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If you currently own an iPhone and are now getting a hang of it and have finally settled for an Instagram account, then you are on the right track. Now that you are in, there is a chance you will get addicted to using it and as you do, you will get more followers following your profile and your posts. This article will offer you; the Instagram user tips that will help you get a higher number of followers. Here goes:

1. Share your photos on other platforms
If you are already registered on other social networking sites and already have a considerable number of followers, use those to your advantage. Use any forum that you can explore and don’t just limit yourself to the well-known ones like Facebook and Twitter. Diversify to others like Flickr and Tumblr. If you run your very own blog, share your photos on it too.

2. Follow people who share interest similar to yours
The best approach to use to get more followers is to find friends via your very own profile. Click on links that suggest friends for you since the are on that list because you and them share common interests. If you like their posts and become their follower, there is a high chance that they will follow you back as well.

3. Invite followers on other networks
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket so to speak. Get your other friends on other social networks to rally behind you. That is the surest way to get a wider follower base.

4. Link your Instagram profile
If you currently run your own blog, add the link that goes directly to your Instagram profile and do this even on other social media networks that you are registered on. As soon as you get on Instagram, make an announcement that you are now a member and post that on your blog or website.

5. Caption every photo you post
Don’t just post a picture and say nothing about it. Always put a little effort into describing what the picture is about and where it was taken. That way it always shows up when someone searches for something specific. This is one sure way of getting people to become your followers.

6. Use hash tags as often as you can
It’s a well-known fact that hash tags make your profile more visible. For one it means that you are not all about posting meaningless pictures. Using hash tags gives the impression that you are willing to invest a little time to categorize your photos. A tagged photo will have the ripple effect of attracting a large number of new followers who may not necessarily be friends with you yet.

7. Geo tag your pictures
It works in the same way as using hash tags. What this means is that you should include the location where the picture was taken alongside the photo. That way anyone who does a search on a particular location will see your photo or photos and they are likely to click to be your follower.

8. Post clear photographs
Yes, that’s right. DO not post anything that is of low quality. Remember that there are many pictures being posted on the forum every day. You need to make an impression and you can only do that if you have good and clear content to begin with. If you don’t like the picture you are about to post no one else will.

9. Be seen on other people’s profiles
This means that you need to be active and comment and like other people’s photos that are of interest to you. One good turn deserves another so to speak and if you like and comment on other people’s pictures, other people will follow you and like and comment on your photos as well.

10. Mail your clients
If you have a large number of customers you are dealing with, consider mailing them to inform them that you are using Instagram and that they should follow you and check out your profile.

11. Make use of humour
When you comment, be humorous and you are likely to generate a lot of interest. People want to be associated with someone who makes them smile. Be funny and you will get more followers than you expected.

12. Go through the Instagram blog
There are many contests that are announced over the blog and participating in such can help you rank higher on the forum which will in turn lead to you getting more followers.
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  1. I’ve never really used intsagram, but it seems like I am going to need to start one 🙂