5 Tips to Help You Save Money On Back To School Shopping

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Many parents dread back to school shopping as much as their children dread heading back to school.  There’s some ways to make back to school shopping a little easier on parents and heading back to school more exiting for your children.  Try some of these fabulous tips before you head out the door for the dreaded school shopping.

  • Know what you have.

Before you jump in the car and head for the store, stop and take inventory.  Grab yourself a pen and paper, find out what will still work and what needs thrown out.  There’s probably some cloths that have been hidden in the back of the closet, which can be worn some this year as well.  I realize we don’t want to send our children to school in their old clothing the first day, but this can cut back on how many outfits your children really need.  Look in that old backpack is there unused notebooks, pens, paper, or anything that can be used this year.  Maybe you bought too many notebooks last year and put them up.  Take a moment to take inventory of what your child already has.

  • Budget

Set a Back to School shopping budget.  Since you took inventory you have a good idea as to what you need while your out shopping, now set yourself a reasonable budget for everything, school supplies, clothing, shoes, etc.  The older your children are, the more fashionably expensive they can be.

  • Let your child control the budget.

What, are you serious.  Very serious, if they are old enough.  Obviously we don’t want to send a 7-year-old out with $300 and say honey now you need to get everything on the list.  You would probably come back to a basket full of gum drops and lollipops.  You know your child, are they old enough to start learning.  They have to learn sometime how to budget and what the real value of a dollar is.  If you do this, be sure to be specific about what you’ll pay for such as, jeans, shoes, shirts, supplies.  When you child comes to you wanting  a pair of shoes that is more than agreed on, maybe allow them to make the difference up using their own money.

  • Vouches, Deals, and Sales

Consider doing your reasearch, are you planning a trip to Marks and Spencer?  If so many you should check to see what M&S Voucher Codes can be found.  There’s plenty of clothing and accessories deals going on for back to school shopping, but is the tax-free holiday the best time to look for these deals.  Maybe the after school shopping is over deals are better.  Consider buying enough to get your child through the first week of school, and then hitting up the after sales.  There’s always wonderful clothing & accessories deals after the back to school season is over.

  • Buy often than Don’t put off back to school shopping until the last-minute.  We know all summer our children will be heading back to school.  When you are in the stores take some extra time to see if there’s an deals or sales that can be taken advantage of.  Plus, not shopping all at one time can make the experiences less stressful on you and your wallet.

If you plan ahead, school shopping shouldn’t be nearly as stressful.  It can also impact your child, especially the older ones that have become fashionably expensive.  If you have a Tween or a Teen you know, the way they look, brand of clothing they have on, and style of shoe is everything, even if you don’t have one yet, you remember.  If they look good and have nice things for school, its likely that they will be excited to return to school to show off their new look.  I know it probably won’t last forever, it’s better than nothing, lol!  Good luck with your school shopping this year.  If you have any awesome tips feel free to leave them, I would love to hear what else we can do to help save us some money.