Tips to be Successful

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Do you want success? Are you trying to break through in your career? Do you still have dreams and aspirations even though you are an “adult?” Well recently I was having a conversation with someone and it was pointed out that I am never “completely happy” and always wanting more out of life. This got me to thinking about why I want more and what things this will get me. The answer that I came up with is that if I want to be successful I can never allow myself to stop dreaming or to stop desiring more success.
I also realized that I am not unhappy in my current life. I am very happy. We have mostly good days. I wake up with a smile on my face and smile 90% of the day. However the things that I do not have are the specific level of success that I wanted out of life. I wanted to be able to do all of the things that I have dreamed of. I want to be able to provide certain things for my children (like college!!) and with four children this means that I have to be able to attain some level of success.
Here are 8 Tips for Being Successful

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Tip # 1 – Learn How to Be Organized with Your Work
As a blogger and freelance writer staying organized can be hard. I have to remember when I received items and organize how I am going to post so that things are never too similar in a short period of time. Thanks to Bubble Planner I get the help that I need. (I am not normally good about keeping organized or using a planner but I love how fun this one is to fill out. It is also cute which helps because I do love cute things!!)


Tip # 2 – Never Have a Back Up Plan
Do not look at things with the attitude that you will fail. I do not have a back up plan. I have a goal to write a novel and a book on the sociological impact of Phish. While it might take longer than I like, eventually I will be able to have all of these things.
Tip # 3 – Work Hard All of the Time
The biggest lesson that I have learned is that successful people never really stop working. You check emails when you are out and are constantly looking for the next big thing that is going to improve what you do. You just never stop.
Tip # 4 – Avoid What Everyone Else is Doing
I have never been one to do the thing that everyone else has done. The biggest problem that I have with this is that I am often bored. I do have a great time though.
Tip # 5 – Start at the End
Learning how to start at the end instead of the beginning is one way of truly being able to make it. It is a fake it to make it type of thing and it really does work.
Tip # 6 – Never Stop
If you give up or stop you will not be successful. So you can never really stop. For my goals this has been a long time. I have stopped in the middle of writing novels before and they have not been finished. Now I remember that this is something that I have to do each and every day.
Tip # 7 – Sell, Sell, and Sell Some More
Being willing to sell everything to have success is what it takes for a lot of people. Never be afraid of what you might lose and go after those dreams with your own whole heart.
Tip # 8 – Be Proud, but Not Too Proud
Being proud is a great. The problem is when you are too proud. Never be too proud of your accomplishment and always realize that there is someone out there who is better than you. This will keep your ego in check which will make you stay on top of things.


Of course getting organized to find your own success is simple when you have Bubble Planner. The pages are designed where you can have bubble charts of the things that you need to get done in a day. There is also a full calendar in the back so you are really able to focus and stay on top of everything.