Earn Money Using Your Social Network Accounts

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Earn money with your social network accounts!

Ok so I just signed up with this program called Zuvvu.  So far so good so I thought I would share for those of you who would like to earn money using your social network reach.

So how does Zuvvu work?  You earn money with social media accounts by telling friends, follower anyone you know about products, brands or anything else awesome you find on their website.   Social Media users help brands and businesses get noticed.

I just signed up and linked my social media account and my current ranking is a Hippie, lol I love the little guy reminds me of Cheech off Cheech and Chong, lol.  I love that show!  Anyway back to Zuvvu!

This is new for me but I am all set up ready to go completed a few tasks and completed my profile.  I noticed this Social Media Earning Calculator, so I input my information such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin friends/followers and it calculated the potential earnings.  If I was to share 1 tweet, 1 image/video a day I could earn up to $183 a month!  Wow, I thought I would share with anyone interested in earning money with social media.

You do not even have to have a blog to use this service!  Just love to use social media!

If you want to give Zuvvu a try you can sign up HERE