Easy Fall and Halloween Decoration Crafts with Oriental Trading

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So we have been getting crafty here at the Walton house.  In fact we have been whipping up some adorable fall/Halloween themed crafts as teacher’s gifts and to sit out around our house (grandma and grandpa might have gotten a few too!).

Two Quick Crafts for Family and Friends

oriental trading 1

Craft 1 — Candy Corn Jars

oriental trading 4

These little candy corn jars are quite simple.  There is not much that you are going to need and you can get it all at Oriental Trading.

What You’ll Need

*DIY Ceramic Mini Flower Pots $14.50/12

*Paintbrushes (I like the Plaid White Nylon Paintbrushes $7.20/10 brushes of different shapes and sizes)

*Yellow Acrylic Paint $4.15

*White Acrylic Paint $4.15

*Black Acrylic Paint $4.15

*Orange Acrylic Paint $4.15

*Masking Tape

Steps to Create Candy Corn Jars

Step 1 — Tape he Middle Stripe

Take one jar and the masking tape and go around making a stripe in the middle of the jar.  I used two pieces of masking tape so that this middle stripe area was completely covered.

Step 2 — Paint the Bottom Stripe White

Have your child (or paint this yourself if you are doing them) paint the bottom stripe white.  Then set these aside until that stripe is dry.

Step 3 — Paint the Top Stripe Yellow

Next paint the top stripe yellow.  Then set this aside until the yellow tape is dry.

Step 4 — Untape and Tape Again

Next you will want to take the masking tape off and then retape along the edges so that your child can easily paint the middle section without messing up the stripes.

Step 5 — Paint the Middle Section Orange

Have your child paint the middle stripe orange now.  Then set this aside to dry.

Step 6 — Untape

Take the tape off of the jar.

Step 7 — Decorate

Now you can skip this step if you do not want to decorate.  We chose to paint the teacher’s initial on the jar.

Step 8 — Fill the Jar

You can fill these cute jars with anything that you want.  We are going to be filling them with mini erasers, pencils, and other things that teachers might need.  We also made one for a Secret Sister exchange for Girl Scouts and we are filling this one with candy corn.

Craft 2 — Easy 2 Step Ghosts

oriental trading 3

These cute ghosts were so simple that you will love creating them with your children.

What You’ll Need

*DIY Ceramic Flower Pots $14.50/12

*Paintbrushes (The Plaid Paintbrush Super Value Pack is a great deal since you get 25 brushes for $7.20!)

*White Acrylic Paint $4.15

*Black Acrylic Paint $4.15

2 Steps to Create Your Ghosts

Step 1 — Paint the Jars White

Turn your jars upside down and paint them white.  Let this dry.

Step 2 — Create Fun Ghost Faces

Next paint on fun ghost faces with black paint.

oriental trading 2

Both of these crafts are cute and fun.  Plus they both make great gifts.  They are so simple that you will enjoy creating them with your children.  Plus they do not create too much of a mess or a headache.

Crafty Corner — Fun Little Valentine’s Idea

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So one of the traditions that my husband and I have followed for years is that we make something for each other each Valentine’s Day.  Even if we are only making each other a card, we do a little something special.  I am going to update with my special craft that I am doing for him and our children later this week.

However I wanted to share a cute little craft that I came up with for my Girl Scout troop.

My daughter and her friends are in their second year of being Daisy scouts and they work really hard.  They have earned a TON of badges and work hard each month to complete all of the different stuff needed.  I am so proud of them that I wanted to come up with something special to celebrate their greatness this Valentine’s Day.

Here is what I came up with —

You’ve “Nail”ed Being a Daisy!

V Day Nailed It

The best thing about this craft was that it was very easy.  A few paper hearts, some ribbon and a bottle of nail polish and they were completed.  It did not take long either which is always important for me as a mom of four.

Crafty Corner — Fun Button Art

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I am sure that you have seen a ton of fun button art out there if you are like the rest of us Pinterest moms.  So I do not like to do the same crafts as anyone else.  I love to make everything my own and try to teach this value to my children.

Recently I was attending my MOPS group and we did our own button art.  We were supposed to create a heart like the one show here by Jen’s Happy Spot.  However I was not feeling it so I created my own fun button flower picture that I am going to make two coordinating pictures to hang up with it in our living room.

Button art 4

My kids saw this and wanted to create button artwork of their own.  I have not had a chance to sit down with Andrew and Adeline yet to do theirs but I will be finishing it up later this week.  I also have a mixed media craft that I will be sharing that is perfect for grandparents for Valentine’s Day.

Huxley told me that he wanted to create a button dinosaur.  Here is our attempt.  I just drew the outline of the dinosaur for him to fill in.

