Keep Baby Protected in All Kinds of Weather with Cozy Cover

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Cozy Cover has finally introduced a solution that we can all live with. The Cozy Cover Combo pack includes two the line’s innovative car seat covers that are perfect for the crazy weather that we have when it is still warm out.

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A Look at the Lightweight Cozy Cover
If you have ever been caught in a downpour and wondered how you were going to be able to keep your little one protected while getting him or her to the care then the Lightweight Cozy Cover is what you have always been looking for. This is something that I honestly had not seen before but it is a nice cool cover that is very lightweight. This means that it will not be too hot for your little one on a warm summer day when it is raining. You can still get your baby to the car without them getting wet.
It has all of the features that you look for with a cover. It features a zipper that makes getting baby in and out of the carrier simple even with the cover on. There is no back to the design so it does not interfere with the car seat. Many people do not realize this but if you use a cover that actually comes in contact with the seat where your baby is sitting then it can actually void the car seat’s guarantee to protect your little one.
Since the cover has elastic edges it easily slips onto the carrier. It is very compact which means that you can store it in your diaper bag so that you always
have it when a sudden shower might pop up. And it is water repellant while also having a shade that can protect baby’s eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. It is also machine washable.

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A Look at the Sun & Bug Cover
One of the things that I have always worried about more than my baby getting a little wet is the fact that they can contract a dangerous disease from a bug bite or sting and that the sun can cause such damage to their sensitive skin and eyes. The Cozy Cover Sun & Bug Cover is a great solution for both of these fears of mine. It will keep unwanted bugs and insects away from your baby. It will also offer them sun protection that is going to protect from the harmful UV rays that can cause so much damage. The area inside the cover is very spacious and well ventilated so you do not have to worry about whether or not your little one can breathe well.
Of course this one is recommended that you hand wash but it has all of the other safety issues that were featured in the other shade. There is no interference with the straps of the car seat and it has the elastic that makes putting it on so easy.
So when you want protection for your little one or if you want to protect a loved one’s little one the Cozy Cover Combo Pack makes a great gift that really is perfect for those who live in any area.