Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Post Play Mat

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A Posh Play Mat ($98.00) is the perfect place for your little one to play.  These are a must have for any new mom or any mom of a young toddler. However play mats are not just for little ones.  They are something that you can continue to use long after your little one has gotten bigger.  I thought that I would share my 10 ten ways to enjoy the Posh Play Mat after your child has grown into an older toddler.

posh play mat

Ten Ways to Use Post Play Mats with Older Children

posh play mat 1

1 — At Games

When we go to watch my oldest play soccer, the kids like to sit somewhere.  It would be a lot of work to take chairs for everyone.  However the Posh Play Mat is easy to carry with us and they can comfortably sit on it.  Plus when there is dew on the ground or the conditions are less than favorable we can still sit on it to keep from getting dirty.

2 — As a Picnic Blanket

My kids love having picnics.  I love having a nice place to sit so that we do not get dirt on our food. The Posh Play Mat makes the perfect picnic blanket.

3 — At the Park

We go to the park a lot.  With four kids it seems that I am always running after one of them and that one of them is always in need of something.  While we are resting at the park or taking a break from play time, the Posh Play Mat makes the perfect place to sit down.

posh play mat 2

4 — When Traveling

When traveling the Posh Play Mat really comes in handy.  We stop a lot with the kids to make travels more enjoyable.  It is the perfect place to sit and watch them run and play or to enjoy lunch where they can stretch.  It is definitely something that we will not be traveling without anytime soon.

5 — At the Pool

I have been known to use the Posh Play Mat at the pool a time or two.  It seems like the chairs are always so hard to come by and we all need a place to sit and rest some.  So this works out as the perfect place for us to sit and take a break.

6 — On Hardwood Floors

We have hardwood floors in all of the rooms of our home but one.  We have been talking about setting up a second TV area for the kids but do not like the idea of them hanging out on the hardwood floors and I can not find a rug that is right for the area.  Thanks to the Posh Play Mat, we have a great place for them to sit and enjoy watching some TV or playing games together.

posh play mat 3

7 — When Camping

While we are camping there is always a need for the Posh Play Mat.  It works perfect to throw a few toys down for the kids to enjoy and it also works great for feeding them meals or anything else.  It is actually something that I wish that we had this summer when we were doing our extensive camping.

8 — At Festivals

We go to a lot of festivals with the kids. When watching shows or performers, the kids like to sit down.  They also like to sit down and do crafts or play games.  The Posh Play Mat is the perfect place for us to sit with the kids for all of these purposes.

9 — At Concerts

When we go to concerts with the kids we usually sit in lawn seats.  This means that the kids are technically sitting on the ground.  Well instead of that I carry the Posh Play Mat with us for them to sit down.

10 — At Fairs

Finally we also go to a lot of fairs.  We watch livestock, see the shows, and do a number of other things together.  It never seems like we can find a place to sit and relax.  I am eager for this year’s fair season and to be able to take the Posh Play Mat along with us.

Please excuse the stock photos as ours of the Posh Play Mat did not turn out as I had hoped.

Gift Buying Guide Feature — Tumblewalla

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Tumblewalla logo

I will admit that I am kind of addicted to finding the best clothes for my little ones to wear.  When it comes to Adeline I LOVE finding new brands for toddlers and in being able to find her outfits that not everyone is wearing.  I am currently in love with Tumblewalla and I find that their clothes are more than just adorable.  They are a great quality too.

Tumblewalla 2

I have to admit that I was really excited to work with Tumblewalla.  I love the Pink Elephants Organic Pocket Dress ($32.00) that was sent to me.  This dress is adorable and the pockets make it a lot of fun for any little one.  I always find it hysterical to see the things that my three year old puts in her pockets and this dress is no different.

Tumblewalla 1

I also love the Violet Leggings ($16.00).  The details on these leggings are great and unique which makes them have a nice difference in style to all of the other leggings that we own.

Tumblewalla 12

My 5 Musts for Toddler Clothes

Tumblewalla 3

5.  The Clothes Must be Cute

I will admit that I am a bit crazy about making sure that my kids always look cute.  I know that I am a bit preoccupied with making sure that we have coordinating outfits, colors that do not clash, and making sure that pictures always look great.  Basically I want to be able to frame any cute candid shots that might happen when we are out and about enjoying life.  One thing that I always look for in toddler clothes is that they are cute and maybe a bit “grown up” from time to time but that my toddler really looks like a toddler.