Button art 1

Althea wanted to create her own button butterfly.  Please excuse the odd angle.  The wings are the exact same as I drew the wing on a piece of paper, cut it out and traced it on the canvas so that they would be the same.  I have not had the time to glue this one and ran out of glue sticks so I will be finishing it up later tonight/tomorrow.

Button art 2

The best thing about this project is that it was easy.  Here are the supplies that you need:

**Bags of Buttons (We liked these mixed media bags that we picked up at Hobby Lobby.)

Button art 3


**Acrylic Paint

**Paint Brush

**Hot Glue Gun

**Hot Glue Sticks

Steps to Create Button Artwork

**Paint the canvas.

**Allow the canvas to dry completely.

**Draw the thing on your canvas with a pencil.

**Fill in the figure with your buttons.  Lay them all out before you start the gluing process.

**Glue the buttons to the canvas with hot glue.

**Allow to dry and hang up.

Craft Corner: Make a DIY Herb Garden

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Creating different types of crafts is a favorite past time at our house. I love being able to create and enjoy doing things with my children that teach them more about who they are and more about the world that we live in.


I wanted to show them something about growing food but with our home we just do not have the space for a garden so I decided that I would create a window sill herb garden with them. This was not only to show them that we could have fun creating something but to teach them about how we use herbs to season our foods and how they grow. I love grilling out in the summer and one of my favorite ways to grill is with meat that has been coated in mustard and then crusted with garlic and herbs.

Step 1: Collect Your Supplies

oriental trading 3

So to get started I sat down with the kids with some blank white flower pots that I had received from Oriental Trading when I was with Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog. I received the DIY Ceramic Mini Flower Pots ($14.00/12). I also received the Groovy Glitter Paint Set ($26.50) which my four children used to decorate and paint their flower pots. I also purchased a bag of potting soil and some seeds for different herbs. I personally chose parsley, rosemary, and chives to get started.

oriental trading 4

Step 2: Decorate Your Flower Pots

craft corner 1.6

Decorating the flower pots was pretty simple although it was a bit crazy, hectic and stressful with the four children doing it. Sometimes as a parent you just have to step back and let them go for it and this is just what I did. Were they painted and decorated how I would have done it? Not quite but the ywere something that each one of the children felt proud of and that is all that matters in my book.

craft corner 1.5

Step 3: Allow the Pots to Dry Completely

We actually waited about a week in between when we painted and planted in the pots. We did not do this for drying time or anything but more because our life is so busy and hectic that we just had to slow it down a bit.

Step 4: Fill the Pots with Soil


Since I was doing this inside I decided that the best step would be for me to fill the pots with soil. If you are outside or have older children then you might choose to allow them to do this themselves. I had them sit with me and they watched me while I filled the pots.

Step 5: Plant the Seeds


The next thing that we did was plant the seeds. Each child was able to push the seeds into the soil. I did try to explain planting one seed at a time but with the 2, 4, and 5 year olds it just did not happen the way that I would have done it myself. So whether or not the herbs grow the right way will just have to be seen.

Step 6: Cover the Seeds with Soil


While this step was not needed for all of the children, I did need to cover the seeds with soil for one of them. So look at the soil and see if you can see any of the seeds. If you can you will want to cover it.

Step 7: Water the Seeds

I am not a gardener so I was unsure of how much water to put on the seeds. The packages just said to keep moist for the herbs that we purchased so we measured a few tablespoons of water into them.

Step 8: Sit and Watch

You just sit the planters in the window sill and allow for them to grow.

It really is a simple and fun craft project that can help you teach your children about where their food comes from even if you do not have the space for a garden of your own.


5 Tips for Designing Your Child’s Dream Room on a Budget

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Designing Kids Dream RoomDesigning a child’s bedroom without having a great deal of extra cash can seem challenging. Children have dreams about their personal space and can describe expensive items that are too much for the family to afford. Although it can seem difficult at first, creating a dream room for a child with a limited budget it possible.

Buy Used Items

Buying items from a thrift store, antique shop or yard sale can dramatically reduce the cost of furniture items and other design features. The key is looking for items that are made with quality materials and have a reasonable price. In some cases, it might be necessary to spend a little time refinishing or painting the furniture, but it is usually only a fraction of the cost when compared to buying new furniture.

