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My children did some Storyland Yoga, they had a blast!  So did mom and dad, watching them learn the moves and take part in the Storyland Yoga was hilerious.  They totally had fun learning yoga with this DVD, you should see how much they go into their moves.  Make sure to check out some of the pictures below, it was so much fun! 
Storyland Yoga is instructed by Ahmed Fahmy.  There is a unique fun approach to teaching and engaging children into yoga.  Ahmed studies with Next Generation Yoga for Kids and brings a super fun approch to yoga in this video by story telling.  It is also a winner of Parent’s Choice Approved, Mom’s Choice Gold Dr. Toy’s Best Green Product, and Creative Children Magazine “Preferred Choice”, in the environmentally friendly category.
Storyland Yoga is a super fun adventure that encourages your children to have fun with yoga.  There are 2 unique stories which are “Save the Whale” and “Condor Trek”, which really bring out a child imagination with his super fun storytelling approach.  Children learn yoga by joining in the fun, becoming part of the story and imitating animals.  If you have ever done yoga you know it is a wonderful exercise.
 When I brought it home my 7 year old daughter was super excited to check out this new Yoga video, my 2 year old, lol well she doesnt have a clue what is going on and my 13 year old looked at me like I had just gone crazy.  So I put it on for my 7 year old and she started her yoga moves.  The DVD, made it fun the first yoga video she watched was Condor Trek, she had a blast surfing.  
This is my 7 year old surfing, told you she really got into her story!  
My 2 year old was next to join in the fun, now this is where it begins to get funny..  She was just trying to copy what her older sister did, yea not very coordinated at 2 so it was interesting.  

I cannot remember what they were doing in this picture, I am almost positive they were riding a bike, whatever they were doing it was fun.  I think they had a hard time from all the laughing they were doing.   
Oh, look here comes my 13 year old to join the fun!
Awesome now that we have everyone here, lets get started!  This video was not only good for my children physically but mentally and sisterly too, it is not very often we catch all 3 of them spending quality time together.  They spend time together but for the most part bicker back and forth.  It was so much fun and wonderful to see all of the getting along so well.
OH, look at that all 3 of my girls are surfing some waves, awwwww they will be so good at it when we move to Florida, lol…..  They will almost be pros if they keep it up.
So here is what I think about this Storyland Yoga video.  AWESOME, I feel like my children really got some good exercise, as well as they really spent time being sisters and having fun.  They were laughing, having fun, helping each other, and showing off for the camera.  It was good ol fashion sisterly fun!  The package for the DVD is made from recycled products and we love green in our house. 
If you want to give your children something a little different and fun try some Storyland Yoga, my children loved it and have done it everyday after school for the last week. Learn More About Storyland Yoga
Get your copy of Storyland Yoga on Amazon for only $14.99.

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  1. This looks like a lot of fun! I just ordered me a copy of it! Looks like your children really had an awesome time!

  2. you kids must have so much fun with that it sounds like its a blast, if mine were still little I would let them try some story yoga sounds wonderful