New Year’s Resolutions…A Do or Don’t?

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Do you make resolutions every year only to fail before January is over?  Well this year I am scrapping the idea of resolutions, getting real, and working on me.  I want to be a better person, better mom, and nicer all the way around so I am making 2015 the year of me and working to get more organized and be better for myself.  What does this mean for all of you?  Well it means that I am going to be offering you some amazing series about all of the areas of my life that I need to work on.  I am going to get real and be held accountable.

Changes for Me in 2015

**Keeping a Clean House

I got an amazing chart today that goes every 30 days where you have a few things to do in order to have a really deep clean house.  The first 30 days are going to be the hardest.  I know this and therefore I will be blogging my way through my cleaning schedule and keeping a cleaning journal where I write about the things that I do each day.  I am going to be publishing this journal monthly so that you can read it if you are interested and not be overwhelmed if you are not.

**Getting Organized

I am a chaotic mess most of the time so I am really doing things differently.  The first step for me is well organized calendars.  There will be a cleaning calendar for me and one for my oldest son.  I have 2 planners that I will be for the blog and one for our family.  I am hopeful in getting caught up before then but who knows as there is still so much to get done with my writing!  Be on the lookout for a new series on “Getting Organized in 2015” where I will share my secrets, tips, and maybe even accept some sponsored challenges along the way!

**More Content

I am going to be working to post more content on the blog!

**Creative Outlet in Journaling

I LOVE to journal and I need a creative outlet.  This year I am challenging myself to journal each and every day.  In the end I hope to have beautiful memories and keepsakes preserved that our children are going to be able to enjoy in the future.  I am hopeful that this will also encourage them to want to journal and write more which is a great skill to have in life.

**Finish a Book

I have been working on a “book” for the past six years.  Let’s face it at this rate I will never have one written.  I have decided to focus on my strengths for my first attempts at being published and I will be writing a book of poetry.  My goal is to write at least 5 pages per day so that I can reach my goal of 500-700 pages so that I can send in a collection of poems to publishers.  I’m crossing my finger that I will have a poetry book published in 2015.

**Lose The Weight

I have been struggling with my weight and been fat for far too long already.  I want to be able to lose the weight and seriously get into the best shape of my life.  I am determined to have a workout calendar and to actually follow it since I NEVER work out these days.  Even doing a few minutes of a workout video is better than nothing!

 **Getting Our House Repaired

We also have a TON of work that needs to be done on our house.  With us both being so busy, traveling all of the time, and trying to be great parents to our four kids it does not leave much time for working on the house.  This is the year that is going to change.  We are really going to be working hard to get the house in tip top shape and I have a schedule where we tackle one room or one area of our house at a time.  There is not a TON of work in any one area and it seems much less intimidating to have one area that needs to be worked on opposed to having to try and look at the whole picture of what all needs done.

**Learn to Save a Little More

Since we run out of our savings account each year around October or November (mostly due to unseen circumstances and things like loss of work for me or unexpected medical/dental bills for the kids) I want to make sure that we start to become a little more stable and financially secure.  This is probably going to be the hardest one for me because I LOVE to shop and spending money is my favorite.  I do know though if I follow this that I am going to see a lot of improvements in more than just the figures on my back account…it will be less stressful and easier for me to deal with as well.

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  1. I gave up on those years ago. Then I’m not disappointed. I’m basically very lazy. I would rather answer a simple math question then those darn catch phrases. Whatever they’re called. I can never make out the letters when they run together!

    • 🙂 Resolutions leave people feeling depressed and bad about themselves that is why personally I have sworn them off for the year! I am going to do something new this year!