Select a Design Theme

Designing a room based on a specific theme will make it easier to stay within a budget. A theme can range from the childhood fantasy to sports or even just a color scheme. By sticking to one idea and designing the room around that feature item, it is easier to create an amazing space with a limited amount of funds. Selecting colors is usually the easiest way to stay on a strict budget. [Read more…]

Six Creative Ideas for Curtains in Your House

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CurtainsOnly the crafty people among us think of using premade, purchased curtain panels for a variety of fun, decorative uses about the home. What a great idea! Buy curtain panels in basic designs and colors you enjoy to use in many home projects that will personalize your home, liven up the spaces and save money on fabric that is need for these projects. Here are six creative ideas for curtains:

1.Throw pillows

Take those curtain panels in a variety of colors and make basic throw pillows for bedrooms, couches, reading spaces, anywhere they will invite a moment of relaxation. This particular project is an easy one that can be done even by those of us who are not quite as crafty as some. Colorful pillows with fun textures and patterns are warm and inviting in any space you choose to toss them. [Read more…]

6 Ideas To Change Your Living Room Without Moving Furniture

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People often rearrange their home or rooms when they want to feel change or have a fresh start.  Whether you’re looking to rearrange your house because you want to completely change everything about your life, or because you want to experience a clean home.  Many of us have been in that situation, we want to completely change everything in our life to help us from thinking about something.  Maybe it’s an ex-boyfriend, old job, etc.  Either way, rearranging a room can change your life.

Growing up my brother and I would always rearrange my parents living room.  My mom loved it, she would always tell her it make her feel fresh.  I always thought she was a little strange, lol.  Until I became an adult, and needed to change my life.  There’s nothing better when we need change, than walking into a “new room.”  Maybe it’s not new, but everything is moved and it feels new.  Somewhat of a fresh start.

Have your ever started to rearrange your room only to find out there’s no room to move anything, or it just doesn’t look right?  The home I live in now, doesn’t allow us to move furniture around.  It seriously, what’s the word – SUCKS!  Sorry about the poor use of grammar, but I really don’t know how else to say it, and you get how I feel about it.  Needless to say, I’ve had to get a little creative when I need a little change.  Here’s some great tips on how to deal with the awkward living room that doesn’t allow you to move furniture, lol.

Working with a small or awkward shaped living room can be a challenge, to say the least.  However, if you are creative there’s still a few things you can do to create a fresh look in your living room.  Before you begin your search for ideas to change you’re living room, choose the color and designs you’re planning to use.  Keep in mind, if you’re dealing with a small living room, lighter colors and contemporary furniture tend to make the room look and feel open.


If you’re living on a budget, good news.  Paining is an inexpensive way to change any room in your home.  If you’re looking for some real change, and a fresh start.  It doesn’t get better than painting your walls.  If you’re dealing with a small living room, light colors do wonders on making the room appear more open and welcoming.

Start Small 

Normally, I would suggest starting big.  Since we’ve already determined there’s nowhere else for your large furniture to go.  Start small, it’s possible you’re able to move your table, rugs, lamps, vases, etc.   You’ll be surprises how much change moving the small things can offer.  Be sure to completely clean everything, it’s really help bring back the new feeling.

Creativity on a Budget

Be creative, stop and look at your living room.  What is it missing?  What would you like to add?  Is there something that will really make it pop?  Something as simple as adding or replacing pillows on your couches can add to your living room.  If you’re on a budget, hit the dollar stores, flea-markets, or garage sales.  You can often find wonderful items to spice up your living room on a budget.  Maybe a basket on a vase would look nice on a table.  I’ve found amazing items for my home without spending tons of money.

Think Green 

No, I don’t mean grab green paint for your living room.  Unless you want a green living room.  Plants are a great way to bring life to your living room.  There’s some fabulous plants available for a reasonable price.  Simply water, feed, and give them some sun.


If you’re budget allows, look for a new lamp for your living room.  If you’re paining, planting and adding pillows – why not get a lamp to match you’re newly designed living room.  Keep it simple, if you’re on a budget you can find great lamps at flea-markets or garage sales.


This has to be one of my favorites.  Adding or moving pictures in your living room can really spice things up and provide you with that new, fresh feeling you’re looking for.  Changing pictures or frames can update or change the look of your living room.  Frames come in all different sizes, shapes and colors.  Pictures really allow you to show off you’re style, what you like and get creative.

This is what’s going to give you’re living room the final touch.  You can also grab that picture you’ve had put up for a while and find a frame for it.  If you’re not able to find a frame that fits, there’s always poster frame depot, to help you get a custom frame.  Get creative with your pictures, show off who you are and what you love.  When you walk into you’re living room, the first thing you normally look at is your walls.

Jump online and search for great ideas to spice up your picture frames.  There’s so much you can do to your picture frames to add style to your living room.

Don’t let a small or awkward shaped living room keep you from the clean, new, or fresh start you’re looking for.  There’s so much you can do to change any room in your home.  What are some things you’ve done to change a room, without moving furniture?

What Women Can Do To Make Themselves Noticeable in a Halloween Party

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Popular costumes for Halloween may change every year as the trend is usually influence by famous movies, music, celebrities, TV shows and cartoon characters. However there are also common costumes that are timeless classics. Disney characters, clowns, vampires, fairies and cheerleaders are among the costumes commonly chosen by young children. Older kids tend to prefer scarier costumes that would catch everyone’s attention when worn.

