Gearing Up for Holiday Break with My Family!

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Well it is official…it is holiday break time around here!!  And that means holiday break which means a few weeks of having all four kids home with them all out of their routines.  If I said that I was not nervous I would be lying to you because I am a bit nervous and worried about things.

However there is so much to be thankful for this time of year that I am gearing up for our break and am going to work my hardest to keep the kids entertained and enjoying every moment of it without having them enjoying too much or having it be too busy for them.  So here are my plans for this week….I’d love to hear what you are up to!

**A Special Trip to the Reindeer Ranch

reindeer ranch

Tomorrow is going to be a very exciting day.  We are gearing up to head to Rantoul IL to check out the Reindeer Ranch.  I have to admit that I might be just as excited as my kids about checking out the ranch and being able to pet and kiss the reindeer.  I even allowed my daughter to bring a friend along with her.

**Some Holiday Memories and Fun

Tuesday is the day that we celebrate our Christmas Eve with the kids because Andrew goes to his dad’s for Christmas.  I am excited to be able to celebrate with some special happenings during the day.  I plan on finishing up our card making (Adeline and I had worked on some of these before.), decorating some cookies, and maybe even baking some treats with the kids during the day.  Then at night time we will open our annual Christmas Eve gift and then we will read books before the kids go to bed in preparation of Santa Claus coming.  I am just so excited for it all.  This year though our Santa will be stopping by twice…once with big brothers presents and the little ones’ stocking stuffers and again on Christmas with their big gift.

**Family Times

On top of our fun at home we will be headed to my parents on Christmas Eve to celebrate with them.  Then on the 26th we will be getting together with my whole family to celebrate with them.  We were then supposed to be traveling to my mother in law’s to see her but since she has been ill we will likely not be making that trip.  I am praying for her and I am sure that she would appreciate your prayers as well so that she has a speedy recovery.  I know that the kids are going to be devastated if we do not go so we might be traveling to see my grandpa instead.


The best thing about all of this though is that I am going to be able to create some amazing memories with my family and the ones that I love the most in life.

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Spin Master Toys Family Game Night Games

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Family Game Night Games Can Help You Survive Family Game Night with Toddlers

Since I am the mom of four and there is about 8 years of age difference between number 1 and number 4, I will admit that at times I have to really get creative to have fun as a family.  Let’s face it, it is not often that a toddler and a junior high student have the same interests.  This is one of the things that I love so much about the family game night box full of games that I received from Spin Master Toys.  I was able to really play games with all four of my children and I could survive family game night with a toddler.

Spin Master logo

I received a family game night pack that was filled with four of the hottest games of the season.  The games included Headbanz Act Up!, Beat the Parents Family Challenge, Moustache Smash, and Shark Mania.  We loved playing the three that we tested out during our family game night and I am sure that they are something that your family would enjoy as well.  (On a side note:  I will follow up with some more pictures in the future.  I thought that I was videotaping the last game night from time to time and my phone ran out of memory so I was not doing anything….oops!)

family game night 4

Tips to Survive Family Game Night with a Toddler

**Choose Games That Everyone Can Play

family game night 5

One of the things that I love about Shark Mania is that it is really a game that everyone can play.  Now we already had this game as Huxley had gotten it for his birthday.  This game is a TON of fun and one that we actually play quite a bit from time to time.  There is a learning curve and maybe even a little frustration in the beginning so I would suggest setting up and playing once alone before you have your child play.  Otherwise it is a game that everyone can play fairly.  Our 3 year old and our 11 year old both enjoy playing this one and they genuinely seem to have a good time playing.

**Have Fair Teams

family game night 2

With the game Beat the Parents Family Challenge we know that it is going to be hard to have it be children against adults.  Instead we tend to split things up a bit and do the game split into teams that are more fair.  This does not mean that the children do not still get to do the children tasks on the card and the parents continue to do the parent’s task.  It just makes it easier for them to play since playing without our 11 year old would mean that one team could not really read completely yet.  (Althea is a good reader for her age but as a 1st grader some of the questions and words would be way to hard for her!)

**Find Ways to Let Everyone Play Fairly

family game night 1

I am a strong believer that children should not get special rules in a game.  This does not mean that they are always going to lose.  The thing is that I want my children to lose sometimes so that they learn to be good sports and not sore losers.  I made the mistake with the oldest where I always let him win when he was little and he still gets really upset if he is playing games and not doing so well.  So when it came time to play Headbanz Act Up!  I looked at the things on the card and picked ones out for the little ones that they would potentially know what they were.  Some of them were things that a 3 year old or a 5 year old might never be able to figure out.  They still had to play the game by the rules but the game was adapted so that it would be possible for them to play.