Tumblewalla 13

4.  The Clothes Must be Functional

Tumblewalla 5

Another thing that I require when I am looking for clothes is that they be functional.  Toddler clothes need to be easy to move around and play in.  You do not want them easily torn or materials that could get stuck on things.  We loved our Tumblewalla clothes so much that I even had Adeline wear them on her birthday trip.  She was so excited to jump around in them because she loved them and I was so excited that they worked well for all of the adventures that we took on her special day.

Tumblewalla 6

3.  The Clothes Must be High Quality

I always look for clothes that are going to last.  I started this with the oldest two and there are always at least a few great hand-me-down outfits for the younger two.  I continued the trend with the younger two because high quality clothes just last longer.  I love that the Tumblewalla clothes continue to look brand new and since this has quickly become Adeline’s favorite outfit she wears it a lot more than she wears some!

Tumblewalla 8

2.  The Clothes Must be Comfortable

It is also important to me that Adeline be comfortable when she is playing.  I see so many little ones running around playing that are pulling at their pants to keep them up or that are constantly messing with their clothes.  This just does not seem comfortable to me so I am really focused on making sure that Adeline is wearing clothes that are comfortable for her to wear.  I love knowing that she can run and play without having problems!

Tumblewalla 4

1.  The Toddler Must Like It

Tumblewalla 9

The most important thing to me with clothes for Adeline is that she must like them.  She LOVES the elephants on the Tumblewalla dress and tells me each morning when she wakes up that she wants to wear it.  She is obsessed with it and shows everyone the pockets when we are out too.  Tumblewalla clothes get a big A+ from Adeline and since she loves wearing them it makes it a lot easier for me as a mom to get her ready in the morning.

Tumblewalla 11

Right now if you order before December 17th you can get free holiday shipping and 30% off with the code HOLIDAY which means that you really have no excuses to not give one of your favorite little ones the gift of Tumblewalla this holiday season.

Saving Money on Boutique Items

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I love adorable boutique outfits for my girls but often times I find that they are so expensive that as a stay at home mom I can not afford them.  I feel really lucky to have found the Twinkle Pink Group on Facebook.  This group is closed so you will have to request to join but it is an amazing group where you can get all sorts of amazing deals on cute boutique outfits for your little ones.

The way that it works is that you are basically part of a group buy in.  You purchase the outfit at a greatly discounted price and then wait for it to be produced/ordered from the manufacturer.  Recently I was really impressed with the prices that were available for some adorable Christmas goodies.

We celebrate Christmas Eve with new pajamas for our children.  I got adorable red and white chevron pjs for my girls that I love.  They were just $18 a pair which was a great price in my opinion!

I also was able to pick up this adorable 3 PC outfit for just $20!!  I am so excited to get this and see them wearing it because it is so adorable!!

Twinkle Pink 4

Right now the group has a couple of buys that I would like to highlight for you.  I am really in love with fun clothes that my girls love. These Sequin Leggings are available at the amazing price of $15 per pair.  The thing with the group buy ins is that you have to order and wait but to be able to get leggings that would normally be $40 for $15 is worth the wait for me.  You must act now if you want these great leggings!!  This one is going to be closing soon and I can assure you that you do not want to miss it!!

Twinkle Pink 3

Thinking ahead for future holidays?  Valentine’s Day outfits are also available at Twinkle Pink Group.  I love this adorable 2 pc black and white outfit and I really like that I can get both pieces for just $20.

Twinkle Pink 1

Or you can get this awesome 3 pc red outfit for just $22!!  I still can’t get over how reasonable the pricing is!!

Twinkle Pink 2

So what are you waiting for?  You know that you want to be able to take advantage of these adorable looks for your little one and at these prices you really can’t afford not to.  Just check out Twinkle Pink Group and request to join!!

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Zip It! Baby

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I have been so lucky to be able to work with Zip It! Baby again to be able to bring you this amazing review.  Adeline is my youngest and she is kind of a picky little girl.  I can’t complain because she comes by it completely honest.  She is just like her momma!!  So when Adeline finds something that she really loves I know that it is not going to be easily replaced or something that I  can just swap out for something else.  Nope, with Adeline when she finds something that she loves I am going to have to make sure that I work hard to take care of that and to have it around for her.

Zip It Baby

This spring we worked with Zip It! Baby and I reviewed one of their adorable blankets.  Well, Adeline loves the newest blanket that she received from Zip It! Baby.  The blanket that she received last spring was the Dreamsicle Blanket ($44) and she never wanted to put it down.

zip it baby 11

Thankfully I was able to review the Berry Blanket ($44) this time around I do not have to worry about when I need to wash one of them because she always has a spare.

