

Step 7 — Line Them Too — Eyeliner can really add a lot and with the right tools and brushes you can smudge and make them look just how you want them to.

Applying mineral make up is easy.  You will find that Everyday Minerals Make Up like those listed above is a great quality and offers you the perfect healthy choices for your skin.

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Tieks by Gavrieli

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

tieks logo

Shoes, shoes, shoes…yes shoes are really what you can find on every fashionistas Christmas wish list this summer.  I LOVE Tieks by Gavrieli.  These are literally the best ballet flats that I have ever owned.   Since ballet flats are my favorite I have owned a lot of pairs but there are a few things that are unique to these that I particularly love.  I was really excited to buy a pair that are Clover Green ($175).  I don’t usually make a lot of purchases for myself but I pooled some of the birthday money that I had gotten together and chose to buy these great shoes.  I really LOVE them and find myself wearing them all of the time.  They add the perfect pop of color to black outfits!

Teiks 5

One the things that made me really excited to try these shoes was that I could fold them and carry them with me.  Since they are comfortable and such a high quality this makes them absolutely perfect when I am traveling.  In fact this past weekend I forgot to take them with me and had to dance all night long at a concert in my boots.  I would have given anything to magically be able to teleport these to myself for the show so that I would have been more comfortable while dancing.


5 Reasons Every Woman Needs Tieks by Gavrieli

Teiks 2

1.  They Can Go Everywhere

One of the things that I love most about Tieks is that they can go everywhere with me.  They fold up small, come with a great little dust bag that keeps them protected or keeps the inside or your purse clean, and really are the perfect shoes for traveling.  As someone who is traveling an lot I find that my Tieks are probably one of the pairs of shoes that I wear the most.

Teiks 4

2.  Tieks Come Pre-Wrapped

I hate wrapping presents and with four kids and a HUGE family to shop for I go through tons of wrapping paper each year.  I always get upset because I never feel like my gifts are as pretty as I would like for them to be.  One of the best things about Tieks by Gavrieli is that they come packaged beautifully in a nice box with a cute flower on top.  They would not require any additional wrapping this holiday season.

3.  They Are Comfortable

I love comfortable shoes and shoes that I can wear all day long when chasing my kids around.  These really are some of the most comfortable ballet slippers that I have ever owned and ones that I do not want to take off.  This says a lot in itself because I prefer to be barefoot most of the time.

Teiks 3

4.  Tieks are Cute

I love that Tieks look great on.  They are so cute and stylish without having to try too hard.

5. There are Tieks for Every Outfit

Tieks come in so many styles and patterns that there is a pair that is going to match any and every outfit that you own.  I keep joking with my husband that one day I will own them all!

The hardest part about choosing Tieks by Gavrieli is choosing which color or pattern you will have.  There were so many that I loved that it actually took me a few days to pick mine out when I was shopping.  I thought that I would share a few of my favorites with you and the ones that are currently on my personal wish list.

Starstruck ($265)

tieks 1

Coral Patent ($195)

tieks 2

Chestnut ($175)

tieks 3

Mustard Yellow ($175)

tieks 4

Sunset Stripe ($175)

tieks 5

Brentwood ($175)

tieks 6

Winter Style Guide — Cozy at Home for the Whole Family

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Hello all…I have sent out on a style adventure to find the best winter styles for your family.  I am going to be exploring different topics and putting together perfectly paired outfits that are going to be what everyone in your house will LOVE wearing.

Baby Girl

cozy baby girlcozy

I LOVE the Piped Yoke Ruffle Jumpsuit in Folk Floral from Kate Quinn Organics ($56).  This is one of the cutest little baby girl outfits that I have ever seen and I would have LOVED for it to be around when my kiddos were little.  I think that this outfit would pair perfectly with some of the adorable with the Little Lookers Classic Moccasins in Metallic Pewter ($35).

Baby Boy


I am a huge fan of comfortable organic fabrics for babies.  I really love the bright and fun colors that you can find with Hanna Andersson.  I think that any little man would look adorable and cozy at home in the Get Appy Tee in Organic Cotton ($20), Wiggle Pants in Organic Cotton ($16), and the Little Gnome Baby Fleece Jacket ($59).  The Robeez Curious Lion Soft Soles ($25) really compliment this outfit well.


