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Enhancing the Education of Your Child

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Raising a child can be a very difficult thing to do. There are many responsibilities that you have. One of the biggest of those responsibilities if to give your child a path to succeed academically. An education is vitally important when it comes to your child’s ability to get a good job when he or she reaches adulthood. Therefore, you need to do everything in your power to ensure this happens. There are some things that you can do to enhance the education that your child is already receiving. Here are a few ideas for you to consider.

1. Invest in the latest technology that will enable your child to be a better student.

A classroom is not like it used to be 30 years ago. The technological boom that the world has experienced during the past couple of decades has made a huge impact when it comes to how students learn inside and outside of the classroom. This means that you need to make sure your child has the latest technology that will allow him or her to study more efficiently. Not having the right tablet or laptop will cause your child to be left behind. Do some research online to find out which device is the most ideal for your child to use for studying purposes. You should also get some input from your child on this decision since he or she will be using the tablet or laptop on a daily basis. Therefore, the device you buy needs to be something that your child is comfortable operating.

2. A college preparatory school would be a wonderful investment in your child’s future.

Colleges that have a very high ranking look favorably on applicants who have attended college preparatory schools. Therefore, you will be giving your child a better chance of being accepted into a great college if you send him or her to one of these academic institutions. A college prep school such as Landon School Landon School will begin to mold your child into an outstanding and disciplined student who is ready to take on the rigorous learning environment of a top college. A Landon School education Landon School education can help your child get prepared for the academic demands that await him or her in college. This can play a huge role in helping your child to achieve academic excellence at the college level.

3. Help your child with his or her studying every chance you get.

Becoming actively involved in your child’s studies can have a much bigger impact than you ever thought possible. You should not simply be a passive observer during your child’s school years. You should always take a close interest in what he or she is learning. Ask your child if he or she needs help studying. Volunteer to give your child a quiz on material that he or she needs to learn before a big test. Doing this will improve your child’s scores. However, it will also be a wonderful bonding experience that will make you and your child closer than before. Knowing that you will always be aware of what your child is studying will make him or her work harder to impress you. Having you as a study partner will also make it easier for your child to memorize material.

Customer Service; Art or Science?

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There are those who would argue that customer service is an art and still others come down on the side of it being a science. No matter where one lands in this debate it is simply a fact that extraordinary customer service results in extraordinary customer satisfaction.  Such is the case at Krikawa.

The business of designing custom wedding bands and custom engagement rings requires a deep sensitivity to the needs of the customer that you are designing a custom ring for.  Krikawa ensures customer satisfaction through a guarantee that is better than any in the business.  Simply stated, they won’t stop trying until the customer is one hundred percent satisfied; almost unheard of today and truly a rarity in any custom field.


Krikawa can make this guarantee based on their process, product, and professionalism.  The process is a simple straight forward exchange of ideas and concepts brought by the customer, interpreted by the Krikawa design team, and manifested in a custom design.  There is a lot of work involved and a lot of back and forth until the custom piece is just right reflecting the taste and vision the customer has in mind.


Once that final sign-off on the design has been accomplished, the customer can rest assured that the product will perfectly reflect the design.  Krikawa only works from the finest quality components.  Their precious stone inventory is truly something special. However, should there be a requirement beyond what they have in-house, it can be accommodated through special order.  The craftsmen that bring together design with final product, precious metals with precious stones, and color with concept remain vigilant through the entire process to keep true to customer vision.


All matters contributing to the crafting of any project by this custom ring manufacturer is handled in truly professional manner.  So, whether customer service is to you a science or whether to you it is an art, Krikawa uses it to produce custom rings and jewelry that go beyond the value of their components to speak straight to your heart.

Don’t Let Bladder Leakage Stop You!

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This is a sponsored post but all opinions expressed are my own.

We’ve talked about bladder leakage several times in the past, but I know there are probably some of you who want to know what is light bladder leakage caused from?     It’s caused from a variety of things – pregnancy to age there are a number of reasons a women would get light bladder leakage..  Yes, it’s embarrassing, but there isn’t a whole lot one can do about it other than laugh it off, but be careful you don’t want any leaking lol.  OMG, yes it’s happened to me I’m a mommy!

JENN THE LUCKIES MOM EVERThings have gotten better for me over time but here we are planning yet another baby, and I’m sure that is only going to mean I’m going to have to deal with it yet again.  BLAH bladder leakage, but, this time, I will know to get some Poise panty liners.