Zip It Baby 12

In addition to their amazing blankets, Zip It! Bay has some of the most adorable baby clothes that I have ever seen.  I just wish that I had known about the brand when Adeline was a baby so that I could have put her in them.

Choosing the Perfect Layette Wear for Your Little One

Choosing the perfect layette wear can be really simple when you know what you are shopping for.  Zip It! Baby has some of the best options that you can find for your baby.

Stylish Finds for the Season

zip it  baby 2

The 4 Pc White Happy Playsuit Gift Set is a perfect choice for little ones this holiday season.  The sets come in great colors that are perfect for boys (White/Clear Blue), girls (White/Giggle Pink), or both (White New Leaf).  These sets feature Adeline’s favorite blankets, a cute outfit, hat, and bag that they are packaged in and you get it all for just $78.00.

zip it baby 1

Accessorize with Hats and Blankets

zip it baby 4

One of the perfect things about the Zip It! Baby line is that they offer hats to go with all of their adorable outfits.  The hats are just $14 each which makes them a great buy.  They also feature great blankets ($44) that match.  This is a great way to keep your baby warm in the winter while still keeping them stylish and matching.

zip it baby 3

Find Clothes that Will Be Comfortable

zip it baby 5

The Zip It! Baby playsuits look amazing.  They zip and unzip which allows your baby to be able to be changed easily.  Plus they are easy to put back on a really wiggly baby!!  I am in love with the Happy Playsuit in Pebble/Giggle Pink ($42).

zip it baby 6

Another great option from Zip It! Baby is their dresses. Who wouldn’t fall in love with the Berry Pocket Zipper Baby Dress in Chocolate/Giggle Pink ($42).

zip it baby 7

The Rocket Pop Romper in Vintage Blue/Orange ($38) is perfect for easily styling your little one on warmer days.

zip it baby 8

The Snuggle Gown in Chocolate/Clear Blue ($48) is a perfect way to keep your baby warm at night when they will no longer let you swaddle them.  It is a safe alternative to blankets and one that you can easily use.

zip it baby 9 zip it baby 10

The Zip It! Baby Scamper Pants ($22) are perfect to let your little one chill in and the coordinating Onesies ($29) are so much fun too! Plus they feature the great zipper design that makes them easy to get on and off.

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Tidy Tots Diapers

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I have to admit that there are few things in my life that have caught on like cloth diapers did.  In fact for a while I switched to disposables for night time when Adeline was potty training but we have officially moved back into our cloth diapers at night.  I love cloth diapering and if I had another little squish on the way I would choose to cloth diaper from birth.  That being said finding out about cloth diapers was hard work, overwhelming (there are so many styles and brands!), and just hard to handle at one point.  I am so glad that I am able to share Tidy Tots Diapers with you.  Tidy Tots are amazing, affordable, and so easy!


I was very lucky to receive the Great Start Set ($214.96) and I have got to say that nearly 90% of the time these are the nighttime diapers that we choose.  My daughter loves the colors and prints and I love that they do not leak and that we have never had rashes/reactions to any of the inserts.

tidy tots 7

We received a great assortment of covers in designs and colors that were absolutely adorable.  I really love them all!

tidy tots 6

The set also came with these great snap in liners that you stuffed with inserts.  They were so easy to use and even my husband was able to easily stuff them which was not the case with some other types of diapers because of the size of his hands.  Plus you get a package of diaper liners too which are great for poo with little babies.

tidy tots 8 tidy tots 9

Tips for Choosing Great Cloth Diapers

tidy tots 2

Find the Set that is Going to Work for You

When it comes to cloth diapers you really have to know what type of set you want and what is going to work with you.  What I love most about the Great Start Set is that it does come with everything that you need, adorable covers, and all of the inserts.  If you were not opposed to doing daily laundry this is one set that you really could purchase and never have to buy another set again.

tidy tots 3

Choose Diapers that Are Your Style

Plus with Tidy Tots diapers you can choose from a great selection of covers so that you can choose styles that are perfect for you.  Your baby will never have to leave the house clothed in a bum that you do not think is cute.

tidy tots 4

Love the Diapers that You Choose

I will admit that even though I did not Tidy Tots when I first started cloth diapering, once I found them I wish that I did. They seriously are one of my favorite diapers that we have ever owned!  That is saying a lot when I have tried most of the brands of diapers that are on the market today!

