Getting Your Car Organized for Kids, Once and for All

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If you are like me your car always looks like a small war zone. Sometimes I am honestly scare of what I am going to find when I decide to clean it out. In fact I sometimes secretly hope that my oldest misbehaves when the car needs cleaned out because that is one of my favorite punishments.

Well I decided that I needed to be able to find something to be able to get my car in order and to help me keep it in order. I have tried a number of products in the past and well it never worked for me. Well I decided that this time was going to be different and I will report that while right now our car is a bit wrecked following our vacation, it is not nearly as bad as what I would have normally been dealing with.

Thanks to Kohls I have been able to get my car in order and keep it that way for the most part. That’s right Kohls has everything that you need to get your car organized. I know that this might be surprising for you because it was for me but I have learned over the past few months that Kohls really is the only place that I ever need to shop again.


Learn How to Organize Small Items

backseat organizer

One of the best things that I have found for small toy or item organization in the car is a backseat organizer. The Munchkin Backseat Organizer ($15.00) is by far the favorite backseat organizer that I have had. It has several pockets and is perfect for organizing toys or gear that you want to keep in your car like bug spray, sunscreen, diapers and wipes. I love mine and happy to use it for many years to come.

Keep Toys in Reach


While I love my backseat organizer one of the problems that I have with these for the organization of toys is that my children can not reach them from their car seats. I really prefer the choices that will allow them to be able to reach their toys. Kohls has several options for these types of items. One of the items that I received was the Carters Travel Organization Box ($20.00). This is a great choice for being able to keep toys organized and close to your child. I also love that it has pockets that are perfect for snack and drink cups in the front as my middle two have a hard time reaching their drink holders and with this organizer strapped in between their seats they can easily reach the things that they need.


Another great choice for a organizer box is the Diono Travel Pal ($15.99). This one features many of the same things but is a tad bit bigger than the Carters one. Both of these are great for being able to find toys and for keeping them where your toddler can easily access them.


The Diono My Stuff Storage Bag ($7.99) is perfect for any mom who has a van. The bag can actually hang over a bucket seat’s chair arms so that your little one can get their toys out of it while you are going down the road. My two year old has found this to be fun since she can reach her toys without help.

travel tray

There is also the Munchkin Travel Tray ($25.00) which my two year old used constantly while we were recently traveling. She could play with wooden puzzles, small toys, and even color without dropping things which made it perfect for long car trips. I think that it will be especially helpful when I am traveling alone with the kids and do not have an extra set of hands to help me pick up toys.

Keep Your Car Clean and Comfortable


If you want to have a car that provides a nice ride for your children then you want to keep it comfortable. The biggest complaint that we get from our children when we are driving is that the sun is shining in on them and hurting their eyes. So when I was given a chance to find items for travel for a car make over, I was happy to pick out some new sun shades. We got the DreamBaby 2 Pack Car Window Shades ($11.99). These are the standard car window shades and while they do come unstuck from time to time there is not much that I have to do besides stick them back on. They are the choice that we put in the middle row of our van and when we recently traveled on vacation I did not hear complaints once from the kids sitting in this row about the sun bothering them.


We also received the Munchkin 2 Pack White Hot Sun Safety Shades ($15.00) and to be honest these are the best sun shades that we have ever owned. As a mom of four you can image that I have owned quite a few of these but never any that have worked this well. These shades are amazing and never come up or have problems where I have to worry about having to stick them back down. They have still not budged since I first put them on the windows.


On top of being comfortable without the sun you know that you want your baby to be comfortable in a clean seat. I love the Diono Dry Seat ($10.99) and think that this is frankly one of the best purchases that you will ever make if you have a child in a car seat. If their diaper leaks or if they have an accident this is going to catch all of the mess so that the seat stays clean. It is also great at catching crumbs or spills so you will find that it is an awesome buy for long car trips. You can just pull it out and dumb out the mess and then their seat is still clean.


Then to protect your seats of the vehicle there are great choices like the Carters Car Seat Protector which is just placed under the car seat prior to installation so that your car seat does not leave any marks on the seats and so that there are no leaks from spills.

Keep Electronics Protected

solo luggage

My kids all have iPods, iPads, or Kindle Fires and one of the things that I am constantly worried about is whether or not they are going to be protected. So I am anxious when we are traveling with them. I love the Solo Luggage 13 inch iPad Sling Travel Bag ($32.99). This bag is made to hold one iPad but we can fit three iPad Minis, one iPad, one Kindle Fire, and one iPod touch as well as all of their charging cords in the bag so I feel like it is the perfect accessory to have if you are traveling with electronics.

Traveling and keeping your car organized can happen and thanks to Kohls you can pick up all of the items that you need to keep the car looking great.