How to Dispose of Cooking Oil

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While cooking oil can be useful, it can also be difficult to dispose of. Cooking oil can solidify after a while. This could cause the pipes in your home to become clogged up. It might cause damages to your plumbing after a while.

You need to make sure you avoid disposing of your cooking oil the wrong way. There are several things that you have to do in order to make it a little easier for you to get used cooking oil out of the way in your home. [Read more…]

How to Make Your Bed Insomnia-free

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So your alarm is about to sound, yet you haven’t slept a wink. You have a good diet, you’re not that stressed out, and the temperature is comfortably lulling; but here you are, rolling in your bed for several hours now, unable to get even just a few good minutes of peaceful slumber. That could be Insomnia, a disorder where a person finds it difficult to get a good sleep.

Before running off to the doctor and asking for some pills, take a good look at your bedroom. Is it clean, quiet, and well-ventilated? Is it dark enough at night to allow your sleep hormones to flow and activate? If the answer to those questions is “yes”, then move on to the next factor. Maybe it has something to do with your bed.

This article gives a couple of tips for those who find it hard to enter dreamland no matter how many millions of sheep they end up counting.

1.      Make sure your bed is comfortable.

It should be neither too soft nor too firm. It must be soft enough to not give you muscle aches, but firm enough to be able to support your weight. The best bed is one that allows you to lie comfortably IN it, not on top of it. It is one where you do not sink right into the cushions, but accommodates your body just right.

2.      Take away useless clutter.

Always make sure your bed is clean before lying down. Remove dust and other dirt that might have settled during the day. Take away your books, laptop, cell phone, or any other thing that you don’t really use for sleeping. Just keep the essentials. Pillows, comforters, blankets, and a couple of stuffed toys will do, depending on your bed’s size.

3.      Pick good pillows.

People usually just pick pillows based on the size, color or softness. But there should be more to it than just that. For one, you must consider what kind of sleeper you are. Do you usually lie on your back, on your belly, or on your side? The idea is to make sure your head is in line with your spine when you sleep.

If you usually lie on your back, you’d need a pillow that provides medium support. If you like lying on your belly, a pillow with minimal support will do. If you often lie on your side, you’d want a pillow with firm support for your neck so as to avoid a stiff neck.

4.      Make your bed exclusive for sleeping (and other activities that must be done in bed).

Don’t do your work or your homework on your bed. Go to your desk or to some other place more appropriate for daytime activities. Even watching television in bed must be avoided. Make sure that you only associate your bed with sleep.

Of course, these must be accompanied by proper sleeping habits: 1) make a sleep routine; 2) avoid drinking coffee, soda or wine during bedtime; and 3) avoid engaging in physical activities that could wake up your nerves.

You can also try changing the arrangement of your bed, bedroom or pillows. If all these still don’t work, then it’s time to consult your doctor. Sleep is a primary need. Make sure you get enough of it.

Pierre Angela Cruz is a Marketing Consultant for Open Brook, an excellent source of information and reviews about patio and outdoor furniture. She also writes for Amerisleep, a distributor of memory foam mattress.

Tip To Organize Your Kids Room

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If you have children you know the words “clean your room!”  At times it probably is repeated so much you dream about it.  It’s almost time for children to go back to school, the perfect time to organize your kids room is when their gone.   You probably want to pass along some type of organization to your children before they’re driving. 

There’s those times that you’re motivated to organize your kids room, maybe you have family visiting for the weekend.  Of course you want to organize your kid’s room, probably the entire house.  Children’s bedrooms can be the most frustrating room to organize and clean.  Ever catch yourself asking what you can do to help your kids lead a better more organized life? 

There are a few steps that you can take to help get rid of cutter and help your child to become more organized in their bedroom. 

Look at things like a kid.

Remember kids are little, short, and see everything.  Why do they notice every little piece of paper lying on the floor?  Think like a child, look at their room, storage, furniture, toy boxes, etc front heir eyesight. 

Make sure that anything that can pinch, pull, snag, or are hard to manage are out of their room, such as:

Dresser drawers that are hard to close can pinch your child’s finger, or make them simply not want to use them.  If they cannot see on the top of their dress, night stand, table, etc it’s likely they will not use it and if they do there’s probably going to be a mess.  You really can’t really blame them, if they cannot see up there. 

Get your child involved.

Children want to help.  They love to know they are making you happy and really getting something done like a big kid.  I know it’s hard, but stop yourself don’t clean up your child’s room alone.  It’s often easier to do it yourself but that doesn’t teach your children organizational skills and how to clean. 