Toddler Girl


I LOVE Kickee Pants too!!  Their clothes are awesome!!  I love the Print Drop Waist Dress in Winter Rose Penguin ($52) and the Print Ruffle Legging in Winter Rose Stripe ($26).  The ruffles on the butt really get me every time and it makes me LOVE this adorable outfit.  I would choose to pair it with Zooligans Penny the Penguin which you can find for $46.99 at Kohls.  I also would paint my daughters nails in Bubble Trouble from Piggy Paint ($8.99).


Toddler Boy


The Cargo Pocket Tee in Green Stripe ($30) from Kate Quinn Organics is adorable.  I would love to pair it with Straight Leg Pants in Charcoal ($22).  The Tea Collection Schlawiner Zip Front Sweater ($69) would keep him snuggly and warm on cold days.  I would pair it with the Livie & Luca Fox Navy Fall 2014 ($56).


Preschool Girl


The Gingerbread Stripe Sweater Dress ($69) from Tea Collection is the perfect warm sweater for your little girl to wear all winter long and it would be so cozy and comfortable too!  When paired with the Skinny Solid Leggings (22.50) from the same line you will find that there is no end where this outfit can go.  The best thing is that the leggings come in nearly every color of stripe from the dress so you can really pick hte one that is going to work best for us.  The Umi Shoes Rhian ($80) is really the perfect boot to pair with this adorable outfit thanks to their amazing details.  I would pair this one with Knocked Up Nails nail polish in Hey Baby ($10).


Preschool Boy


The Appaman Hooded Henley ($49) and Slalom Sweats ($44) are perfect for your little boy.  They are cozy, comfortable, and adorable!  I also think that they look great with Reebok’s ZigTech Big & Quick ($59.99).



cozy 1 cozy 2

I love the Cheeky Smyle Birds in Garden Dress and the Black and White Stripe Legging with Floral Applique.  This outfit would look perfect on any little one and would be comfy too!  The Venettini 55 ALEXA in Black Patent ($84) are the perfect shoes to pair with this adorable look!  I would pair them with the Jamberry Chevron Blooms ($15/sheet) so that her nails would look gorgeous too!

cozy 1cozy 1


cozy 3 cozy 1

The Kids Long Sleeve Striped Thermal Tee ($29.50), PS – Nine Fleece Sweat Pants ($24.50), and Kids 09 MMX Zip Front Hoodie ($39.50) are just the cozy sweats that your little boys needs to stay warm and comfortable all winter long.  I would have him put a pair of the Tsukihoshi Youth Speed in Gray/Red ($60) on his feet!

cozy 2cozy 1

Teen/Tween Girl

cozy 1cozy 1

This is the hardest to shop for group in my opinion but I am sure that you can not go wrong with the AEO Crew Jegging Sweatshirt ($44) and the AEO Print Striped Leggings ($19.50) are comfy and still completely on trend with today’s hottest styles.  I would pair this outfit with the comfortable Women’s Flurry Moc from Payless Shoes ($29.99) and Jamberry’s Black and White Houndstooth Jams ($15/sheet) which would look great together!

cozy 1 cozy 2

Teen/Tween Boy

cozy 1 cozy 2

The Reebok ONE Series Elite Pants ($75), Reebok ONE Series Hoodie ($60), and Reebok ONE Series Long Sleeve Running Shirt ($50).  I would pair these with a pair of Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0 ($119.99).

cozy 1 cozy 2


cozy 1 cozy 2

When I think of comfort for myself the first thing that I think of is Gaiam’s amazing line of clothing.  I have been so lucky to get to check out a few pieces here and there and I have LOVED every single one that I have ever owned.  I would personally choose the Cascade Wrap ($88) as it is so cozy and warm, the Curve Legging ($78), the Pima Reverse Flow Tee ($62).

cozy 3 cozy 4

I would pair this outfit with an amazing Gaiam headband like the BFF Headband ($14), the Ahnu Karma in Black ($95), and the adorable Sugar and Spice Jams ($15)…I am pretty sad that I didn’t see this pattern until after I last ordered because they are soooo cute!

