Fairy Hobmother’s On The Run

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

ShawnandJenn shemoreHey everyone, so I heard Mom’s Vacation Spots thinks Fairy Hobmother is on his way to Simply Shawn & Jenn!  If he was here, we haven’t seen him, been looking too!  We must have just missed him, we were out looking for the top five washing machines in blog land. That darn Fairy Hobmother is so hard to find.  He is on his way back, he left me a comment in pictsy dust, telling me he’ll be stopping back to by check for fabulous comments from the blog guest bloggers of them all! Do you want to make money blogging?

Fairy Hobmother sure has become sort of that magical, character in blog land.  He visits blogs late at night while most of the bloggers are sleeping.  Searching for some of the bloggiest bloggers of all!  Are you one of the bloggiest? Be sure to leave you comment below and find out if Fairy Hobmother will visit you next.

Can you catch Fairy Hobmother?  Will he stop by Pink Ninja Bloggers blog?

P.S. You didn’t hear this from us but, Fairy Hobmother has been by Pink Ninja Blogger.  We’re not sure if you can still find them there, but he’s know to check out comment on Pink Ninja Blogger often!  Don’t miss this most awesome fairy in blog land!  Head over to Pink Ninja Blogger, Can You Catch Fairy Hobmother.


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  1. Mary Schaible says:

    i was here

  2. Michelle J says:

    This is such a cute search and is fun doing it. I’m just trying to get blogging so I don’t know if I’m one of the bloggiest bloggers, but could use your help in starting my blog. Hope you read my comment and find me to help me get started. Have a wonderful day!!!

  3. Dang it missed him again 🙁

  4. I’m still hoping for a visit from The Fairy Hobmother. Perhaps someday. Haha. =)

  5. Hope someone is lucky enough to find him

  6. I would lov a visit . My madien name is fairy ,its selle ferri, REALLY. I have 2 questions for the hobmother does he visit new blogs like mine and does he want us to repost his storythe one from above. I will . I also want to let him know that I wn from 34 fb fan to 98 in 1 day. and that when I bought my domain and transfer my content I lost a lot of it and stats were all reset so now have 2 followers I had 75 followers after only having my blog for a month.I know that there are blogs with much,much more followers but my blog is not even 2 months old YET.Okay thats all I wanted to say. I will let everyone Know if he visits new blogs.I would love to tell my readers that too,talk about an accompilhment My blog is http://dixiesdiary.com if he would do me th honor of stopping by.

  7. congrats.. Hoping Fairy Hobmother will find time visiting me ..:)

  8. congrats! Wish Fairy Hobmother can sprinkle some love too on my blogs!


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