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By: Bea

Planning for your wedding can be stressful.  There is so many things to think about, and for reason everything tends to land in the bride-to-be’s lap.  Maybe it’s because most brides want to control everything about our wedding.  They have a vision of what their perfect wedding should look like, and want pick everything from the color of the napkins to the shoes we wear needs to be what the bride chooses.

Something many of us tend to forget about during all the planning is wedding favors for our guest.  It’s important to show them we appreciate them coming.  There’s tons of great wedding favors to choose one, however choosing one that fits your budget can be a bit challenging.

While browsing around looking for some great places to purchase wedding favors for your guests.  I ran into this website called  There’s some pretty awesome, affordable wedding favors there.  Here’s an example of some items you will find:

  • Heart 2 Heart Bottle Stopper – $1.68
  • Heart Bottle Stopper $1.68
  • Heart Glass Coaster – $1.99
  • Glass Heart Photo Frame Coaster – $1.19
  • Heart Rose Soap Petals – $1.00
  • Double Heart Bubbles 24pk (enough for 24 guests) – $6.99

It is so easy to forget about the small things when you are busy planning the biggest day of many people life.  The best tip I can give you is start a notebook, not a list, you are going to need much more room.  Write everything down as you think of it, and mark it off when you’re done.

There is so many more awesome ideas for your guest, be sure to swing by and check out all these wedding favors.

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  1. Maria Iemma says:

    I did the favors for my daughter’s wedding and it was labor intensive. They did look very nice but I think weddings are just too expensive and people expect too much from the bride and groom and their families. It used to be so simple when I was younger