On the other hand, when it comes to Halloween costumes for adults, sexy outfits are most popular. For many enthusiasts creativity and originality of the costume is the key to steal the show. When you go for Halloween you may encounter a wide variety of outfits which are very expensive. There are also cheap options but for some people they are poor investment. One way to completely stand out from the rest of the costumes is to make your own design or a combination which is unique and unusual. Here are more tips to help you make sure that you will be the best in the Halloween party you are attending.

Decide what to wear

First thing you need to do before shopping for a Halloween costume is to know what design you prefer whether you want simple, extraordinary or traditional outfits. Maybe you like superhero outfits, fairies, angels and prince or princess. Whatever costumes you will choose just make sure you can wear it with full confidence during the special day and will not ruin your mood in the party.



Check your budget

Money always matters when shopping and for some people this is their first consideration. You want to make the party one of the best experiences in your life but you may not be able to avail one of the best costumes available in the store as these outfits tend to become more expensive as Halloween approaches. You can check costumes that are in a garage sale or you may also find items that are offered as promotional products. Anyway, no matter what kind of costume you will be wearing people will still look on how you act the character of your outfit and will not mind about the price of your attire.

Do it yourself

This one way to own a costume that allows you to save money while customizing the style and color according to your preference. A lot of patience and creativity is necessary in this process. If you have a talent in sewing this can be the most appropriate for you. You can make a plan for a visit in shopping stores to gather ideas on how you will create your costume.

Choosing the right costume that helps you look best can be challenging. Most of these costumes in the market, depending on your size, may be too big or too small for you. When customizing attire, you may visit fabric stores where you can find useful ideas on the pattern you want to make in case you want to sew the outfit yourselves. During this season, these stores often have Halloween costume patterns.

If you want something different for your costume you can also visit websites that provide various ideas on how to create your own stunning outfit. Just be sure that you will feel comfortable when wearing it and you will not be distracted or will not bother anyone about it in the party.

When you window shop for costumes in boutiques and shops, you will discover an array of designs of Halloween party outfits that you may find it difficult to choose for the best. Organize your shopping procedure and do it in a systematic way so that you will be able to create or choose stunning attire which will make you the best in the party.

Elizabeth is a fashion designer who is expert in party costumes. She is also a writer who publishes blogs and articles online. She has plenty of articles about Halloween fancy dress from Angels.

Electrifying Halloween Costume Ideas

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Halloween is a festival that is popular among both kids and adults. Costumes are an integral part of the celebration and as the festival approaches, most people get fixed on selecting the apt costume idea. This is the season where people love to dress up in various costumes and colors. During Halloween you get several exciting ideas for clothing. Everyone desires to dress up in exclusive and exceptional costumes at Halloween that does not bear resemblance to any other person’s costumes. Therefore you need to explore local departments, discounted stores or browse through the net to get unique costume ideas. Here is a list of awesome costume ideas that will help you to dress up uniquely this Halloween season.

Superhero costume: if you are desirous of dressing up as your favorite superhero, then there are tons of unique and cool costumes to select from. These costumes make a great impact and could turn your little angels into the most loved superheroes you have ever come across. You can wear batman, superman, hulk, wonder women, iron man or super girl costumes to satisfy your imagination.

French Maid costumes: these sizzling hot costumes can easily set the stage on fire. It can create a tempting look for any age group and enhance your sex appeal. Some of the French Maid costumes come with additional accessories such as headbands, choker, ribbons and armbands. To add some fun and thrill to the party you can accessorize your costume with shoes, satin bows, and mesh fingerless gloves

Scarecrow costumes: these are one of the most entertaining and humorous costumes that can provide a scary twist to a classic look. You can wear faded old jeans with patches and an over sized shirt to create a scarecrow look. Use a rope for a belt and tie it around your waist to give it a realistic effect. There are plenty of costumes in this style to choose from.

Dracula costumes: these are ideal Halloween costumes that provide a perfect combination of scary aura and sexy looks. The basic elements of these scary costumes are white shirt, tie and vest, black cape along with stand-up collar and fangs. If you want to scare your fellow mates then try a pair of red colored lenses.

Bunny costumes: these fabulous and flirty costumes are specially crafted for women who want to look hot and sensuous. You can wear a white or pink tight bodysuit and accessorize it with a bow tie, high heeled shoes and bunny long ears to make your outfit interesting and appealing. This costume will enhance your natural curves and make you look drop dead gorgeous.Unleash your dark side and get ready to rock the party with innovative Halloween costumes.

These unique Halloween costumes are easily available online. You can now save both time and money by browsing through tons of amazing and interesting Halloween costumes. Halloween costume online store offer multiple payment options and several exciting discounts and coupons. To stand out from the crowd, get some spectacular and sexy Halloween costumes.