They are specially designed for the whole light bladder leakage problem so many of us suffer from and are embarrassed about.  They also stay 3X drier than leading brands of regular size feminine care panty liners. Not to mention that they lock away odor and wetness to keep you feeling dry.  If the Poise Very Light Absorbency Liners are too light you can always get Poise Maximum Absorbency Pads.

Are you embarrassed of light bladder leakage?  If you haven’t had it yet, do you plan on having children?  Many women get it after pregnancy, it’s a part of life.  This is why I choose to openly talk about such issues, they’re normal, tons of ladies suffer from light bladder leakage.  It’s not something we should be ashamed about.  We should talk about it so other women know they’re not going crazy when it happens to them and they know what to do.

It’s nice they are the thing so you don’t feel like you are walking around with a dip on lol.  The next time you need protection that a traditional panty liner can’t offer you be sure to check out Poise.  Not only do they have their panty liners but they have a variety of products specifically for light bladder leaks ago.

I recently picked up some Poise Liners from Sam’s Club for my sister-n-law who just had her little boy, my nephew, Gavin.  He is such a cutie pie, I just want to squeeze him.  I went to Sam’s Club because I love Sam’s Club!  It’s by far my favorite place to shop because I can stock up on items like Poise Liners.

20160110_032210_resizedDo you have a Sam’s Club Membership?  If not be sure to check them out, especially if you are like me and don’t like going to the store all the time so you buy in bulk.

Learn more about the Sams’ Club Membership here,  Poise Very Light Absorbency Liners here, and Poise Maximum Absorbency Pads

Top 10 Tips For A Seamless Back To School Transition | #FallBackToScool

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It has finally arrived. My little girl is off to kindergarten. No more dropping her off and then picking her up a couple hours later as we get our feet wet for school by enjoying pre-school. Now, she has to get on the bus like a big girl every day at the same time. And she is gone all day. This means our mornings are no longer the leisurely wake up whenever we feel like it, wander around, take our time free for all that pre-school was. So as we are now a couple weeks into our first year of real school I wanted to share some tips on how to survive transition with ease. Some we’ve figured out, some we’ve picked up from others, and some we are still working on. It’s time for #FallBackToSchool

Top 10 Tips For A Seamless Back To School Transition

1) Pack lunch the night before. Chips, snacks, veggies, cookies, whatever can be bagged up and ready to go is in her lunchbox the night before. We still make sandwiches in the morning so the bread doesn’t get mushy or hard but we are cutting out 80% of the work in the evening. If you have any way to get around the mushy or dry bread, I’d love to hear it!

2) Plan outfits ahead of time. I don’t know about you but I find it a lot easier to plan outfits for the week on Sunday instead of running around, looking for an article of clothing, ten minutes before the bus arrives. We pick out all five outfits for the week and set them aside, assigned by day. A lot of stores carry plastic drawer systems; a lot of them come with five drawers. That means your outfits for the week are ready, in a designated drawer, and just waiting to be opened by your little one.

3) Homework. We take a short break as soon as my daughter arrives home from school for a snack and some R&R. However, we have a designated time when homework begins and we work on it until it is complete. As soon as homework is done it goes right back into the backpack. Otherwise, it goes missing and then mommy and daddy receive a note home from the teacher. I don’t know about you but I prefer smiley face stickers, not notes from the teacher.

4) Command hooks. Huh? Unfortunately our home is more of a beginners home, I like to refer to it as tiny or essentials only. What this means is we do not have a designated mudroom and we don’t have an entry nook. Since we like our daughter’s backpack and lunchbox to be in central area we “installed” a couple command hooks by the garage door. This gives her a place to hang her backpack and jacket/coat, as needed, so we always know where they are and they are easy for her to grab as we head out the door to meet the bus.

5) Enthusiasm. For our little one, going off to school for the first time was a little scary. New beginnings can be overwhelming and a bit scary for everyone, including adults. We want to make sure she is ready for her day at school so she sees nothing but happy smiles and encouragement every day. Some morning are still a little rough but it is important to be your little one’s biggest fan and that is exactly who we are.

6) Dress Rehearsal. About a week before school we made a point of showing our little one where she would be catching the bus every morning, dropped off after school, and where her school and classroom were. Not every school offers an open house prior to the start of the school year but we were lucky enough to have a meet and greet with our teacher a couple days before. This gave your little one the chance to see a new face while surrounded by those that she knows well. This also gave her the opportunity to see where she would be sitting in class and meet her class buddy.