Make sure you have everything your child needs.

Make sure that your child has all the tools they need in their room to stay organized.   What are something your child will need in their room to help become more organized?  Here are a few that will help:

  • Laundry Hamper make putting the laundry into the hamper fun!  Maybe play basketball, wrap up the piece of clothing and try to make it into the hamper, add a basketball hoop over the hamper, or decorate it to look like your child’s favorite animal.  Get creative make it fun for your child to become more organized. 
  • Hooks are amazing, hang them just high enough for you child to be able to reach them.  Hang backpacks, sweaters, hats, etc.  You can put these hooks behind the closet door to help save space and look more appealing. 
  • Make sure you child’s room has floor space for them to play and have fun, choose your storage wisely.  This goes for children of all ages, from toddlers to teens.

There are steps we can take as parents to help our children become more organized and carry those skills into adult hood.  Most important remember to be consistent with whatever you decide to do and your children will more than likely respond.  Remember all children are different, some might jump on board from the start, while others its going to take some time.

11 Ways To Cut Back and Save Money On Bills And Around The House

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week1becomemoreWe all have bills every month that we are obligated to pay, and probably want to save money.  There are electric bills, water bills, gas, car payment, daycare, credit cards, and the everyday expenses of life that life throws at us.  When the unexpected comes its nice to know that we’ll be able to financially handle then.  Last week we had to take our toddler to the emergency room, this was a huge eye opener to me.  Living paycheck to paycheck isn’t the way I want to live unless we have to.  There’s those times when we are forced to live paycheck to paycheck, but when things are going good many of us tend spend more money, rather than save.  Here are some ideas to help save extra money every month.

  1. Cable Bill – I am probably like many other people, have a cable package.  You know the movies, local channels, internet, DVR, and some little extras.  Have you ever looked at your cable bill?  Those little extra’s really add up.  I recently went from one of the premium cable packages to basic cable  with internet.  We hardly watch television in my house, why would I want to pay a huge monthly bill for something we are not using. So I called, cut my cable bill back to basic cable with internet package.  Doing this saved me $65.00 a month, that’s a huge savings.  I think back to the last 2 years we have been wasting our money on something we don’t use.  I kick myself for not doing it sooner.  If you don’t use it cancel it all together, use a streaming device for free.
  2. Auto Insurance – Here’s another area where one can save some big bucks.  I still have not really figured out why auto insurance prices can vary so much, but they do.  I called around, did some online quote’s and was able to save us $54 a month on auto insurance for the same coverage.  I probably spent at least an hour getting quotes, then setting up my new insurance, but it’s totally worth it.  Having good auto insurance coverage is extremely important, you don’t want to have junky auto insurance coverage.  However, shop around you just might find yourself saving a nice chunk of money every month.                                                                                                        Cut back on the coverage where able.  If you’re using all kinds of services that aren’t used cut them out entirety, but don’t get rid of the ones you’ll use or find
     valuable.  If something goes wrong and you need the coverage, you want to have it, but there’s many services many of us pay for that we never use.
  3. Smart Shopping – Be a smart shopper not only for auto insurance but everyday products too.  Use coupons, shop sales and discounts.  I shop online a lot, which saves me money on all kinds of products.  I found the best auto insurance price online.  I have started school shopping online as well.  Plan meals, when visiting the grocery store make a list according to what’s on the menu each day.  Planning and lists help stay on track and only get what needed, not all the extras.
  4. Coupons – You don’t have to be an avid coupon clipper to save money using coupons.  Find coupons that fit your needs, if your shopping online look for a coupon offering free shipping or 10% off coupon code.  Coupons can save money.
  5. Keep the electric and gas bill down – Make sure that you and your family turn off lights, appliances, don’t waste water, and during the day be sure all lights are turned off.  If you’re able, use solar panels can save big bucks money.
  6. Children – Just because they’re children doesn’t mean they cannot help save money.  If children are in the house teach them to turn things off while not in use.
  7. Cell Phone – So many of us love our cell phone, but when times are hard it’s one of the last bills we want to cut back on.  I am guilty of this myself.  My phone has it all; the internet, texts, etc.
  8. Land Line – Get rid of the land-line phone, use a cell phone.  There’s really no need to pay for both.
  9. Negotiate – When shopping for items such as auto insurance, negotiate the price you’re willing to pay.  Ask for discounts, there’s often discounts offered by many companies, if you don’t ask you’ll never know.
  10. Appliances and light bulbs – Buy energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs.  Energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs save money by saving energy.  Many of them last longer than their non efficient equivalents.
  11. cut driving time– gas is expensive. try to run all errands in one trip, try to use the shortest route with the fewest stops.  Keep vehicle maintained change oil and filters on a regular basis.  Check tires keep them properly inflated this not only saves fuel, but also saves tires, which by the way are also very expensive.