tidy tots 1

Don’t Be Fooled by Advertising

One of the things that I fell for when I first started was advertising.  I chose the diapers that I heard the most about and I HATED them, like seriously HATED them.  I ended up calling the company and sending them back and getting credit to use in the online shop where I purchased them.  I was lucky because I was not stuck with $700 worth of cloth diapers (I had purchased for two little ones.)!  However it sickens me to think how much money I could have saved had I found Tidy Tots sooner.

tidy tots 5

Learn to Pick What YOU Like

Finally make sure that you do not listen to everyone else.  I have friends who have cloth diapered and each of us have loved something different.  So I learned quickly that you have to be willing to pick what you like first.  This is so important for finding great cloth diapers and finding what you are interested in.

tidy tots 10

Cloth diapering is something that I quickly fell in love with and became passionate about.

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Aden + Anais

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Prior to working with Aden + Anais I had only used their receiving blankets.  Now I have had the opportunity to use some of the best bath products that I have found for little ones.  I was sent their Baby Wash and Baby Lotion and honestly was impressed by the quality of both of them.  I will guarantee you that you will not be disappointed if you pick these up.

aden logo

With that being said I wanted to share with you how to stuff the perfect stocking for the baby in your life.  I find stuffing a baby’s stocking to be the hardest of all because there are not a ton of small inexpensive things that you can throw in there.  However there are a lot of great useful products that you can pack in there that you can use again.

Filling the Perfect Stocking for a Baby

Choose Useful Products

aden 1

One thing that I love about the Aden + Anais is that they offer so many products that are perfect for babies.  I also love that they support initiatives and programs that give back like the (PRODUCT)RED line that is now featured in their online shop.  I love the (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition Organic Designer Swaddles ($54.95) that famed celebrity designer Rachel Zoe created.  This set features three swaddle blankets that are perfect for any baby on your list.

Consider Items that You Might Not Usually Buy

aden 2

Another great tip for buying stocking stuffers for a baby is to check out items that you might not normally purchase.  Fun bibs and burp cloths are great for this purpose.  You know that you are going to use them but you might not always pick out the higher quality ones like the ones from Aiden + Anais.   I personally fell in love with the Moonlight — Leafy Bamboo Burpy Bib ($12.95).  I think that the colors are great and that it is fun for anyone.

Pick Something Baby Will Love

aden 3

I keep hearing the most amazing things about the Dream Blankets.  I wish that I owned one but I don’t and we are a blanket family so we honestly have far more blankets than we could ever use.  But if you have a special baby in your life who you want to have a little bit of luxury than I have heard that the Bamboo Dream Blankets are the most amazing blankets that you can purchase.  I would personally choose the Moonlight Bead + Solid Grey Bamboo Dream Blankets ($54.95).  This would be a great way to take up room in a bigger stocking too!

Use Bath Products That Baby Will Enjoy

aden 4

Aden + Anais makes bath products that your little one will love.  One of my traditions is to include quite a few bath products in the stockings that my children get each year.  I find that this is a great way to stock up on their favorites and to be able to give them a gift that we will eventually need and use.  I really love the Soothing Ointment ($15.95) for dry skin in the winter time.  It has worked better on rough dry spots that my children have than anything else ever has!

aden 5 aden 6

The Ultra Gentle Lotion ($15.95) was thick and creamy but not too sticky or greasy and the Hair + Body Wash ($15.95) was amazing too!

Check out Aden + Anais for perfectly stuffed stockings for the special babies in your life!

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Buttons Diapers Review and Giveaway!

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Babies are hard to shop for.  If you have babies in your life who get to enjoy the CD love or even if you just have a friend who is curious about the cloth diapers then Buttons Cloth Diapers are the answer to your holiday shopping guide.

buttons logo

I thought in celebration of writing about cloth diapers that I would share some reasons that you might want to check out cloth diapers for all of the little ones in your life.


10 Reasons Every Mom Should Check Out Cloth Diapers

buttons 2

 Reason 1 — There are Great Options for Cloth Diapering

Today there are so many different brands and styles of cloth diaper that you can find something to fall in love with.  There really is a style that is perfect for every child and one that is perfect for every mom.  I love the Buttons Diapers cloth diaper that I was given for a review.  This diaper is a wonderful quality and so cute.  I honestly wish that we had seen these sooner since our littlest is basically wearing diapers at night time and for travel only.