7) Night time is bath time. Mornings are not the time for showers and baths. There is too much else going on. Plus, who wants a dirty stinky kid getting their sheets dirty? By doing bath time at night we can give her extra time to play in the tub, enjoy a bubble bath on occasion, and just relax. That’s what bath time is about, right?

8) Have breakfast ready. This doesn’t mean pancakes or waffles every morning. Yogurt and a banana is an easy workable breakfast that they can carry around while getting dressed. Part of our weekly grocery trip involves picking up “on the go” type breakfast items that will get her energized for the day but give her variety to choose from. The makings of a great day start with breakfast!


9) Join a local team. A lot of team sports start in August which means the season is in full swing by the time school starts. This is a great way to not only introduce another level of fun and exercise into your little one’s life but for them to make new friends before the start of the school year. This has also been a great way for our daughter to learn how to take direction from someone other than mommy and daddy. This activity alone has been a positive on so many levels.

10) Plan a play date! At the beginning of the school year we are all new in some way, shape, or form. For a kindergartener this is the case on so many levels. One of the easiest ways to break the ice and have your little one become better acquainted with new friends is to plan a play date at the park a couple of weeks after school starts. Most parents aren’t comfortable with having their little one go to a stranger’s house for a play date so this is a neutral territory where everyone can meet. Don’t have a park in your area; pick a location of your choice! Simply send invites with your little one to school and have the teacher pass them out to the entire class. Think about it, this is a great way to have a party without a host.

The beginning of a new year is just that, a new beginning. There are bound to be bumps in the road from time to time but we all want the transition for our kids to be as easy and seamless as possible. By following the tips above hopefully the transition will be just that for you and your little one(s). Remember, we are all in this together and the success of the school year starts at home.

Welcome back to school! Let’s make it a great year!

Looking for more back to school resources? Check out Follett’s website by simply clicking here.  While you are there, be sure to share your back-to-school tips!

Have a not so little one that is preparing to enter college? Here are the Top 10 Must-Have Items for college freshmen courtesy of Follet:

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written in conjunction with Follett and a campaign with Sverve. Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own.

New Mexico Style Hormel Chili Cheese Baked Potato Cup

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Living in the Southwest is a fantastic region for food diversity. In New Mexico, we love our green chile and pair it with pretty much every single thing we eat. When we have Hormel Chili for dinner, that doesn’t change. Whether we enjoy some chili dogs or some Frito pie, topping it with some diced green chile is a must. My family wanted something fun and different and so we took a simple idea and added a is delicious. Baked potatoes are hearty and versatile. And who doesn’t love cheese? So, the Hormel Chili Cheese Baked Potato Cup was born.

It was really a basic concept of a delicious baked potato that we often have with grilled steaks. Our baked potatoes often have several different toppings. Cheese, sour cream, onions, bacon, green chile, and of course Hormel Chili. It is fun to build the baked potato how the kids want it, but sometimes a whole potato is way too much food for their little tummy, and our own. So, we decided to downsize and came up with this easy to make recipe that are individual size portions that still pack all the awesome flavors of the toppings. Grab your coupon and save $1 on Hormel Chili and follow these simple steps with just these few ingredients and your troops will be screaming for more!

New Mexico Style Hormel Chili Cheese Baked Potato CupNew Mexico Style Hormel Chili Cheese Baked Potato Cup

The ingredients for this recipe ae very few and can even be made fewer depending upon your tastes. Start with these few items to begin:

  • 1 can Hormel Chili (with or w/out beans)
  • 2 ½ cups hashbrowns (frozen thawed or fresh)
  • 1 cup sharp cheddar cheese shredded
  • ½ cup sliced green onions
  • ½ cup sour cream
  • ¼ cup bacon bits
  • 1 can diced green chile (optional)


  • Now that you have all your ingredients, get ready by greasing up a muffin tin with canola oil or coconut oil. Preheat your oven to 350 and gather your ingredients. (*Hint: toss your muffin pan in the oven about 5 minutes before you start building your cups.)
  • In a small saucepan, empty Hormel Chili into pan and heat on low-medium heat until slightly bubbling and turn off. Leave the Hormel Chili covered on the burner to keep warm.
  • In your muffin pan, fill each cup about half way full with the hashbrowns. Drop a hearty spoonful of the Hormel Chili on the hashbrowns in each cup. Top the Hormel Chili with about ½ Tbsp of diced green chile and ½ Tbsp of bacon  in each cup.
  • Bake in your 350 degree oven for 10-12 minutes. Remove your pan and sprinkle with the sharp cheddar shredded cheese. Then, return your cups to the oven for an additional 3-5 minutes, or until the cheese is bubbling and melted.
  • Remove the cheesy chili cups and set aside to cool for about 5-7 minutes or until able to handle with utensils when removing.
  • Serve alone on a plate or with your entrée and let the troops add the sour cream and onions as they desire.
  • Grab a fork, dig in, and wait for the compliments to flood your ears!