If you’re really looking to cut back and save money on your bills, be more organized.  Seriously, when you’re organized you’ll know exactly what’s coming in, what’s going out, what’s needed, and what can be done without.  Becoming more organized can help in so many aspects of life, not only with saving money but keeping the house clean and organized, as well as stress.  I say stress because if you’re unorganized and lose everything because of organizational skills you  can tend to be stressed because you can’t find something, are running late, or cannot do something.  There are many different way’s to save money these are just a few, if you know what you can cut out of your monthly bills and live without you may be able to find many other ways to help you and your family save money.  What do you do around your home to save money?

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5 Ways to Save Money While Back To School Shopping

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I just realized today that we have less than a month left before school starts, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I need to start back to school shopping, I always shop early to avoid having one huge expense.  It’s easier for this mother of 4 to break it up into a few different paychecks.  Back to school shopping is a huge expense and its important to do everything we can to save money.

Back to school will be here before you know it!  Are you ready to start school shopping again?  This year start early and do it the smart way, starts shopping and saving!  Since you have an early start on your children heading back to school this year there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to start saving some money.  Here are 3 awesome tips to help you save some money while school shopping.

  1. Make a List – Make a list of everything you’re going to need for your children this year.  I know you probably don’t have a school supply list yet, but most parent have a good idea as to what their children will need for school.   Making a list just makes the whole process more manageable, organized and easy and when things run smooth and you know what you need you’re less likely to buy all the extra’s that you don’t really need.  Being organized pays off and saves money
  2. Coupons, Deals and Steals – I am a huge one coupons, deals and steals.  If you plan right do your research and know who has the deals you’ll be doing alright.  So do your research, jump online and see who has the best deals.  Check the big bad stores along with the mom and pop stores, grab a coupon code or two.  Does your child need gadgets for school such as laptops?  Check out Sony Store Coupons, they always have a money-saving deal.  You can save money on more than just their clothing.  Save on gizmos, gadgets, school supplies and more, when you take advantage of coupons and deal.
  3. Shop Online – I am a huge online shopper, you cannot go wrong.  We all want our children to look fabulous their first day of school.  If you’re like me and live in a small town it’s hard to buy your children something half the town isn’t already wearing.  If you can buy it online do it, most places offer free shipping along with discounts on so many products, you’ll actually get a better product at a better price than if you picked it up at the mall.  Not to mention the variety  endless, of course you cannot buy everything online but what you can buy do it.  Start looking now to have you some time and money.
  4. Don’t wait for the tax-free day –  Okay, I know people go crazy over tax-free day, that’s when so many people do their back to school shopping.  Not this mom, you’ll never see me out on the tax-free back to school holiday.  Think about it how much money does not paying taxes really save you?  Not a whole lot, you’re better off getting a JC Penny Coupon for $20 off an order over $100, plus free shipping.
  5. Start Shopping Now – Okay, so I know by starting shopping now it doesn’t really save you a whole lot of money, but it does make the expense more manageable.  Back to school shopping can get expensive, sometimes its easier to spread it out.  Just remember to hide those cloths, if your children are like mine they’ll want to wear everything before school starts.

If you keep your eyes open for coupons, deals and steals you’ll save a nice amount of money since you started your back to school shopping early.  Shopping online is one of my favorite things to do for school cloths.  My children look wonderful and it didn’t cost me a fortune, and I don’t have to worry about them having the same pants, shirts and shoes as 3 other little girls in their class.  This year doesn’t sit out waiting to go school shopping on the tax-free day, just start now, take advantage of deals, use coupons, and be a smart shopper and you’ll save money in the long run.

3 Frugal Spring Cleaning Resolutions

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Every year after winter I make sure to thoroughly clean the house. I try to do the heavy-weight cleaning twice a year, but sometimes time goes faster than I know it, and it’s already spring again.

