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Earn Money Blogging | Monetize Your Blog With LinkWorth
You can monetize your blog with LinkWorth.  LinkWorth is a marketplace for buying and
selling links.  There are tons of
products to choose from and different requirements blogs must meet.  Blogger can make money blogging and monetize
their blog with LinkWorth. 
Advertisers are looking for quality backlinks and traffic
from a bloggers website to their own.  Bloggers
make money with LinkWorth by selling text links is many different ways on the
blog.  there are different products for
businesses and bloggers to use such as:
Link Posts – These are sponsored reviews.
Link Ads – Are text link ads used in sidebars,
Link Art – Articles with links
Link BB – Blogs or websites host advertisers content
with links.
Link Press – Your press release will be distributed
to major news websites, as well as in search engines.
LinkWorth can be an awesome way for businesses and blogger
to meet and work together.    
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Worth Online

Buy Blog Reviews | Monetize Your Blog

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Bloggers if you are looking to monetize your blog you might want to look into Buy Blog Reviews!

Buy Blog Reviews has been around since 2000 and serve customers worldwide.  Businesses and bloggers meet to help each other out.  Businesses need the help of bloggers to help spread the word about a product, service or about their website.

Buy Blog Reviews has businesses that are looking for bloggers to bring exposure to their website, products, or services.  The program works through a bid system where businesses will post the type of reviews they are looking for and bloggers bid on the ones that they appealing to them and their blog.

Buy Blog Reviews is free to join, however if you are a blogger your blog needs to be approved, post new fresh content and have a decent page rank.  Bloggers can submit as many blogs as they like, but all of them do have to be approved.

Businesses post a variety of different reviews and they need bloggers to help them.  The business will post the max amount they are willing to pay for the review and the blogger chooses how what they do and do not want to bid on.  There is not a limit on how many bids you are able to place per blog or per day and there is a lot of jobs to choose from.  You can make anywhere from $3 per post to $500 per post, just depends on if the what the advertiser is willing to pay for a post on your blog.

My feedback on Buy Blog Reviews is positive, I have not done a lot for them however what I have done I have received payment for when I was supposed to.  The thing that I do like about them is that I choose what I do and do not want to even bid on.  The program is easy to understand and find your way around in.
Buy Blog Reviews.  The good thing is you choose if you even want to take the time to bid on the item or not.
If you are interested in learning more visit Buy Blog Reviews

Get Paid for Blogging with Shvoong

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Shvoong allows you to write any summary or review on a book, article, newspaper, website, moving, or academic paper.  You can make money blogging, by writing summaries or reviews in your own words.  The more you prmote your Shvoong review or summery the more you money you will earn. 
You can promote your content using social networks, social bookmarking sites, and even Yahoo answers.    When you upload your summary or review to Shvoong you receive the royalties off your original contact for a lifetime.  Shvoong pays 10% of advertising revenues to the writes.  Shvoong pays you once a month of the 5th of the month via PayPal; however you must have accumulated more than $10.
If you would like to learn more or join Shoovg Click HERE

Monetize Your Blog With LinkWorth

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I signed up with LinkWorth a few months ago and have not had
any problems or issues, they have been great to work with.  I have had to contact them several times for different
reasons and always receive a fast friendly response.  LinkWorth will help you earn money blogging.
LinkWorth helps bloggers earn money blogging and helps businesses find blogger to help promote their product, service or website.  Bloggers can help increase traffic, promote products and increase earnings.
How does LinkWorth work?
Earn money blogging with LinkWorth by text link ads, paid
blog reviews, in-text links, in-content pay per click ads, rotating text ads,
hosted content pages, article submission, directory submission and more.  Businesses can also sign up with LinkWorth and begin finding bloggers to help increase earnings, traffic and more  If you are interested in earning money
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Did Your Google Page Rank Go Up?

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Yesterday was the day, the day of the GOOGLE PAGE RANK UPDATE!
The last Google Page Rank Update was in February 2012, three months ago.  Seems they happen about every 3 months.

I have several blogs and websites and was happy with their update, however I was very disappointed with one of my blogs update, I thought for sure it would have updated by at least 1.  Oh well I only have to wait until August for the next update.  Ha, funny right?

I wax extremely happy my blog went from a 0 to a 2 from one day to the next.  However, I do wish it would update more frequently, at least we can watch our Alexa Rankings drop faster.

Did your Google Page Rank go up?  Leave me comments let me know how your website did in the Google Update……

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How To Add Google Sitemap To Blogger Blog

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Adding a Google sitemap to a Blogger Blog is important, it greatly increases the visibility of your blog to search engines.  If you plan on being able to be found on Google’s search
engine you need a sitemap installed on your blog.  Adding it to
you Blogger website is not hard simply follow these directions

  1. Login
    to Blogger Dashboard
  2. Tools
    and Resources – Click on Webmaster Tools
  3. You
    Blogger website is not verified and is added to Google Webmaster Tools
  4. Now
    you have to go to Google Webmaster Tools, click on submit a sitemap
  5. Add
    the following code inside the box – atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=100 
  6. If you
    have more posts than 100 you need to change the last number to something
    more than the pages you currently have, if you have 200 change to 500
  7. YOU

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Add Google +1 To Blogger

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Google +1 Button to your Blogger Blog just got simple!  

When I started my first Blogger blog you had about 10 steps you had to follow before you could add a Google +1 Button to your blog.  Now it is simple.

  • Go to the layout selection
  • Choose where you want your plus one button to be places on your blog.
  • Choose the add a gadget – +1 Button

It really is that easy!  There is also options to change the way your Google +1 Button appears on your blog.  Choose the way you want it to appear on your blog, now you have your Google +1 Button added to your Blogger blog!

Add Google Badge To Blogger Blog

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Blogger just did an awesome update, now it is simple to add your Google Badge and Google +1 Button to your blog if you are using Blogger.  All you need to do to add your Google Badge to your blog now is

  • Go to the layout section
  • Choose where you want your Google Badge to be displayed on your blog
  • Add a gadget – Google +1 Badge
  • Add your Google Profile or Page ID (looks something like this 110495341948631770900/)
  • Pick the light or dark option depending on the theme of your blog

Now you should have your Google Badge displayed on your blog!