**Focus on Each Child’s Strengths

family game night 3

Each one of your children is going to have strengths and their strengths will come into play in different board games.  Althea has really good hand and eye coordination so I think that she will be amazing at the Moustache Smash game.


Elf on the Shelf Adventures — Princess Poster Sparkle Leaves His Mark

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I will admit that I scour the internet looking at fun and unique ideas for our elf on the shelf to have an adventure.  It has been a busy year for us so our elf, Princess Poster Sparkle, just recently made his first appearance on December 8th.  I thought that I would share his adventures with you and update this post as we move through the holiday season with our special elf.

The Many Adventures of Princess Poster Sparkle

December 8th, 2014 —

We awoke to find that Princess Poster Sparkle had finally arrived.  (If you are wondering about his name, the kids could not decide and agree upon one so they each picked a name and we put them together!)  He brought cookies with him for the kids and boy were they excited to see him.

christmas traditions

Here is a fun video that I captured of the kids seeing that our elf had finally arrived!!


We talked about the rules and Huxley touched him to see if he would really get sick and not be able to travel to the North Pole (ugh!!)

December 9, 2014 —

We awoke to find that Princess Sparkle Poster was in the same place and that he still had frosting on his nose from making cookies.  The kids were very worried and Huxley apologized to him sincerely for touching him the day before.

elf on a shelf

December 10, 2014 —

My kids awoke to tell me all about the naughty elf and what kind of mischievous activities he had gotten into last night.  He was sitting on our chandelier in the dining room and had hung our family’s underwear from it.  Oh my!  This little elf is going to really wear this mama of four out!

elf on a shelf 2

I guess you’ll have to come back tomorrow to see what type of crazy situation that elf is going to get into!

Our Family’s Holiday Traditions

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Each holiday season I attempt to make lasting memories with my children through creating holiday traditions for us to enjoy our time together.  Personally I love being able to spend time with the four kids around the holidays.  Creating memories is one of my favorite things about the season and something that I aspire to do on a regular basis. So I thought that I would share some of my holiday traditions with all of you in hopes that you might share yours.  I am always willing to adopt new traditions that will work for my family!

A Look at Our Family’s Holiday Traditions


**Christmas Eve Appetizers

One of my favorite traditions that I carried over from my own parents’ house is having appetizers for dinner on Christmas Eve.  I will admit that this tradition is not as special for my children as I do have these meals from time to time throughout the year.  It was a HUGE treat for me as a kid because my parents were really into having healthy meals each night and rarely did a “junk” food meal.

**A Special Christmas Eve Surprise

christmas traditions 3

Each Christmas Eve my other tradition is giving my children each one present to open.  I choose to give them pajamas each Christmas Eve so that they have new pajamas on Christmas morning.  I love how they all look in their new pajamas and find that our pictures are extra adorable thanks to this tiny special gift.  The other things that are in the package with the pajamas differ each year. Some years it might be a game or Christmas movie but it almost always includes a book that we can read together that night before bed.


The Santa debate is HUGE all over the internet.  I do not want to get into this debate but what I do want to say is that I like that there is a little bit of magic for my kids with Santa.  That being said they are only allowed to ask Santa for one present each year.  This is important to me because I want them to be appreciative for the things that they have.

**Santa Visits at Grandma and Grandpa’s

When it comes to Santa one of the best holiday traditions that we have is being able to see the big man at my mom and dad’s house.  My old Sunday School teacher from childhood actually dresses up as the man in read and goes around visiting children.

**Taking Santa a Present

I am so appreciative and thankful for “Santa” taking the time to come to my parent’s house and visiting the kids that I used to sneak him a gift later.  This year I have the kids in on the action.  We have talked about how Santa is going to be bringing them a gift on Christmas and how it would be nice to take him one when we see him at grandma and grandpa’s.  So the kids are excited.  We have filled a basket and they are making cookies that they get to take to him themselves.

**Donating Stuffed Animals to Santa

Our “Santa” visits a lot of unfortunate children that do not have as much as my children.  This year while we were cleaning out toys to donate, we realized that there were a LOT of stuffed animals that we were getting rid of.  I encouraged the children to think of something creative.  What we came up with is that they are going to take the four trash bags (yes you read that right) of stuffed animals to Santa.  Each one of them gets to present him with this special donation as a way to give back.