Spring cleaning activity always reinforces my top 3 frugal resolutions that I’d made some years ago:

1. to freeze food whenever I can, so I’d spend less money eating out and throwing away leftovers

2. to keep my pantry tidy so I wouldn’t throw away food

3. to keep an eye on coupons, and tape all the useful ones on the fridge

Freezing food became my obsession when I started working and trying to get organized between my job, my husband and our two babies. That’s when I discovered tremendous benefits of freezing food. Here’s how it helps me save:

1. I usually go grocery shopping on weekends and I buy lots of products using coupons, or I make a little research to find out what’s on sale and where.

2. At home I prepare all the vegetables, fruits, meats, breads and other items I purchased. I blanche veggies, cut them up, and separate all food products into one-serving-size freezer packages.

3. I label all food packaging with little stickers that contain info on what’s inside the packaging and the “use by” date.

Whenever I cook, I make bigger amounts of food so that I can freeze these extra meals. Also, whenever I prepare something for cooking, I freeze all the unused cut up tomatoes, onions, grated cheese, whipped eggs, cooked rice, etc. That way I always have something in the freezer that I can use when I don’t have time to cook.

Once a year (in spring) I do a huge cleanup of the fridge, freezer and pantry where I reorganize, put similar items together, and try to invent new ways to add extra space for food and beverage supplies. My freezer and pantry are neat, and there’s no way I’ll ever discover an item with a passed expiration date in there.

This might sound too simple to be of any value, or something you don’t want to trouble yourself with, but believe me: I save 25-30% on food this way, compared to what I used to spend before I started with my amazing 3 frugal resolutions.

Even if you’re not big on being organized and tidy, these are really great saving techniques.

Author bio:
Ana Brady writes about how to save money in the kitchen, and she is interested in any food-related topic. She also works in a small developers firm on a project on warehouse labels.

3 Tips that will Expand Your Clothing Budget

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Though it is not usually budgeted, it is always fun to buy new clothes and keeping up with the latest fashions; but we all know it does not come cheap. To have a little extra to spend on clothes, here are three simple solutions to expanding your clothing budget.

• Be ahead of the curve: whenever new trends come up, there are always some that start wearing them before the fashions become too popular. By buying at the beginning of a season not only will you have the most variety to pick from, but you will also find that retailers will have fantastic sales to get the inventory moving. Make sure you stay up to date with what is coming and have your mind made up so that when these fashions go on sale you are ready to make the purchase and get exactly what you want.

• Get it on sale: Let’s face it; there are some items that no matter how popular they are now, you may not be sure if it’s an item you’ll want in your wardrobe as soon as it becomes available. So for the times when the piece of clothing becomes a must have for you is well into its selling peak, look for a special sale or coupon to save a little on the cost. Holiday sales like Labor Day and thanksgiving are packed with great sales because they happen at the beginning of the weather season. Also, sometimes the clothing designer or brands have coupons on their own websites or they might offer special pricing or deals to fans that follow them on social networks so make sure to check on those before you head out to the mall. Sales also happen online for places that buy too much inventory or big enough stores that can afford to sell for less so doing a bit of online shopping first will give you an idea of what you can expect to pay at stores, or you may even find a deal too good to resist that it’s worth the wait for it to ship to you.

• Make room in your closet too: Create room in your closet and add to your wallet by selling your clothes from past seasons to second hand stores. There are stores that will give you a fair price for brand name clothing that is in good condition or even some good will places will pay you a small fee for your donation.

Odette is an author who specializes in women’s clothes and has a passion for new dressing trends.

Clutter Busting Summer Projects for Your Family

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I think summer is a great time to take a hard look at all your stuff and to eliminate clutter that may have built up. Your children are likely off from school, so they’ll have the time and energy.

Not only can you make your house a more organized, manageable place, you can make it a project to donate all that stuff you don’t need any longer.

Sorting Your Household Stuff

Take a hard look at all the stuff that’s both causing clutter and what may be tucked away, and decide if it meets one of 3 criteria:

  • Frequently Used Items
  • Occasionally Used Items
  • Never Used Items (Outgrown, lost interest)From here, you can reorganize any room so the frequently used items are in prominent locations while the lesser used items are tucked away (perhaps in a high shelf, an attic). As for the never used items, that one’s going to require a more dedicated effort. And that brings me to my next suggestion.
    Donating Your Old Stuff
    I bet you can find plenty of things around your house that just aren’t as useful anymore. Old clothes. Toys from several years ago. Rather than continuing to let this stuff pile up, make it a family project to drop it off at a local charity.

    If you have older kids, you can consider donating prom dresses to an organization like Project Princess. And if their big pile of trophies is losing some of its luster (so to speak), several trophy companies will accept them.
    Animal Shelter Donations
    Your worn, tattered towels and linens may not quite be up to standard for donating. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw them out, either.

