Augmented Reality for Kids — Watch Cards Come Alive

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Children are sure to love the new and exciting Augmented Reality (AR) flashcards!  These exciting cards allow your child to use your smartphone or tablet to bring the cards to life.  For parents to really understand just how cool these cards are, they need to first understand a few things.

A Quick Look at Augmented Reality

AR is a unique way to take part in the world around you.  It is something that children are going to love being a part of and something that they might not have heard of before.  It is a live view of your world with special computer generated images.  This means that it is like fantasy within reality.

This means that your child gets to explore the real world around them with some fun additions that are computer generated.

How Can Your Child Use AR Cards?

The way that AR cards works is that your child puts the cards behind the camera on your phone or tablet.  Then the picture is going to come to life.  Your child will be able to touch it, move it around, and use the character in games and more.  There is so much fun to be had for your little one with their new AR cards.

What Will AR Cards Do For Your Child?

The following are all of the things that your child will be able to do with AR cards:


You are going to be able to see these with any smartphone or tablet easily.


Your child is going to have so much fun when they take pictures with 3D cartoon characters.  They are actually able to share them on a special “acebook” account.


Children are able to learn easier with AR flashcards and the interactive characters then they would be able to learn with traditional flash cards.


There are multiple fun and interesting AR games that are offered.  You can use double card playing and word hunting.  This is a great way to enjoy a lot of fun with your family.


There is no toy that is quite like AR cards.  With these you can add special 3D characters into the reality around you.  Can imagine a toy that is cooler than this?


The cards are beautiful and come in a nice box so they are a great gift for any child in your life.

Quick Facts You Should Know

How Can I Get My Cards?

Right now there is a IndieGoGo campaign.  Here are the different contribution levels and what you can get from it.

**$29 — 1 x Wonder the Dino Doll

**$39 — 1 x AR Magic Cards II (SPECIAL EARLY BIRD PRICE)

**$49 — 1 x AR Magic Cards II

**$69 — 1 x AR Magic Cards I & II  (SPECIAL EARLY BIRD PRICE)

**$89 — 1 x AR Magic Cards I & II

**$195 — 5 x AR Magic Cards II & 1 x Doll

**$3800 — 100 x AR Magic Cards II & 20 x Doll

**$345 — 5 x AR Magic Cards I & II & 2 x Doll

**$6700 — 100 x AR Magic I & II & 40 x Doll

Safest Materials for Safe Cards

AR Magic Cards are cards that you do not have to worry about your child playing with.  They are made from environmentally materials with environmentally safe ink.  These cards have passed all quality testing and certifications.

You can read more about AR cards here.

**This is a sponsored post and offers you information about the cards.  I have not yet received my copy for review but will offer my own personal review once I receive them.