.php Error On WordPress

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Anytime something goes wrong with your website do you freak out?  I do, I cannot help it, I worry so much and normally its something simple if I would stop and really think about it.  So today I was having a problem loging into Simply Shawn & Jenn.  I was able to go to the login page, enter my user name and password, but then it would take forever to sign in and come up with an .php error on WordPress.  I was able to login to Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog, Moms Vacation Spots and Pink Ninja Blogger just find, so what’s the deal?  So what was the .php error I was getting?

warning fsockopen() {function-fsockopn}: unalb eto connect to awsmteam.com80 (connection tined out) in/home/content85/9134385/html/simplyshawnjenn/wp-content/plugins/awesome-google-adsence/awesome-google-adsence.php

I know right, I had no idea what to do either, so I searched and searched all over the place, and finally!  Really the fix is simple.  So what’s the error all about?  Look at the end of the error where it shows the wp-content/plugins/awesome-google-adsence/awesome-google-adsence.php.  There you have it, something is wrong with a plugin.

I searched all over and really was never able to find a clear answer on how to fix it.  I noticed the plugin and figured it had to be something to do with that plugin I was using.  Yes, it sure was.  I wanted to let you know how I fixed this .php error, incase you ever run into this problem.  You’d be surprised how easy it was to fix this .php error.  I was able to get this .php error fixed in 7 simple steps, here’s is what I did:

  1. Sign in to your hosting account
  2. Go to your FTP manager
  3. Click the domain name that you need to fix
  4. Click wp-content
  5. Click plugins
  6. Select the name of the plugin that is causing the problem.
  7. Click delete.

You should have deleted the plugin that is causing the .php error.  Now you’re able to access your WordPress admin page and get back to work.

I am so glad it was an easy fix, its always the end of the world when something goes wrong with your website.  I by no means know everything but when something goes wrong I freak out and find a ways to fix it.  This one was super simple and had I not freaked out and really looked at the .php error, I would have known what was wrong.  I hope you never have this problem with your website, but if you do you’ll know how to fix it!

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