cozy 5 cozy 6



cozy 1 cozy 2

Betabrand features a lot of clothing that is comfortable and still leaves a stylish impact.  I LOVE the men’s Gray Dress Pant Sweatpants ($108), the Navy/Gray Ping Pong Polo ($58), and my husband’s favorite the Shark Hide Hoodigan ($78).  I think that these all are comfortable while still being something that you could go out in which makes them perfect in my opinion.  I know that he would be pairing these with his favorite Bogs Urban Farmer ($80).

cozy 3cozy 1

Being cozy and staying warm this holiday season does not mean that you have to sacrifice looking good.  Even on days when you are cozy and warm and staying inside you can still look great in high fashion cozy styles.

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Anatomie Clothing!

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

You all know that I love clothes and I have to admit that there are few pieces of clothing that I like as much as those that I have received from Anatomie.  The clothes are perfect for traveling and look great on too.  I love the newest pair of pants that I received from the company.  I received the Elene pants and they are adorable!!  They look so cute on and are something that I am excited to wear when I put them on.  I did notice that the pants are no longer available on the website so they must have been just as popular among other shoppers as they were me personally.

Logo 833x192

The best thing about Anatomie clothing is that the clothes are made with traveling in mind.  Here are some of my tips for finding great travel friendly clothes like these from Anatomie.

Tips to Find the Perfect Clothes for Travel

Find Clothes that are Easy to Pack

anatomie 2

Packing clothes can be frustrating.  I hate having to try and find great clothes that are easy to pack.  One of the things that makes the Anatomie line so great is that they offer great clothes that fold up small and pack easily.  I love the Skyler Skinny Pants ($199) which are cute and stylish and are going to be easy to travel with no matter where I am going.

Choose Clothes that Will Not Wrinkle

anatomie 3

I hate when I am out of town and pull out clothes that look awful after being packed.  I find that dresses seem to be the worst about getting wrinkled while traveling but I always want to pack one nice outfit to make sure.  I really love the Milan Dress ($350) and think that it would look trendy and stylish no matter where you go.  Plus you will love that it is not going to wrinkle or need ironed.

Look for Travel Friendly Outerwear

anatomie 4

Last weekend I went to Chicago and actually did not take a coat with me because my coats are so bulky and always are hard to carry around when I get hotter.  I sure wish that I had a great coat from Anaotmie like the awesome Gianna Jacket ($325).  The jacket looks warm and comfortable and it would fold up and be great for when we are traveling in cooler months.

Choose Travel Clothes that Match Your Personal Style

anatomie 5 anatomie 6

Finally even if you are traveling you will want to wear some great clothes that you would normally wear.  Choosing styles that you would not wear will only guarantee that you are not wearing them often.  My favorite shirt in the entire world is the Nicole Lace top that I reviewed last year from Anatomie.  It is my personal style and it looks and feels great when being worn.    The Rita Hoodie is another top from Anatomie that I would LOVE to check out.  It is cute and would fit with my personal style well which means that I would feel comfortable wearing it at home and while traveling.

Thanks to Anatomie you will never have to worry about what you are going to wear when you are traveling.  Their amazing clothing really does offer you all of the looks and styles that you are looking for.


Creating Great Winter Looks with Your Favorite Summer Pieces

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

I will admit that I sometimes become a little attached to my clothes.  There are certain pieces that I fall in love with and I do not want to retire them just because the season is wrong.  I want to keep wearing them year round because they are such great pieces.  Towards the end of the summer I was sent a package from Vera Wang with some great pieces from the Simply Vera and Princess by Vera Wang collections from the summer lines.  I loved the pieces so much that I wanted to be able to keep wearing them year round.  So I decided to put together a blog where I featured the pieces and the great fall/winter looks that I would create with these wonderful pieces to keep them in my wardrobe year round.  Plus I challenged myself to find all of the coordinating pieces from Vera Wang lines that are currently in your Kohls store.

