11 Ways To Cut Back and Save Money On Bills And Around The House

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week1becomemoreWe all have bills every month that we are obligated to pay, and probably want to save money.  There are electric bills, water bills, gas, car payment, daycare, credit cards, and the everyday expenses of life that life throws at us.  When the unexpected comes its nice to know that we’ll be able to financially handle then.  Last week we had to take our toddler to the emergency room, this was a huge eye opener to me.  Living paycheck to paycheck isn’t the way I want to live unless we have to.  There’s those times when we are forced to live paycheck to paycheck, but when things are going good many of us tend spend more money, rather than save.  Here are some ideas to help save extra money every month.

  1. Cable Bill – I am probably like many other people, have a cable package.  You know the movies, local channels, internet, DVR, and some little extras.  Have you ever looked at your cable bill?  Those little extra’s really add up.  I recently went from one of the premium cable packages to basic cable  with internet.  We hardly watch television in my house, why would I want to pay a huge monthly bill for something we are not using. So I called, cut my cable bill back to basic cable with internet package.  Doing this saved me $65.00 a month, that’s a huge savings.  I think back to the last 2 years we have been wasting our money on something we don’t use.  I kick myself for not doing it sooner.  If you don’t use it cancel it all together, use a streaming device for free.
  2. Auto Insurance – Here’s another area where one can save some big bucks.  I still have not really figured out why auto insurance prices can vary so much, but they do.  I called around, did some online quote’s and was able to save us $54 a month on auto insurance for the same coverage.  I probably spent at least an hour getting quotes, then setting up my new insurance, but it’s totally worth it.  Having good auto insurance coverage is extremely important, you don’t want to have junky auto insurance coverage.  However, shop around you just might find yourself saving a nice chunk of money every month.                                                                                                        Cut back on the coverage where able.  If you’re using all kinds of services that aren’t used cut them out entirety, but don’t get rid of the ones you’ll use or find
     valuable.  If something goes wrong and you need the coverage, you want to have it, but there’s many services many of us pay for that we never use.
  3. Smart Shopping – Be a smart shopper not only for auto insurance but everyday products too.  Use coupons, shop sales and discounts.  I shop online a lot, which saves me money on all kinds of products.  I found the best auto insurance price online.  I have started school shopping online as well.  Plan meals, when visiting the grocery store make a list according to what’s on the menu each day.  Planning and lists help stay on track and only get what needed, not all the extras.
  4. Coupons – You don’t have to be an avid coupon clipper to save money using coupons.  Find coupons that fit your needs, if your shopping online look for a coupon offering free shipping or 10% off coupon code.  Coupons can save money.
  5. Keep the electric and gas bill down – Make sure that you and your family turn off lights, appliances, don’t waste water, and during the day be sure all lights are turned off.  If you’re able, use solar panels can save big bucks money.
  6. Children – Just because they’re children doesn’t mean they cannot help save money.  If children are in the house teach them to turn things off while not in use.
  7. Cell Phone – So many of us love our cell phone, but when times are hard it’s one of the last bills we want to cut back on.  I am guilty of this myself.  My phone has it all; the internet, texts, etc.
  8. Land Line – Get rid of the land-line phone, use a cell phone.  There’s really no need to pay for both.
  9. Negotiate – When shopping for items such as auto insurance, negotiate the price you’re willing to pay.  Ask for discounts, there’s often discounts offered by many companies, if you don’t ask you’ll never know.
  10. Appliances and light bulbs – Buy energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs.  Energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs save money by saving energy.  Many of them last longer than their non efficient equivalents.
  11. cut driving time– gas is expensive. try to run all errands in one trip, try to use the shortest route with the fewest stops.  Keep vehicle maintained change oil and filters on a regular basis.  Check tires keep them properly inflated this not only saves fuel, but also saves tires, which by the way are also very expensive.

If you’re really looking to cut back and save money on your bills, be more organized.  Seriously, when you’re organized you’ll know exactly what’s coming in, what’s going out, what’s needed, and what can be done without.  Becoming more organized can help in so many aspects of life, not only with saving money but keeping the house clean and organized, as well as stress.  I say stress because if you’re unorganized and lose everything because of organizational skills you  can tend to be stressed because you can’t find something, are running late, or cannot do something.  There are many different way’s to save money these are just a few, if you know what you can cut out of your monthly bills and live without you may be able to find many other ways to help you and your family save money.  What do you do around your home to save money?

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  1. Maria Iemma says:

    Thank you for the tips, I think I will cancel my landline. We all have cell phones so it is an unnecessary expense, I also need to look at my utility bills and auto insurance.