Things Blaze and the Monster Machines Can Teach Your Sons

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Blaze and the Monster Machines are a new television series that I honestly was not previously familiar with.  We watch a lot of Nickelodeon in our house when we watch TV but that is not really very often.  We actually prefer to not watch TV most of the time or just to have it on for background noise.  However I sat down with Huxley when we got this video because he was very excited.  I wanted to know what he was so excited about.

blaze 1

Blaze and the Monster Machines — Blaze of Glory is a new DVD that was first available on February 17th, 2015.  This DVD features Blaze and his monster truck friends.

blaze 2

The most exciting thing about this series for me is that it really does teach your children a lot.  In fact there is actually a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) curriculum built into the series.  Let me share a little bit with you on the types of things that your child is going to learn when watching this series.

What Your Child Can Learn From Blaze and His Driver, AJ


Yes, your child is really going to be getting a physics lesson in when they are watching this charming series.  They will learn about the physics of mechanics and how things move.


There are a few different science lessons that your child will learn with this fun series.  They are going to learn about scientific inquiry and how to solve problems.  These are both things that they can actually start using in their day to day life to make things easier for themselves.


They will be solving basic equations and problems as part of their problem solving skills.


They are also going to learn  about different types of technology and how they work.


Thanks to the funny things going on in the series, your child is really going to be entertained.  Also since there are original songs it can turn into fun for the whole family.  This is one series that is sure to entertain and will surely not disappoint you!