Reason 2 — Avoid the Chemicals in Disposable Diapers

So many disposable diapers that are on the market today have chemicals in them.  These chemicals can be harmful to your little one.  Our younger son had an allergic reaction to diapers which is what prompted us to switch to cloth.  It was a decision that I loved and one that I would never take back.

Reason 3 — Save Money

You will save a ton of money with cloth diapers.  Even choosing the most expensive, top of the line diapers saves you money when you have more than one child.

Reason 4 — It’s Easy to Cloth Diaper

Everyone always made comments to me about cloth diapering being gross.  It really is no different.  The only thing is that you have to dump the poo into the toilet.  Technically, if you read your disposable diaper bags, this is something that you should be doing anyways although almost no one does.

Reason 5 — No Leaks

Cloth diapers do not leak as often as disposable diapers.  In fact we almost never had leaks with our kids in cloth.

Reason 6 — One Size Diapers

One size diapers will fit your little one shortly after birth until they are at potty training age.

Reason 7 — They Hold Their Value

Cloth diapers are a decent investment as they hold their value.  You will be able to resell them after you are done using them.

Reason 8 — There is an Awesome Option in Everyone’s Budget

Another great thing about Buttons Diapers is that they are affordable for everyone.  You can get packages starting at just over $100 that have everything you need to cloth diaper full time.

Reason 9 — They’re Better for the Environment

Cloth diapers are really great for the environment because you are not producing diaper waste.

Reason 10 — They’re Cute

Let’s face it, the Buttons Diapers are so much cuter than any disposable that you will find.

Choosing cloth diapers was an easy decision for me.  If you are on the line try getting just a few and giving it a test drive.  I am sure that it is something that you will fall in love with.  Buttons Diapers are a great option because they encompass everything that you want from a cloth diaper.

Check out the awesome Buttons Diapers giveaway to win one for yourself.

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Holiday Gift Buying Guide Feature — Products Every Baby Needs from Boogin’ Head

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Buying gifts for babies just got a whole lot easier.  What was once a difficult task has now become something that you can do with ease.

Boogin head logo

Two of moms most difficult challenges with their little ones are being solved with two new and innovative products from BooginHead.  The PaciGrip, SippiGrip, and SplatMat are all products that every mom of a little one is going to appreciate.

Boogin head 1

The PaciGrip will help to make sure that your little one never loses a pacifier again.  As a mom of a child who had a paci for a long time I can assure you that this would have been a product that I loved and would not have been able to live without.  The SippiGrip is perfect for toddlers and babies alike.  You can use this great product to help your little one from dropping or throwing their cup or bottle.  It really makes trying to go places with your little one just a little bit easier.  The SplatMat is one that your child is not going to outgrow soon.  It is a great little travel mat that you can use when you are sitting on the ground or just out and about.  I find that we even pick up the SplatMat to use when we are going places without the kids.

Boogin head 3

Since both of these products are great for traveling I thought that I would share some tips for stress free outings with baby!

Tips to Have Stress Free Outings with Your Baby

Boogin head 2

1.  The first thing that you have to do if you want to avoid stress when you are out with your baby is to make sure that you are not always searching for their favorite paci.  I will never forget the struggle of having to dig through my purse or diaper bag to find a spare paci when my son had dropped one or lost one when we were out.  Then there was the horror that I felt when I could not locate one.  It was really awful.  I wish that the great PaciGrip had been around when he was younger.  This product is great for little ones and moms alike.  I am sure that not having to worry about losing your little ones paci is going to be great!

Boogin head 4

2.  The second thing that you have to do if you want to avoid stress with your baby on outings is make sure that you can easily access their bottle or cup.  I know that this was something else that was very stressful for me as a mom.  My kids were always throwing their bottles or cups when we were in the car, on a walk, or just out and about.  This meant that I was left struggling to find what they had dropped or trying to reach for it at times.  I know that with the SippiGrip this would have been so handy because they would not have been throwing their things around.  I do use the SippiGrip with my youngest.  She is just getting ready to turn three and the SippiGrip has been perfect when we are walking with her stroller or driving in the car.  If she can’t reach her cup she can actually hold onto the strap and pull it up to herself which makes it so much easier when we are traveling or on the road.

Boogin head 5

3.  Knowing that you have a safe and clean place for your little one to sit is going to end additional stress.  I love for the SplatMat for this reason.  I am the type of mom who is overall pretty relaxed but I hate it when I know that my child is going to be sitting somewhere where I’d rather them be protected.  The SplatMat allows me to do just that.  We have a ton of playmats and picnic blankets and each of these is good for their own reason but the SplatMat is truly the only one that is small enough to have with me all of the time.  I keep the SplatMat in my purse and am always able to use it, even when the kids are not with me and I just need a clean place to take a break.

