Boots That Will Rock Your Festival Wardrobe

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Which festival are you going to this year? V Festival, Reading, Download or Creamfields? Maybe you’re even lucky enough to be going to a rocking festival abroad somewhere. Regardless of where you’re going, you’ll want to look edgy and awesome, but you won’t want to bring your entire wardrobe with you; there just isn’t enough room in a tent for that! It’s all about picking a few key pieces that are versatile but also bang on trend. And there’s no better place to start than with your shoes – so here are my tips for finding boots that will rock your festival wardrobe…

Biker boots

If you’re a proper rock chick look no further than some biker boots; you can find these in many more places than a motorcycle shop though! Ladies biker boots will come in a range of heights from ankle up to knee high, so you’ll be able to choose the boot that you find the most comfortable. You’ll find that most biker boots are black, but there are an assortment of decorative additions that set each boot apart. This includes studs and chains in black, gold and silver. Check the tread on the bottom of the boot to see how it will fare in muddier conditions.

Biker BootsWellington boots

If you are concerned about mud – and let’s face it, with the weather in the UK this isn’t exactly unusual – you might want to look at wellies instead. The main benefit of wellies is that they’ll keep your feet dry, but you don’t have to sacrifice style for necessity. You’ll see a lot of men wearing green wellies, but as women there is so much selection! Pick your favourite colour and you’ll be able to find a pair of wellies in that colour, and you’ll even find ones in leopard print or ones with studs. If you don’t want your legs to overheat, choose a pair of ankle wellies instead.

Cowboy boots

If you want to bring a bit of American flair to the festival site, cowboy boots could be the ones for you. If the sun is shining, pair up your cowboy boots with a checked shirt and denim shorts. Alternatively you could go for the edgier look and wear your boots with a floaty dress – it’s very Glastonbury. The great thing about cowboy boots is that they come in a range of colours: brown, black, red, grey and more. A brown pair of boots is a more classic look, but there is nothing stopping you from showing off your individuality on the campsite.

Chelsea boots

Finally, if you want to represent the VIPs of the boot world, Chelsea boots might be more up your street. Patent Chelsea boots are brilliant because they can keep your feet dry, but also are fairly lightweight options. Picture a sleek ponytail, black blazer and these gorgeous boots; you’ll be turning heads in no time at your next festival.

About the author : Estelle Redfern has been searching for her perfect festival wardrobe for 2013. She’s found a pair of ladies brown cowboy boots and will be basing all of her festival outfits around them this year.

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  1. Maria Iemma says:

    I wish I could wear boots but since I broke my ankle it is always swollen and so large that boots never fit. They look so elegant and stylish —

  2. Boots really are a festival necessity. I always end up in some muddy field annoyed that I wore cloth shoes that stain!

  3. All great boots ….

  4. md kennedy says:

    Right now I am coveting a pair of Hunter wellies – not just for rainy days but for every day! Festivals or not!

  5. Love it. I could so use a pair of boots to go with my new outfit. Great review.

  6. I LOVE biker boots, and wellies. Love this post!

  7. Leah Lucas says:

    I LOVE boots and have an extensive collection! I have really gotten to like different types of biker boots! Great review!

  8. denise rivera says:

    some nice boots i wish i had a pair!!!