    Instead, you can give them to local animal shelters, who use them to provide bedding for homeless dogs and cats. Even a simple towel can provide a kitten with much comfort.
    Clearing Out Kids’ Artwork
    Hanging onto all those construction paper turkeys and watercolor monsters can be a drag. But it may feel wrong to throw them away, as well.

    For the best of both worlds, you can make it a project to gather all that artwork and photograph each piece. You can include a name and date using software. Then, you can recycle or throw out the artwork guilt-free.
    Now that things are a little less hectic, this may be the time to experiment with systems for keeping your house organized over the long run.

    For most people, a highly visible, hand-written list offers the easiest way to assign and track chores. Whether you use a or invest in a fancy clear dry erase board, you can take away the uncertainty over who does what and when.

    And if that’s not your preference, you can always try chore apps, some of which are incredibly clever.

    Best of luck!

Organization Tips | Become More Organized Week 4

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Last week was becoming more organized with bills. This week I thought we would go over a few important tasks that have helped me become more organized.

It’s rare to hear someone say they don’t need to become more organized. I like to consider myself fairly organized; however there are times when I get a little lax with my organizational habits. Breaking habits are often hard to do, it’s easier to do it right the 1st time.

So how do we find time to get everything accomplished in only 24 hours? How many times have you known what needed to get done, yet you didn’t accomplish everything you sat out to do? Without some kind of organizational skills it’s hard to accomplish multiple tasks in a short period of time.

So how does a person work-full time, have 4 children, cook dinner, maintain 4 blogs, clean and everything else that happens in the day of being mom? I do this daily, but becoming more organized. The more organized I am the more I am able to accomplish in a set amount of time, such as my daughter sleeps for 2 hours. In those 2 hours I know I can get a few blog posts done, however I must have a plan what I am going to write about, where I need to look, etc.

Without a plan in mind, I check my email see what’s going on over on Face book and before I know it my daughter is awake and I have not compiled anything. Unfortunately this has happened to me more than I would like to admit. I had to sit down and make some changes so I could work, have family time and enjoy blogging. I have finally come up with a system that is working; I more time to do things I enjoy.

Blogging was really starting to take time away from my family and my family is my top priority so I had to figure something out or give up something I enjoyed doing. I decided to get organized and rather than live by the moment pre-plan my week. I have a notebook for everything. I have a notebook for my blogs and daily I know what reviews need to be done, what giveaways are due, what are ending etc.

Here are a few tips that have helped me become a more organized employee, mom and blogger.

  1. Have a plan – Know what you day is going to look like, what is most important and needs to get done first. Take some time the day before to look over or make yourself a list of what is top priority in your day. As you complete tasks throughout the day cross them off. It’s also a good feeling to see your list become smaller and smaller.
  2. Make sure you list is easy and workable – While I love all the awesome apps nothing seems to work as well as an old school pen and paper. I am lazy, it’s easier for me to pull out the blogging note-book and write down a coming up even than to schedule it in my calendar. Whatever way you decide to go, make sure its easy to understand and manage.  Don’t put so many tasks on the list you know you cannot complete it.
  3. Choose what works best for you and stick with it – I have wasted so much time trying out new things, figuring them out, and end up wasting half the day away on something that doesn’t work for me anyway. If it works don’t fix it!
  4. Do it now – Its so easy to put things off until later, but its more than likely not going to get done or there is scrambling last-minute to make sure its finished.
  5. Put it away when you are finished – If you are cooking dinner put up the milk right after you are done, brushing your daughter’s hair put the brush up, anything you do pick up after yourself. If you have a spot for everything (easier said than done) it’s easier to find and you spend less time looking for that darn marker you had yesterday.
  6. Take control of your life, home and work environment – Whatever you decide to use to organize your life doesn’t matter, it matters that you are using them and making them work for you.
  7. Complete your project – I am so guilty of trying to multitask, complete 10 things at once. I am sure there are people out there that can complete quality work while multitasking, but many of us cannot. In the long run we actually end up wasting time and producing something that is okay to read or look at rather than outstanding. This is my area of opportunity learning to handle one thing at a time, so I produce quality work and get more done.

I am bad about always running and checking my email, I have made myself stop and I now only check it a few times a day. I have learned that a few hours of not checking my email is not going to kill me. I am pretty sure if I something comes I will be ok waiting, I don’t have to stop what I am doing and take care of that email.