**Donating Old Toys

Finally our other new tradition this year is a HUGE toy box clean out where we are donating most of the toys.  We are selling a few as there are some sets that were hardly ever played with and as a stay at home mom extra money really helps.  However we are not selling them all.  In fact we are actually donating about 90% of them!

**Learning About the Meaning of Christmas

We choose to follow the Christian faith in our household.  I believe that it is important for the kids to understand that Christmas is about so much more than gifts.  I want them to know that it is about more than Santa Claus too.  So we read the Biblical Christmas story and talk a lot about how the holiday is celebrated because it is believed to be Jesus’ birthday.  The kids were eager to learn more and this year we got a great toy nativity set that we have been playing with and sharing the story throughout the season.

**Advent Calendar

advent 2

We also have an advent calendar each year.  This year we made them but some years we just buy them.  They are always a ton of fun for the kids and to be honest, mom enjoys them too.

**Elf on a Shelf

christmas traditions 2

Our Elf on a Shelf is a great tradition that we really enjoy doing together.  This year our elf made a very late appearance (12/8) so I think that he might be sticking around a bit longer than normal.  It was hard to determine when he would arrive with the kids being gone to grandma’s, us traveling, and Andrew not being home because he is at his dad’s.

christmas traditions

**Making Stuff 🙂

christmas traditions 4

Generally I hate the word stuff but we make a lot during the holiday season.  This being said what we make often changed throughout the year.  This year we are making holiday themed paper chains, cards, decorating cookies, and baking cookies.  I am excited to be able to enjoy these activities with the kids!

christmas traditions 5

So now that you have heard about the family traditions that we have, I would LOVE to hear about your favorite family traditions.  Please comment below and share them.

Make a Wish & Donate $1 With UPS #WishesDelivered

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of UPS for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Where has the year gone? 

Being a blogger I get a lot of packages, and I have gotten the opportunity to know our UPS guy, which is totally awesome!  He is the same driver who has delivered packages to us when I was working for the bank.  He’s been with UPS for many years and says he loves his job.  Which is great news for me because he is a lot of the reasons I choose UPS to deliver my packages too.  It’s not just him that’s great at what he does; it’s all the UPSers who work super-duper hard to be sure we get everything we need when we’re supposed to get it.


Don’t you know this time of year has to be stressful, and I’m sure they’re working longer hours than normal to make sure every single package ends up on the doorstep? Most of their packages are filled with that started out as a wish.  Gosh, I can remember being a child and UPS delivering my aunt's package, which was tons of Christmas gifts that we put under our tree, and those gifts were.  I know it was a  one of the many packages filled with dreams come

Do you have a wish? 

Every wish that is submitted using the hashtag #WishesDelivered is valued at $1.  See UPS will donate $1 every time you submit a wish with the hashtag to their charity partners – Boys & Girls Club, Toys for Tots, and the Salvation Army – up to $100K! 

You can submit your wishes using the hashtag #WishesDelivered on Instagram or Twitter or swing by the #WishesDelivered website and submit your wish there, just don’t forget the #WishesDelivered hashtag. 

I love that UPS is helping create holiday cheer by taking a little extra time to raise money for such great causes, and the money will help such great charities.

Hurry and leave your wish on Twitter Instagram or swing by the #WishesDelivered site.



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Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Rollors Game

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Rollors Game is exciting and a great new product that you are going to be happy to give anyone in your life. It is high quality, made from great products, and really is a fun and innovative game for your family.  I promise to update with some of my own pictures after we get a chance to play it. It rained and then snowed right after I received it so I was unable to get pictures with it and really didn’t want it to be dirty and muddy.

rollors 4

I thought that I would choose my favorite tips for choosing a great game for your entire family with you since this game is one that I would say is perfect for the entire family.

Tips to Choose the Best Game for the Whole Family

rollors 2

Tip 1 — Choose Something Everyone Can Play

My first tip for choosing a great game for the entire family is to make sure that it is something that everyone can play.  One of the things that I love most about Rollors Game is that it is a great game for families to play together. You can actually modify it a bit with your children so that even little ones can play it.

Check out this awesome video of the game being played on the Today Show on NBC.

Tip 2 — Choose a Game That is Perfect Everywhere You Go

Picking out a game that is perfect no matter where you are going to be is also important.  Choose a gift that you love and are going to be able to enjoy no matter where you are going.  I love that we can easily pack up Rollors and take it with us to the places that we go the most like camping and even to the beach.

