The Perfect Simple Baby Shower Gift

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Have you ever been invited to a baby shower for someone that you did not really know?  Do you hate being the one to ALWAYS buy something from the registry?  But do you want to make sure that the item that you buy is actually going to be used?

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Well here is one thing that I can assure you as a mom is a great baby shower gift.  In fact I personally did not receive one of these when I had babies and I did buy a small diaper clutch that was similar but really I  wish that I had been lucky enough to receive the Cozy Cover On-The-Go Changing Pad when I was pregnant.

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So Simple, But So Useful

For such a simple gift this thing is awesome!!! I will be honest.  I get invited to a lot of baby showers where I really do not know the mom or dad personally.  In fact, I know the grandparents or it is my mom’s friend’s daughter or something like that.  I go and I always take a gift but sometimes I just want to take something useful and different.

An Easy Go To Gift

This is my new go to gift.  I can pair it with diaper rash cream, diapers, and wipes and I know that it is going to be used.  I love that the gift is practical and something that most moms do not even think about registering for.

What I Love Most

Here are the top five things that I love most about the Cozy Cover On-The-Go Changing Pad.


A on the go changing station is always practical.  Plus with the size it can be kept anywhere and always taken with you so that you do not end up in a situation where you do not have what you need for a diaper change.


The Cozy Cover On-The-Go Changing Pad retails for $9.98.  That’s right if you do not know someone and just want to take a small gift, this one is under $10!!  I love the price point and was quite surprised by the quality because the diaper clutch that I chose was more expensive and did not have the same features that I love about this one.  In fact if I had owned both, the other would have never been used!

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The Changing Pad

Okay so we have all had that gross moment where are very squirmy and wiggly baby is getting their hands or bodies off of the changing mat.  Normal changing mats are so thin that it is really hard to change your baby on there after the first two months.  This one works great and is big enough that your little one can wiggle without getting off of the mat.

The Room

I cloth diapered so when I tested this product I tried it out with cloth diapers in mind.  I liked that there was a enough room for diapers, wipes, and a small container of diaper rash cream.  It was easy to tuck it all away and I would have been able to take everything that I needed with me.

Cozy Cover Change N Go 2

The Design

Another thing that I really love about the Cozy Cover On-The-Go Changing Mat is the design.  I love that it is all one piece and very easy to put it back together.  With other designs they are often two pieces and it can be tricky trying to juggle a baby, fold a changing mat, and get it put back together.  This design is so much easier that it would be especially nice for nervous first time moms.

Keeping up with the latest baby trends can help you to find great gifts for those baby showers that you get invited to.  The Cozy Cover On-The-Go Changing Mat is one great design that you are sure to love and one that is going to be the perfect gift any time.