Thanks Orange Glad You Just Made My Mommy Time Out a Little Sweeter

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

I will admit that when the kids are crazy and everything seems to be going on I enjoy having a mommy time out. I need those few minutes to sneak away and gather my bearings to be a better mom. A mommy time out really helps me to be able to relax and get back with the kids without being stressed out and losing my patience with them.

orange glad

The June Orange Glad box did not disappoint and was something that I fell in love with once again. I will admit that as someone who is not a huge sweet fan that it always surprises me when I really love sweets and Orange Glad delivers sweets that I love each time that I open their box.

orange glad box

In June I was very excited to try some new treats that I had not tried before. The first treat that I tried was the Fine Stonehenge Baking Co Luscious Lemon Bar. Prior to April I had never tried a lemon dessert before because the idea of something that was creamy and sweet and lemon just did not appeal to me. Thankfully I took my first few bites of lemon goodies a while ago and when I was given the chance to try this I did. To date this bar might have been my favorite treat that I have ever been given from an Orange Glad box. The bar was delicious and something that was perfectly textured too. This means that it was smooth and the texture was thick without being too thick. I am seriously addicted to these and I love them so much that they are actually listed on my wish lists for gifts so that I can eat them for my birthday and other favorite holidays. Since I am dedicated to lose weight and trying to live a healthier lifestyle there are few treats that I want to have around but these are one that I would allow myself to eat time and time again.

lemon bar

The next treat that I chose to eat were the two delicious Lily’s Baker Shop Hamantashan. This is a traditional Jewish holiday cookie that is made to be eaten during Purim. There were two of these cookies and they were really delicious. One of them was an apricot flavor which I really enjoyed and since I do not like apricots that means something there. The other one was raspberry and it was delicious! I would choose these treats again as I love that they were not too sweet but that they were perfectly balanced.


I had to sneak the Cheryl’s Buttercream Summer Cookie since my kids would have wanted it had they seen it. I ate it in the car on the way to spend some time with my brother and it was heavenly. I almost forgot for a few minutes that I had somewhere to go because this was like an escape from reality through deliciousness.

buttercream cookie

Perhaps the most exciting treat in the box when I saw the things that were included was The Cravory Salted Caramel Cream Cookie that I was able to try. I LOVED this cookie because one of my favorite flavor profiles is salted caramel. The cookie itself was really good and it had some nice white chocolate chips. It had a really nice salty flavor which I really enjoyed since I LOVE salty foods. I was afraid that it would be like most “salted” caramel treats where you can not even begin to taste the salt. I have heard from some people that they thought that these cookies were too salty but I honest did not have this reaction. I do wish that there had been more caramel swirls in the cookie as well.

salted caramel cookie

Finally I received the Rip Van Wafels which I did not realize at the time melted if you put them on top of coffee or hot chocolate. I tried these as they were and thought that they were good but to be honest they are probably not something that I would purchase. Although I would probably eat them if they were around. I guess since I am fat this is really not saying much but to be 100% honest with you I do not feel like sweets are my problem. I tend to like really rich foods and things made with butter and cream cheese which is why I have weight issues.


All in all the Orange Glad Box did not disappoint. It was a great box of treats and one that allowed for me to have a few mommy time outs that were very enjoyable.
We all have to have those moments where we are allowed to spend some time being able to enjoy moments of peace. My Orange Glad box offers me those amazing moments of peace each month so that I can enjoy them fully.

Please forgive me for using stock photos.  I had pictures taken with my camera and the SD card came up missing after a trip to my mother in law’s.  I have been quite devastated to lose all of the pictures from this and these were among the ones that were lost.