Tip 3 — Make Sure Everyone Understands the Rules

One of the things that you have to do with Rollers is make sure that everyone knows the rules and can understand them.  A game is not going to be great for your whole family if everyone can not understand how to play it.  I love that Rollors is easily understood by people of all ages.  This makes it perfect for our family and for yours too!

Tip 4 — Take a Practice Round

Before getting started with Rollors take the time to have a short practice round where everyone in your family can master the skill of learning how to roll the discs so that you can really play together.

Tip 5 — Have the Right Rules

Make sure that you have rules for your family to be able to enjoy the game and play.  Make sure that you make the rules clear ahead of time and talk to the kiddos about them.

Finding the best family game can be easy when you know what to look for.  I love Rollors Game for the whole family.  I am so excited to have this one around for impromptu game nights this spring and summer.  I also love that we will be able to take the game camping with us and on adventures that we might have.  To stay up to date with Rollors check out their Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts.

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — IDEAL Toys, They’re Not Just for Kids

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Sometimes it can be very hard to shop for someone on your holiday list.  I have a very hard time finding the right items for all of the men on my list.  This year I started thinking about things that my husband, father, and brother love to do and instantly thought of yard games.  Now I do realize that they will not be able to play their yard games until the weather warms up a bit but I am sure that they are going to love them.

Ideal Toys Logo

I was really excited to find out that IDEAL Toys has so many great yard games for everyone in your life.  Teenagers and adult men alike are going to enjoy receiving these games for Christmas.  Plus shopping with IDEAL Toys can be fun for the little ones on your list too.

Here are some tips that I have for finding great gifts for them in your life!

Tip 1 — Look for Something He Will Love

ideal disc golf

My husband loves playing disc golf.  He has told me several times that he would like to check out an at home practice goal so that he could play something while he was in the backyard with the kids.  When I saw the Disc Master Game ($102.99) I knew that I had to get it for him.  I have checked it out some and am so excited for him to be able to set it up and maybe to even toss some discs with him.  I have honestly never been disc golfing before but I think that this is going to give us something fun to do in the backyard while the kids are running around playing!

Tip 2 — Choose Something You’ve Seen Them Enjoy Before

ideal washers

My husband rarely plays games but I have seen him play the Bulls-Eye Washers Lawn Game ($52.99) before.  This game is a ton of fun and one that we have both played on a regular basis together.  I am excited to give him this one so that we will own it and not have to borrow other people’s.  Plus I think that it will be awesome to take camping with us.  The game comes in an easy to carry convenient wood box!

Tip 3 — Find Something That Works for Their Lifestyle

ideal bag ball

My cousin’s husband has cook outs and friends over all spring and summer long.  They are always looking for something fun to do with their friends who are visiting.  When I saw the Bag Ball Lawn Game ($37.99) I knew that this would be perfect for him!!  It looks like a ton of fun and like it will be perfect for when their friends’ kids are visiting them.

Tip 4 — Pick a Game That They’ll Play

ideal top toss

Finally when you are choosing a game for someone else make sure that you pick one that they will play.  My brother has friends over all of the time and has a great back yard where he will easily be able to set up and play the Top Toss Lawn Game ($37.99).  I can already envision him with his friends playing this game and having a ton of fun.

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Winning Moves Games

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There are few things in life that I enjoy more than a great game night with my family.  Thanks to Winning Moves games are are going to have a ton of fun together after this holiday season.  Games are a great way to connect with your family and a great way for you to be able to have a ton of fun with those that you love.

winning moves logo

I thought that I would offer up some amazing tips for creating the perfect family game night while sharing with you the Winning Moves Games that are going to be gifts for our family and friends this holiday season.  One of the best things about Winning Moves Games is that they offer a little something for everyone and there is never a shortage of fun!

Find Games that are Perfect for the Age You Are Playing With

winning moves scategories categories

If you have young children playing with you then choose a game that they can play too.  However if you are playing games with adults then you will be open to playing any board games.  The new Scattergories Categories ($20.95) looks like such a fun game and I know that I am obsessed with playing this one.  As a kid Scattergories and Scattergories Jr were my favorites so this is one game that I am eager to get to check out and play.

Look for Something Themed

winning moves ouija

When you are playing games with your family and planning a game night you can theme that night any way that you wish.  During Halloween time a great game to play would have been Ouija ($25.95) (if your children are older than mine or if you were playing with just adults).  This would have been especially fun after seeing the new movie that was named after the famous game.