Boogin head 6

Finding great holiday gifts for babies used to be hard.  When you shop with Boogin’ Head you will find that they offer you everything that you need for a great baby gift this holiday season.

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Hip Mama Wrap

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

So I have to admit that I am still just a tad bit obsessed with babywearing.  Adeline is almost three and I still wear her on a regular basis.  Huxley and Althea are 5 and 6 and sometimes I even find myself wearing one of them.  They are all small for their age so it is not hard to wear any of them.  One of the things that I think every pregnant woman or new mom needs this holiday season is a great wrap so that they wear their baby.

hip baby wrap

I love so many things about babywearing but what is most important to me is how it can help you to bond with your child.  Hip Baby Wrap offers beautiful woven wraps with a fringed end.  I love this wrap so much!  It is just gorgeous in person!!

hip baby wrap 1

Benefits of Babywearing —

Babies Will Cry Less

Babies that are worn tend to cry a lot less than babies that are not worn.  This is because a baby that is being worn gets to experience more comfort from his or her mom than a baby who is not being worn.

Babies Will Learn More

In scientific studies of babies who are worn vs babies who are not worn, the ones who are worn are able to learn more.  They learn at a quicker rate too!

Babies Will be More Organized

One of the suggestions is that babies should be in a sling or wrap for the first 9 months of life.  This is because that is a special time of bonding and development for your baby.  If a baby is worn during this time then they are going to have better organization skills as they get older.

Babies Humanize the World Earlier

It is thought that the reason that babies learn more when they are worn is because they humanize the world faster.  They see what the mom and dad see which makes them more alert and aware of what is going on around them.

Babies are Smarter

Babies who are worn are smarter than babies who are not worn.  They do better in school and really have a better grasp on many different things in life.

hip baby wrap 2

So when you are trying to determine what the best gift is going to be for a new parent or for a pregnant friend, why not check out a Hip Baby Wrap as they are bound to offer them a great way to be able to bond and encourage their baby to grow.

I borrowed the action shot from the website since I just got this one in the mail today.  We are pretty busy around here and the little miss does not want to be worn right now but I really wanted to get the post up!

Keep Baby Protected in All Kinds of Weather with Cozy Cover

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Cozy Cover has finally introduced a solution that we can all live with. The Cozy Cover Combo pack includes two the line’s innovative car seat covers that are perfect for the crazy weather that we have when it is still warm out.

cozy cover logo

A Look at the Lightweight Cozy Cover
If you have ever been caught in a downpour and wondered how you were going to be able to keep your little one protected while getting him or her to the care then the Lightweight Cozy Cover is what you have always been looking for. This is something that I honestly had not seen before but it is a nice cool cover that is very lightweight. This means that it will not be too hot for your little one on a warm summer day when it is raining. You can still get your baby to the car without them getting wet.
It has all of the features that you look for with a cover. It features a zipper that makes getting baby in and out of the carrier simple even with the cover on. There is no back to the design so it does not interfere with the car seat. Many people do not realize this but if you use a cover that actually comes in contact with the seat where your baby is sitting then it can actually void the car seat’s guarantee to protect your little one.
Since the cover has elastic edges it easily slips onto the carrier. It is very compact which means that you can store it in your diaper bag so that you always
have it when a sudden shower might pop up. And it is water repellant while also having a shade that can protect baby’s eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. It is also machine washable.

cozy cover 1

A Look at the Sun & Bug Cover
One of the things that I have always worried about more than my baby getting a little wet is the fact that they can contract a dangerous disease from a bug bite or sting and that the sun can cause such damage to their sensitive skin and eyes. The Cozy Cover Sun & Bug Cover is a great solution for both of these fears of mine. It will keep unwanted bugs and insects away from your baby. It will also offer them sun protection that is going to protect from the harmful UV rays that can cause so much damage. The area inside the cover is very spacious and well ventilated so you do not have to worry about whether or not your little one can breathe well.
Of course this one is recommended that you hand wash but it has all of the other safety issues that were featured in the other shade. There is no interference with the straps of the car seat and it has the elastic that makes putting it on so easy.
So when you want protection for your little one or if you want to protect a loved one’s little one the Cozy Cover Combo Pack makes a great gift that really is perfect for those who live in any area.