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Have you heard of Kinsights?  I will admit that before I started working as a blogger that I had not heard about them either, but I really wish that I had.

Kinsights 3

Kinsights is this amazing Personal Health Record Keeper for parents.  It really helps you to be able to organize all of your medical history and information in one place.  Plus since it is electronic, it can easily be transferred between doctors’ offices and even specialists.  This way when someone asks a question about one of your children’s medical history you are able to quickly and efficiently look it up and give them the correct answer.

Here are some of the highlights of the Kinsights program.

Kinsights 1

When you sign up for Kinsights this is how your screen will look.  You will be able to quickly and easily find the information that you need by navigating through the website.

Kinsights 4

You will be able to connect with other moms and even some health care professionals for important questions that you might have about your child’s health.

Kinsights 2

Being able to get some peace of mind with easy answers from others and helping others to have peace of mind with situations that you might have experienced is one of the biggest advantages to Kinsights.

Kinsights 6

Plus everything is easy to manage, easy to understand, and something that every parent can use for free.   That’s right, Kinsights is a FREE program that you can use.

Now for the Giveaway


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3.  Winner must be a US resident.

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