Tips to Take Your Favorite Summer Pieces into the Winter Months

Learn How to Layer Right

vera wang 10

Layering can be hard.  If you layer the wrong pieces together you chance looking frumpy but with the right pieces layering can be a fashionistas best friend year round.  I love this great white shirt that i received from the Simply Vera Collection.

vera wang 16 vera wang 15

I wanted to find the right way to wear it year round and I love it with a black pair of slim fit pants like the Skinny Ponte Pants (which I personally own and wear all of the time!!) and the Marled Lurex Cardigan.

vera wang 17

I also think that the Tall Boots would complete this trendy look perfectly!

Moving Your Favorite Sundress into Cooler Weather

vera wang 11

I LOVE this adorable Simply Vera sundress that I received.  I think that it is adorable and a great dress to be able to wear year round.  That being said, you would probably be pretty cold if you wore this dress in the wintertime without the right additional clothing choices.

vera wang 18vera wang 19

The first thing that you should do to make sure that you are warm enough when wearing a sundress is grab a great pair of leggings.  I love this pair of brown leggings from Simply Vera. This brown Flyaway Cardigan is also great.  It would pair well with the fun colors that are in the dress.

vera wang 20

These ankle boots would pair well with the outfit and would look great and fun throughout the fall and winter.

Use Your Favorite Tank for Work

vera wang 13

I fell in love with this adorable Princess by Vera Wang tank top with ruffles.  This tank is perfect for more than just the teens that it was marketed to.  I think that it would look especially nice for work when paired with the right pieces.

vera wang 21 vera wang 22

The Simply Vera Baby Bootcut Ponte Pants and the Pointelle Flyaway Cardigan would be the perfect pieces to take this playful tank to the office.

vera wang 23

The Embellished Smoking Flats would be great for this outfit and are also perfect for the office.

Learn How to Create a Look for A Night on The Town

vera wang 12

I love how this tank has a unique high/low hemline that is fun and funky.  This makes it the perfect tank top to fair with some fun pieces for going out for a great night on the town.

vera wang 24 vera wang 25

I love this tank with the Leatherette Leggings and the Long Flyaway Cardigan would pair with this.

vera wang 26

Plus the Over the Knee High Heal Boots are the PERFECT boots for those nights when you want to go out on the town!

Creating the Perfect Casual Look

vera wang 14

Finally I received this adorable fun and funky t-shirt.  I love the print and how fun it is!!  I wanted to be able to pair with a casual outfit that would be something that I would wear out.

vera wang 27 vera wang 28

I would personally choose the Simply Vera Bootcut Jeans in a dark wash and the Quilted Cropped Bomber Jacket with this longer length t-shirt because the outfit would be so cute.

vera wang 29

Finally I would top it off with the Zipper Ankle Boots.

As you can see it is easy to take your favorite summer pieces like mine from Simply Vera and Princess by Vera Wang into the winter months with additional pieces from the lines that you can find at Kohls.


Get a Designer Purse on a Budget with Simply Vera

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

There are few things in life that I love more than purses….aside from my family I can’t think of much.  I love being able to switch purses, have the perfect purse for each outfit, and really explore the world of purses that are available for me.  The saddest thing for me is that since I am a full time stay at home mom of four I often do not get to purchase the designer purses that I want.  I just can not afford to spend hundreds of dollars on one purse which often makes me so sad.  Every once in a while I will make the splurge but then I am always mad at myself for not carrying it more often.

vera wang logo

Well with Vera Wang’s Simply Vera Collection for Kohls I do not have to feel guilty purchasing a designer purse and I do not have to carry it all of the time because I am able to find it for a great price.  So I thought that I would share my tips for choosing a “designer” handbag while shopping on a budget.

Tips to Find a Great Designer Handbag on a Budget

Look at Designer Labels for Department Stores

vera wang 7

One of the things that I love most about shopping at Kohls is that they offer you a wide selection of designer brands that create more affordable labels.  My favorite of these is the Simply Vera Collection from famed designer Vera Wang.  I love the handbags that she offers from this collection as they are everything that you want from a handbag and more.  The Sidekick Satchel is on trend with this season’s hottest looks, comes in the season’s most popular colors and costs just $69 regular price (currently on sale for $39.99).  Yes a hot handbag that is not going to break the bank is what every woman wants!