Before I started this post I had no idea how much time I actually waste by being unorganized. I have been working hard to become more organized at home, work and blogging. I have been saving a lot of time by working off a pre-planned list. I am actually working on getting ahead!

My suggesting is not to do exactly what I do, it’s to find what works for you and stick with it. If you need to become more organized, when you begin your journey and become more organized you will be amazing at how much time we have wasted being unorganized.

I would like to ask everyone to leave me a comment letting me know what organizational skills you currently use to make your life less stressful.  So what are you doing to stay or become more organized?

Get Organized Paying Bills Tips | Become More Organized Week 3

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week1becomemoreMany of us want to become more organized paying bills.  This week I will go over a simple technique that works to help keep me organized paying bills, so I know everything is paid on time every month.

If you read last week, I got my family to buy into my crazy idea to become a more organized household all together.  Things are going great I am still leading by example showing my family, mom is serious about living a more organized life together as a family.

This week I wanted to focus on how to get more organized paying bills.  Bills are something we look forward to each month right?  Okay, not look forward to have to do every month.  Being organized paying bills is important, it can keep from getting late notices, things being shut off, or effecting a hard earned credit score.  Paying bills organized, helps be on time every month so there is no need to worry about later notices.

Get more organized paying bills by having a system, something that works for your lifestyle each month so you know what has been paid, how much and when.

The first step to becoming a more organized bill payer is gathering all of bills.  Every time you receive a bill, be sure to have a designated area to place them, this makes it easier to know what needs to be paid.  Sometimes we get busy, toss the envelope on the table, counter, or dresser and don’t take extra time to place every bill you receive in a designated place.  This habit will help make sure that payments are sent on time.

Prioritize, do have several payments to make?  Something that helps me prioritize my bills from month to month is to have a dreaded bill notebook.  This just works for me.  I write all my payment information down for the month, due dates and amount due.  When I get ready to send a payment, I pull out my dreaded bill notebook.  My designated bill place is my notebook, everything is together and kept in my purse.  I am not always at home when I pay bills, so this works for my lifestyle.  After I pay a bill I highlight or drawn a line through them, so I know it is paid.  My bill notebook looks something like this;


  • Car Payment                                          1st                                           $545.23
  • House Payment                                   5th                                           $1232.11
  • Electric                                                         24th                                         $65.11

When I look at my dreaded bill notebook, I know my my car and house payments have been paid for May but I need to pay my electric.  I used to use a notebook to keep track of my bills, then I fell off the wagon, bills became more stressful to pay every month.

If a notebook doesn’t work for you there is many other ways to go about it such as, using a spreadsheet on a computer, pulling out your bills from a designated place or whatever works best for your lifestyle.

Next, make sure you know what bills will be paid with what paycheck.  If you’re like many people when you paycheck comes in there is a bill that must be paid.  Know a head of time what bill is going to be paid with what check.  This is especially helpful if you’re paying a large amount, such as a house payment.  However, small payments add up as well.  It is best to know what is getting paid when.

How do you pay your bills?  If you don’t use online bill pay, give it a shot.  This is an easy and fast way to pay your bills.  Not only is it faster, but most payments are received faster and it helps protect checking account numbers, one of the perks of technology.  Online bill pay automatically drafts money from your designated checking account to pay your bill.  Some people like to set it up where so their payments are automatically paid each month, they never have to login, schedule their payment it’s called a recurring payment.  Others, like myself  login to their online bill pay once a month and pay them manually.  Either way works, whatever you feel comfortable with is what you should do.

I say bill pay is so much faster is because you only login once to set up your payment information such as company name, address, account number, etc.  From that point forward unless something changes all you have to do is login once a month, input payment amount and schedule the date for your payment to be sent.  It saves so much time,  it’s a more efficient sending payments.

When you become more organized paying bills it just feels good, there is so much less stress.  I love my dreaded bill notebook, I think I like it so much because it feels good to mark them paid.

Most of us at one point or another need to budget our spending or would simply like to know what all we spend money on.  If you’re an organized bill payer, you know how much payments are each month, so you know how much extra money you have for other things such as family vacations and fun stuff.  Knowing bills are paid on time is a good feeling.

Becoming more organize paying bills is worth the effort and it is a rewarding feeling to never have to worry about paying late fees and always being on track with your finances.  After learning about simple bill paying organization systems your can devise your own technique that help make life even easier.

This system may not be what works for your lifestyle and by no means am I saying follow my technique, but finding what works for and sticking with it will make your life less stressful, allow time for fun, and possibly save money in late fees.  What organizational skills do you use?