Find New Spins on a Family Game Night Favorite

winning moves scattergories card game

Since you now know that I am a fan of Scattergories you can imagine how I would react to getting to play a new version of the game.  I think that the Scattergories The Card Game ($11.95) would be a ton of fun.  I love that I will be able to sit in the back with my son on long car trips and play this with him.  I also love that I can pack it when we are traveling and have something extra and fun to do.  This one is definitely going in my oldest’s stocking this year.

Choose a Game that Will Help Your Children Learn

winning moves big boggle

There are so many games out there that it is easy to find a game that is going to teach your child something.  I struggle a lot of times with finding great learning games but lately I have found that there are so many ways to integrate learning into a game.  I am so excited to check out Big Boggle ($20.95) with my husband and son.  I am sure that my older daughter will be able to start playing this one next year too and that she will be able to learn a lot through playing.

winning moves scrabble

Another great game to teach your children with is the Tile Lock Super Scrabble ($40.95).  This game allows for the game of Scrabble to be played in an entirely new way and it is another that I am eager to check out!  My husband and I used to spend hours playing Scrabble when we were first living together so the idea of a bigger board with more points and more room sounds like a ton of fun!

Choose Fun Challenge Stations for Your Game Night

winning moves rubiks void

I was trying to come up with something different one night for our family game night.  What I came up with was a unique and original way for us to all play games together while still doing different things.  I set up challenge stations and let everyone go around the room and try different challenges for a certain amount of time.  The next time that I set these up I will be featuring the Rubiks The Void Puzzle ($15.95) and Rubiks Twist ($16.95).  Since my son is obsessed with his original Rubiks Cube I can not wait for him to see these amazing new versions of one of his favorite games.

winning moves rubiks twist

Having a family game night is a great way to bond with your entire family.  Having one with Winning Moves Games means that you are going to have a TON of fun!


A Look at the TLC Voxbox @Influenster

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

influenster logo


I love being a part of the great Influenster campaigns and getting to review great Voxboxes. I have been fortunate enough to get chosen for several of these in the past but I have not gotten one like the TLC Voxbox in the past. To be honest we are going to use everything that we received in the TLC Voxbox and we are going to be using it all on a regular basis. This box was full of things that we all need to have in our life and things that I am going to be sure to use in the future as well.


Neosporin Neo To Go (retail value $7.99)


As a mom of four I cannot count the number of times that we have been out and around when one of my children has fallen and injured themselves. I hate not being able to carry something with me all of the time but tubes can break open in my purse and I hate when that happens. This is the perfect solution for something to carry with you all of the time. I love that it can be hooked on a backpack or diaper bag because that makes it easier to take with us no matter where we are going.


Avon ANEW Reversalist Wrinkle Smoother (retail value $30.00)


As a product junkie I try a lot of different products for wrinkles. I am someone who is always obsessed with maintaining my youth. So for me this was a product that I would have likely tried on my own. I love that you can put it on over makeup when you feel like make up is causing your fine lines to appear deeper. I also love that it is perfect for the rare occasion that I go without make up. Would I say that this is the best wrinkle product that I have ever tried? No, but I would say that for the $30 price tag it seems to do a great job and be something that is unique in that you can use it over make up. I reach for it on those days when I am tired and notice that I still look a little tired when I have my make up on.


Shell Fuel Rewards Card (FREE!!)


This is a great program for you if you have a Shell gas station that you can go to on a regular basis. We do not have a Shell in the town where I live so this is not something that I would be able to get a lot of use out of. The card does work at all Shell locations and it is completely free to sign up so it would be a great choice for you.

Puffs Plus Lotion to Go (sold in multi-packs under $1 each)


I hate when I do not have a facial tissue handy. I always keep these in my purse so I was happy to receive something that I knew that we would use. I also love that these were the ones with with lotion because my children are always complaining when I have ones that do not contain the lotion.

Ivory Original Bar ($1.99 or less per bar)


To be honest I did not know that you could still purchase this type of Ivory. I was still not able to find it in my stores even after receiving it from the Voxbox. I really love the soap and love that my skin does not have that grimy or sticky feeling that I often have after I have used a bar soap. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of this.

Breyers Gelato Tiramasu ($6.49 at my grocery stores but I am sure that prices vary)

I loved the Breyers Gelato that we tried in our home. The only problem that I had was that we liked it a little bit too much and I forgot to snap some pictures of this delicious treat before it was all gone. Since I have been dieting I did not want to purchase more because it is not on my diet and I am sometimes bad about will power. This is definitely the perfect treat for mom and dad with grown up flavors that are quite impressive when compared to regular ice cream that you would purchase for your family.

