Holiday Gift Buying Guide — Eco Cloth Diapers Offers More Than Diapers & A Giveaway!

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Eco Cloth Diapers might sound like the type of shop where only parents could be shopping to buy items for their baby but there is nothing farther from the truth.  In fact the shop offers a whole line of products that are perfect for the entire family.  I received a set of Bamboo Baby Washcloths but I can assure you that everyone in the house is benefiting from these and they are not just for babies.

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I have found the washcloths to be soft, comfortable, and well worth the money that you would spend on them.  I will admit that I usually shy away from washcloths because I hate how they feel but these are so luxurious and soft that they are amazing.  I have been using them every time that I take a shower or bath, each morning and night to wash my face, and with my entire family.  Even my usually non-observant 11 year old told me how much he loved our new washcloths the other day.

I am so excited about these washcloths and I know that you will be too!  They are amazing and I am offering up 20 of these bamboo washcloths to one of you as well.  You can purchase these washcloths here for $14.95 for 6 (well, currently $13.95 for 6 on sale!).

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Bamboo is truly an amazing material to use for fabric and does not at all feel like you would expect when thinking about the plant.  Instead bamboo is some of the softest and most comfortable materials that I have personally felt in a long time.

Interesting Facts About Bamboo

**Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant.  It actually grows three times faster than the fastest growing trees and some types of bamboo can even grow up to 1 meter per day!

**Bamboo can regenerate more oxygen than the same land space filled with trees.

**Bamboo can replace wood as it is one of the strongest building materials.  It is actually stronger than steel.

**You can selectively harvest bamboo each year.

**Over 2.2 billion people survive on income that comes from bamboo.  If you make an investment in a bamboo plantation you will have your money returned in between 3-5 years.

**Buildings made from bamboo are more flexible and continue standing after an earthquake.

**Bamboo has natural anti-erosion properties which allows it to be an effective watershed.

**Bamboo has medicinal properties that can help a number of ailments including kidney disease, asthma, or coughs.

**Many people do not realize that bamboo is a natural aphrodisiac.

**Bamboo shoots can be eaten and are considered to be a good source of food for many people throughout the world.

**Bamboo is part of landscape and design in many homes around the globe.

**Bamboo can be used as a food source for a number of different types of animals and fish.

**Bamboo has many different cultural meanings and even mythical properties around the globe.

Bamboo is a sustainable material that is wonderful for a number of different uses.

For your chance to win 20 amazing bamboo washcloths just enter through the easy giveaway below!

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