This easy New Mexican twist on a traditional idea is definitely a fun way to mix things up this summer. If you wanted, using aluminum as a buffer, we could easily throw this on the grill next to those juicy steaks we spoke about at the start. Hormel chili gives the Potatoes that perfect and signature spice that only Hormel can give. Adding the green chile makes it our own here in New Mexico. So, give this recipe a try, leave us some comments, and if you have any other ideas, feel free to share! Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

Be sure to swing by Hormel’s Website .

As alwasy be a social butterfly and check out Hormel on Facebook  and of course save yourself some money by grabbing your Hormel on Facebook.

Join the #Underwareness Campaign and Grab Your Free Sample

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I don’t know which one to be more excited about, the #Underwareness campaign by Depend, which is supporting a great cause or the FREE sample that can be found at  The good things are we don’t have to pick because we can have the best of both worlds.  Learn about the #Underwareness campaign, how we can support it, and help make a change, and, of course, grab our free sample and here’s how,

underwarenessThe Depend #Underwareness Campaign

Do you or anyone you know suffer from bladder leakage?  I’m going to bet it’s not something you talk about openly.  Which is what we need to change because the only way we can make a change is by joining Depends and show support for women suffering from bladder leakage.

For those who are not familiar with the Depend #Underwareness campaign let me give you a rundown.  Depend Brand wants to get everyone talking about and showing their support for women who suffer from Bladder Leakage and we can help.

I hope you’re ready to share socially for a great cause!  Depend brand will donate $1 up to $3 MILLION for every picture or video featuring Depend products and includes the campaign’s hashtag – #Underwareness.  The donation will go to donation will go toward the research and education of bladder leakage.

Join the #Underwareness Campaign and Grab Your Free SampleDid you know the average age for bladder leakage is 52, but there are more people who suffer from bladder leakage in their 20s than their 80s?   Yes, and most people with bladder leakage are 50 or younger than 60 or older.  That’s scary because I’ve had children, and I can tell you it took me a while to get things back to normal.  I will be having another one, what if it doesn’t ever go back to normal?  OMG, see this is why we need to talk about this, get the conversation started, and help Depends raise money for research and education about bladder leakage.

Even if you don’t currently suffer from bladder leakage, I’m going to be someone close to you do, and you just might not be aware of it.  There are 51 million women who currently deal with bladder leakage.  Thankfully Depends provides them with discreet products to help give them their lives back.  Depend recently introduced their new Depend Silhouette Active Fit briefs that are a new moderate absorbency brief that features a thin design, so they provide both comfort and protection.  Depend Silhouette Active Fit briefs have a lower rise + for an underwear-like fit, feel and look and they can be purchased in both black and beige colors.  You can also grab a free sample of the NEW Depend Silhouette Active Fit briefs as well as others.

Yes, it’s finally time to start talking about the free sample!  Who doesn’t like trying something for free before they purchase a product.  I totally understand I have four kids and honestly don’t have extra money to spend son something I don’t need, so I’m always thankful when brands are confident enough in their product to offer their customers the chance to try their product for free before purchasing.

Hurry and Grab Your FREE Sample 

Who doesn’t want a free sample right?

To get your free sample simply visit and you’ll see where you can claim your awesome free by clicking “Get a Sample” in the top right-hand corner of the website.  Select the sample you would like to receive.  YES, you’ll get to choose which sample you want to try.  Once you’ve picked and submitted the required information all you’ll need to do is hang tight and wait for your free sample to arrive.


You’ll also want to share a photo or video on your social networks using the #Underwareness hashtag so you can help a great cause.

To learn more about Depend, the #Underwareness campaign, and grab your free sample visit their website here.

Grilling With The NEW Char-Broil Kettleman Grill

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Char-Broil for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m so excited for the spring and summer months because it means more time outside and more evenings grilling with family and friends.  We grill out at least once a week if not more and 90% of the time we have someone over.  For our family and friends, our house is known as the place to stop on Saturday night if you want a bite to eat and hang out for a bit.