Choose Neutral Colors

vera wang 8

I know in the past one of my weaknesses with handbags has been purchasing handbags that are a trendy color.  This does not really work for you when you are trying to save money for a few reasons.  One is that you can not carry a seasonal color year round and the other is that seasonal colors are always changing.  This means that you will not want to carry it in future years.  Choosing neutral colors is the best way to get around this, unless you happen to find a purse in your favorite color which of course you would carry if it was trendy or not.  I love the neutral beige color of the Simply Vera handbag that I received for this review.

Find Styles that Meet Your Needs

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I am always tempted by cute barrel bags or adorable handbags that are carried by hand but with four kids I know better than to think that I would ever be able to use one of these.  I have to have my hands free so I either have to find a bag with a shoulder strap like this Canberra Convertible Satchel (which I am currently in LOVE with by the way!) or a crossbody style like the handbag that I received.

Go for Handbags that Fit Your Personal Style

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Since I have a mostly bohemian chic style about me I tend to choose bags that would fit best into that style.  I love the Saphia Convertible Tote that is also currently available from the collection.  The best thing about this one is that it has that slouchy fun look that I love but since it is from a high quality designer it is going to be structured enough to hold up to long term use.

Find One Classic Style that Will Last for Years to Come

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Some of the most popular handbags in the world are popular because they have classic style and appeal and will be popular for many years.  Some of these handbag designers never change a thing aside from offering a few seasonal colors or different materials.  A classic style like the Phoenix Convertible Satchel is a style that everyone will love and something that they are going to be able to enjoy for the long term.

Choosing a great handbag that is going to last for years to come and offer you designer style on a budget is simple when you follow these easy tips!  Kohls and the Simply Vera collection make it possible for you to get all of your designer handbag needs met while living on a budget.

Why You Still Need Sunglasses in the Winter Months

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Have you ever wondered why people wear sunglasses when it is cold outside?  Do you hang up your shades when summer is over?  Well you shouldn’t!  There are so many reasons that sunglasses are important for you regardless of the season that you are in.  Recently I received two adorable pairs of sunglasses from the Simply Vera by Vera Wang for Kohls.  Not only are these sunglasses cute on but they also are the perfect for meeting your needs for the winter months.  Most people just do not realize how important it is to wear sunglasses during the winter and sadly many stores are not selling them either.

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Everything You Needed to Know to Protect Your Eyes this Winter

Sunglasses are no longer just a fun summertime accessory that you wear when the weather is nice.  They are so much more and something that you need year round to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun that are still apparent even in the winter months.

**Reduce the Glare of the Sun

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One of the things that I personally hate the most during the winter is the glare of the sun on the snow.  Not only is this painful, many times I end up with headaches when I go back indoors, but it is also harmful to your eyes.  Plus it can be dangerous if you are driving or riding a bike as you might not see something in your path.

**Protection from Damaging UV Rays

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We all know how harmful the damaging UV rays of the sun can be.  Most people wear sunscreen and sunglasses during the summer.  Did you realize that the UV rays are just as strong during the winter?  It is actually possible for you to have just as much damage to your eyes and skin in the winter months as it is during the summer months.

**Protection from Debris

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When you are wearing sunglasses your eyes are also protected from many damaging things in the environment.  You can protect them from wind, sleet, hail, snow, debris, dust, and many other elements that are present year round.

**Improve Vision

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Even sunglasses that are not prescription are able to improve your vision.  Our eyes actually have a specific amount of light that is best for seeing.  If you have too much light or too little than your eyes are strained.  This means that using sunglasses when it is bright out, even on a winter day, will help to improve your natural vision.

**Reduce Headaches from Straining

When your eyes are strained it is common to have bad headaches and even neck pain.  If you wear sunglasses you are going to reduce the amount of neck pain and headaches that you have.

I am a HUGE sunglasses fan but as a mom of four I can not afford to purchase a lot of expensive pairs and my kids are hard on sunglasses.  They are constantly breaking them.  I love the Vera Wang Simply Vera Collection of sunglasses that are available for you at Kohls.  These sunglasses are really a great quality (out of the three pairs that I owned this summer my kids only broke one!!) and I love how each of the styles looked on.  I had a pair that showed old Hollywood glam, a pair that were the perfect aviators, and a pair that were a great larger square lens that was very flattering.