As you can tell my TLC Voxbox contained several items that were perfect for my family. I have been impressed and think that you will be too if you try any of the above.

Kohls is the Place for Back to School

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

So once again I was on the lucky list with Kohls. This time I received an awesome Back to School box and was so excited about everything that it contained inside. I will admit that I was most excited to be able to check out the box and to be able to really pick out back to school goodies for my three that will be going to school soon.
The blogger VIP box came with three great items in it that are perfect for any teenager who is headed back to high school or even for someone who is headed off to college.

Kohls logo

A Place to Store Everything You Need

Kohls bts

The Candies Fox Cargo Backpack ($60) is a great purchase for anyone who is hoping to find something different to take back to school with them. I love this bag and think that it is super cute. I would have definitely carried it when I was in college or high school and both of my girls thought that they should have it.
The Perfect Comfortable Leggings

Kohls bts 15

Let’s face it we all like to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. Thankfully SO offers a great line of Graphic Print Leggings ($26) that are perfect for anyone who is looking to have great style and comfort at the same time.
The Perfect Kicks

Kohls bts 2

Candies is a great brand for all of those checking out back to school for a teenager. They offer such fun, funky, functional, and trendy things that you get what you need while getting something that is completely unique at the same time. The Candies Slip On Sneakers ($54.99) that came in the box were the same way. They were adorable and looked great on with many different outfits.
Along with each of these awesome items I was given a $100 gift card to shop back to school items for my children. I loved being able to shop for them and got such great deals at Kohls that all three of them got what they needed and wanted for their first day of school.  Plus they sent me a $50 gift card for a giveaway which will be coming up as soon as the $25 giveaway ends.
So here is what my kiddos picked out for their 1st day of school.
Huxley—A Look at His First Day of Preschool

Kohls bts 7

Huxley is headed back for his second year of preschool this year. He was in need of a new backpack since his old one was toddler sized and too small for many of the things that he was supposed to bring home from school. So he chose the Batman Cape Backpack – Kids ($29.99).

Kohls bts 12

Kohls bts 13

He also needed a new pair of shoes to head back to school and he fell in love with the Clawz Clogs – Kids in blue ($29.99). I will admit that these would not have been my first choice but he is very much in love with them. So much so that I had to hide the back to school stuff so that they would indeed be new for the first day of school.

Kohls bts 8

Kohls bts 10

Finally Huxley needed a new shirt to wear back to school. Since he has so many pairs of shorts I did not purchase another pair of shorts. He chose the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sublimination Tee – Boys 4-7 ($20). This shirt is quite spiffy in my opinion and the graphics are pretty awesome and even quite hilarious.

Kohls bts 9

Kohls bts 11

Althea—Headed to 1st Grade

Kohls bts 3

I can’t believe that this gorgeous little girl is going to be going to first grade. She was really excited to check out Kohls for a new dress for the first day of school. She is a dress type of girl so she is always wanting to wear dresses. She chose the Youngland Crocheted Tiered Dress ($30). She loves it and again it has been hidden with the rest of the back to school stuff so that she is not wearing it before she is supposed to.

Kohls bts 6

She also got the adorable Carters Leslie Flats ($34.99). She loves that these are covered in glitter and that they are fun and cute. She told me that she can not wait for the first day of school so that she can wear these everyday.

Kohls bts 14

Andrew—Going into the 6th Grade

kohls bts 5

Andrew is going to be going through a lot of big changes as he enters the 6th grade. He has a retainer in and is getting used to that and now he is also going to be in band. With all of that responsibility I like to reward him. I was excited to be able to allow him to pick out a new t-shirt. He chose the Majestic St Louis Cardinals Cooperstown Rooted in Nostalgia Tee – Boys 8-20 ($22). He loved this one and I was glad that he chose it because this is my favorite color combination for Cardinals shirts.

Kohls bts 4

Of course Andrew also got a new pair of shoes. He is a huge fan of Adidas which makes me smile since it was my favorite in junior high and high school too. He chose the Adidas Breeze Athletic Shoes – Boys ($54.99) as he loved the color combination. I think its a bit bright but I am sure that my mom thought that about a lot of the things that I wore.

Our back to school shopping has begun and it is really all happening with Kohls. We love the amazing products that Kohls has to offer us and I love the value. If you noticed the regular prices for the items that my children got was over $220 + tax and shipping. I got all of this with a coupon for just $104.16 shipped to my house. WOW!! One more reason for you to love Kohls for back to school. You are sure to get an amazing deal.