Dinner time is the one time we’re together as a family, so we do our best to make it as memorable as possible.  Which is why we start grilling as soon as the weather allows.  

Grilling makes family time lasts that much longer – dads grilling, kids are jumping on the trampoline, and lucky mom gets to run back and forth to make sure everyone has everything they need, and the kids are being good.  Which is why I’m excited to tell you about Char-Broils New Kettleman 22.5” Charcoal Grill, it’s the perfect centerpiece for your family grilling experiences. 

Do you want to know something crazy?  It’s been more than 65 years since Char-Broil brought the first charcoals grill to the market.  As many of you are away, Char-Broil has done amazing things over the years by introducing an outstanding series of innovations that we now consider standard among the modern grills. 


Char-Broil wants to make our family cookouts, camping trips, and gatherings even more enjoyable for those of us who LOVE to barbecue. 

Char-Broils New Kettleman 22.5” Charcoal Grill (MSRP $139)

Have you heard about the New Kettleman 22.5” Charcoal Grill?  From the sounds of it Char-Broil out did themselves, yet again.  Check this out all the great features this updated and improved for kettle-style grill that is even more efficient and easier to use grill has –

Temperature Control – I love the super-sized cool to touch damper on the Char-Broils New Kettleman 22.5” Charcoal Grill lid, which makes heat management easy.  Ther is events around the body of the kettle to allow the air to feed the fire from all sides.  It provides an even heat for the cooking surface.

Flare-Up Control – A porcelain coated no-fall-through grate allows charcoal flavor through while keeping flames away from food. Wood chips can be thrown on the great and small foods like shrimp or asparagus will never fall into the fire.

Charcoal Control – Yepie, this bad boy is designed to grill twice as many burgers.

Ash Control – Who doesn’t want a grill with Ash Control?  This grill has a slide-in porcelain coated ashtray that’s tight against the grill to make cleanup and maintain easily. 

Stability Control – What’s not to love about the wide stance, easy mobility, heavy-gauge steel legs add stability. There’s a bottom shelf, which doubles as a holder for the grill’s cooking grate and other accessories. 

Hinged Latching Lid – The Kettleman also has a hinged latching lid; it will never need to touch the ground while you’re grilling which makes things easier than before.


Price – This impressive grill can be purchased for only $139.00 from Lowes or

You can grab The NEW Char-Broil Kettleman Grill from your local Lowes, by visiting and learn more about the Kettleman grill by watching the below video.

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See The Best Things To Do In Town Courtesy of Vimbly

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This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Vimbly and a campaign with Sverve. Regardless, all opinions are still 100% my own.

I have a camera. The hubby bought it for me a few years ago. It’s all fancy and can take a whole bunch of fancy kinds of pictures. I know how to turn on the flash and press the button to take a picture.

The husband has a lot of painting stuff. An easel and brushes and acrylic paints and canvases and tape. He makes all straight line paintings that he has taped off. It looks like stained glass

I would love to be able to prepare a 4 course meal in 20 minutes like Bobby Flay. What I can actually manage is hot dogs and mac and cheese.

I’d love to learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons. Epic adventures. Sweeping battles. Vanquishing evil foes.

Just kidding on that last part. That’s totally the hubby that wants to learn that. I think he played once like 20 years ago but he still goes on about his Dwarf character and his enchanted axe that spoke Elf. Blah blah blah. Ahh. My dork husband.

Well, if you want to do any of these things and you happen to live in one of the cities that is in, you are in luck. In addition to awesome ideas for tourists, is also filled with tons of local classes you can take. Photography, painting, cooking, riding a bike, even playing Dungeons and Dragons. These are all things you can sign up for on Find it. Sign up. Show up. Soon you too could be a painting, picture taking, cooking, battle-hardened dwarf warrior.

Now I just need where I live.


Vimbly shows open time slots for activities, classes, & date ideas by different businesses on a single page and lets users book directly.  These activities include dance, cooking, glassblowing, pizza making, wine tasting, intro to cigars, learning to DJ, improv, scotch pairing, samurai sword fighting, persuasion class, and thousands more.

Vimbly currently operates in 18 major US cities and expects to establish a national presence in 2015.



This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Vimbly and a campaign with Sverve. Regardless, all opinions are still 100% my own.

Make a Wish & Donate $1 With UPS #WishesDelivered

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of UPS for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Where has the year gone? 

Being a blogger I get a lot of packages, and I have gotten the opportunity to know our UPS guy, which is totally awesome!  He is the same driver who has delivered packages to us when I was working for the bank.  He’s been with UPS for many years and says he loves his job.  Which is great news for me because he is a lot of the reasons I choose UPS to deliver my packages too.  It’s not just him that’s great at what he does; it’s all the UPSers who work super-duper hard to be sure we get everything we need when we’re supposed to get it.


Don’t you know this time of year has to be stressful, and I’m sure they’re working longer hours than normal to make sure every single package ends up on the doorstep? Most of their packages are filled with that started out as a wish.  Gosh, I can remember being a child and UPS delivering my aunt's package, which was tons of Christmas gifts that we put under our tree, and those gifts were.  I know it was a  one of the many packages filled with dreams come

Do you have a wish? 

Every wish that is submitted using the hashtag #WishesDelivered is valued at $1.  See UPS will donate $1 every time you submit a wish with the hashtag to their charity partners – Boys & Girls Club, Toys for Tots, and the Salvation Army – up to $100K! 

You can submit your wishes using the hashtag #WishesDelivered on Instagram or Twitter or swing by the #WishesDelivered website and submit your wish there, just don’t forget the #WishesDelivered hashtag. 

I love that UPS is helping create holiday cheer by taking a little extra time to raise money for such great causes, and the money will help such great charities.

Hurry and leave your wish on Twitter Instagram or swing by the #WishesDelivered site.



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Double Your Savings When You Buy Gift Cards At Kroger! #Kr2xdip {Plus Giveaway!}

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Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 11.59.54 PM

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Tatu Digital Media and a campaign for Sverve. Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own.

Yeah, I’m a Black Friday fanatic. Note that I said Black “Friday.” I don’t do Thursday. In fact I blatantly boycott stores that are open on Thursday. But at the same time I am on a budget. That doesn’t mean I go cheap, it just means I go with a very firm limit on what I am going to spend. There are two ways I do that: Cash and gift cards. My credit cards and debit card stay at home on Black Friday, under lock and key.

So my strategy is simple. I pick up the Sunday paper and scour the online Black Friday sites. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around and the paper comes out with the Black Friday ads, I’m already set. You know why? Because I went to the bank on Wednesday for my cash. And on the way home I stopped by Kroger and stocked up on a whole lot of gift cards along with my last minute Thanksgiving dinner items. Then I immediately pull my debit card out of my wallet and put it up in the cabinet.  So I’ll be stocking up on Gift Cards for stores that are closed on Thanksgiving and doing my Black Friday shopping on Black Friday. Look out Home Depot, REI, Barnes and Noble and Marshall’s. I’m coming for you.

This Black Friday, in addition to using my gift cards like cash, I’ll be able to save even more. Want to know how? Right now at Kroger, you can double your savings by earning 4x fuel rewards and extra credit card rewards (if that is your thing) when you buy gift cards.


Fuel Offer: Now through December 6, 2014, get 40 cents off per gallon when you spend $100 on gift cards. ALL gift cards are included in this offer with the exception of Visa variable, MasterCard variable, and American Express variable gift cards. Any other “variable” gift cards are included and you can add any amount that you want up to $500!

This is handy dandy and useful even if you don’t use your credit card!

Earn Credit Card Rewards: Use your favorite rewards credit card to purchase gift cards. This will allow you to earn points and miles or a percentage back on your purchase. Some credit cards even offer increased rewards for purchases made at grocery stores!

Now, if you will humor me, a little math. Feel free to skip this part if the percentage breakdown game isn’t your thing!

Right now you can save 15% when you purchase $100 in participating gift cards:

$6 Off Fuel: Anytime you buy a $100 gift card you will earn $0.40/gallon of gas. That is $6 in savings for a 15 gallon tank.

$3 Back: If you earn 3% on grocery purchases through your credit cards rewards program you will get $3 back!

For additional details, head to Kroger near you!


Amazon Gift Card

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Giveaway is open to residents of the United States who are 18 years or older

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Tatu Digital Media and a campaign for Sverve. Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own.

Giveaway Disclaimer: The participating bloggers are not associated with any of the companies named above. No purchase is necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law. The odds of winning are based on the number of entries received Open to US 18+ only. Confirmed Winner(s) (by will be contacted by email. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. The sponsor will be responsible for product shipment to winner(s) of this giveaway. My blog is not responsible for product shipment/delivery. This event is in no way administered, sponsored, or endorsed by, or associated with, Facebook and/or Twitter, Google, or Pinterest. This disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.